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Bee Movie
Mooseblood: Stand perfectly still! Barry B. Benson: You're not dead? Mooseblood: Do I look like I'm dead! Hey, ...
by Bee Movie
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Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite: Why do you got your hood on like that? Pedro: Well, when I came home ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
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Ellen Kishmore: Drew, it was real, and it was great, and it was really great.
by Elizabethtown
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Being Julia
Jimmie Langton: I've lived in the theatre since I was a kid, what I don't know ...
by Being Julia
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Searching for Debra Winger
Samantha Mathis: And the one little part out there that comes along once a year that ...
by Searching For Debra Winger
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Bend It Like Beckham
Paula: [at Jess's place, after Jess's dad sees Jess and Joe kissing] How are you? Jess: I'm ...
by Bend It Like Beckham
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The Princess Diaries
Paolo: Do you wear contact lenses? Mia: Well I have them but I don't really like to ...
by The Princess Diaries
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Birthday Girl
John: [first lines - to the camera] Running, reading, going out, staying in, countryside, films - ...
by Birthday Girl
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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Matt: Reality pill, Margie! It was never you he liked, it was the car!
by Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century
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The Book of Life
Edie: Are you really the Devil? Satan: Yes. Edie: Would you like some soup? [Satan looks completely baffled] ...
by The Book Of Life
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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Sharon Groan: You like me! You really like me! Get my good side... Oh, that's right. ...
by The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland
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The Parent Trap
Nick Parker: You know, sometime if we're ever really alone maybe we could talk about what ...
by The Parent Trap
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Alien: Resurrection
[first lines] Ripley: [voiceover] My mommy always said there were no monsters. No real ones. But ...
by Alien: Resurrection
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Dead Man on Campus
Cliff: I really shouldn't be driving, I have a suspended license. Cooper Frederickson: Really? For what? Cliff: Attempted ...
by Dead Man On Campus
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The Crow
Grange: So that, I take it, was the late, great Eric Draven. Myca: [studying the crow's feather] ...
by The Crow
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Mystery Date
Craig: You like lingerie, Tommy? Tom: Well, I've really only read about it.
by Mystery Date
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Jake Gallo: Really, who needs a reason? We're animals. It's our nature to kill. Remember?
by Pathology
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Burn After Reading
Linda Litzke: I'm really looking for a guy with a sense of humor. Chad Feldheimer: That guy, ...
by Burn After Reading
0 votes   219 views  
The Last Sentinel
Tallis: Disable the Drones! Drone Scientist: You don't understand, we don't command the Drone, the Drone command ...
by The Last Sentinel
0 votes   219 views  
The Aviary
Flight Attendant #2: So, do you live with real people or flight attendants? Summer Pozzi: Flight attendants. ...
by The Aviary
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Colin Baker
It was lovely to do The Knock because I haven`t done anything really significant since ...
by Colin Baker
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Bruce Dern
[on Charlton Heston] And I got to really like the guy. A lot of people ...
by Bruce Dern
0 votes   218 views  
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
Punch Epstein: Remember when you said you never really get over people? FYI, I'm totally over ...
by The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green
0 votes   218 views  
Land of the Dead
Manolete: [about the rapidly adapting zombies] Do you really think they can cross the river?
by Land Of The Dead
0 votes   218 views  
Yes and
Jewel: I'm really excited to be improvisationing. I've never done a show like this before. Kip ...
by Yes And
0 votes   218 views  
Wayne Rainey: That day I was off just a little bit. I was struggling, but... I'd ...
by Faster
0 votes   218 views  
In America
[last lines] Christy: [voiceover] It was as hard for Frankie to smile when the tumor was ...
by In America
0 votes   218 views  
DuPont: You really should learn to knock.
by Equilibrium
0 votes   218 views  
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Lily, Burnetts Grand Daughter: You're a Really Useful Engine, Thomas.
by Thomas And The Magic Railroad
0 votes   218 views  
About Adam
Lucy Owens: Alice, you know the way fellas always hassle about sex? Alice Owens Rooney: I vaguely ...
by About Adam
0 votes   218 views  
Bringing Out the Dead
Frank Pierce: I realised that my training was useful in less than ten percent of the ...
by Bringing Out The Dead
0 votes   218 views  
Cruel Intentions
Kathryn: [referring to Annette] She's really getting to you, isn't she? Sebastian: If you must know, yes. ...
by Cruel Intentions
0 votes   218 views  
Idle Hands
[Anton is about to chop off his 'evil' right hand] Mick: Wait a minute. If you ...
by Idle Hands
0 votes   218 views  
Dennis Skinner: [wearing the skin of a murdered prostitute] This really is the clothing... for a ...
by Skinner
0 votes   218 views  
The Brady Bunch Movie
Holly: I think you're really... neato. [kisses Peter] Peter Brady: [Peter's voice has suddenly dropped an octave] ...
by The Brady Bunch Movie
0 votes   218 views  
The Baby-Sitters Club
Dawn Schafer: [Referring to Cokie] That girl is developing some really bad karma.
by The Baby-Sitters Club
0 votes   218 views  
Super Mario Bros.
Luigi: [trying to make conversation with Daisy after first meeting her] A-are you ok? Princess Daisy: I ...
by Super Mario Bros.
0 votes   218 views  
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Charlie Mackenzie: No, not really. Usually I follow the Judao-Christian ethic of "Thou shalt not kill". ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
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The Last Boy Scout
Jimmy Dix: It ain't right. Joe Hallenbeck: No, it ain't right. [sighs] Joe Hallenbeck: This ain't no game, ...
by The Last Boy Scout
0 votes   218 views  
Mary Murphy
This is really the season we`re going to see the knock-down, drag-out fight between cable ...
by Mary Murphy
0 votes   217 views  
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