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On this page we invite you to find where famous people made their studies and also who attended your High-School or College
There are 1664 High-Schools and 862 Universities
Famous High-Schools
Central High-School (12)
Todd McClure Tony Gilbert
Adam Vinatieri Dwight Smith
Antonio Gates Jeff Charleston
Justin Tuck Anthony Davis
Lincoln High-School (11)
P.J. Alexander Jon Kitna
Jonathan Babineaux Antonio Cromartie
Doug Free Lawyer Milloy
Kevin Carter Craphonso Thorpe
Dillard High-School (9)
Isaac Bruce Josh Shaw
Louis Holmes Quinn Gray
Matthias Askew Pat Sims
Jovan Haye Chris Gamble
Famous Universities
Notre Dame University (461)
Joe Katchik Joe Pivarnik
Frank Varrichione Curly Lambeau
Pat Heenan Matt Shelton
Mike Swistowicz Tyreo Harrison
USC University (421)
Lloyd Winston Johnny McWilliams
Duane Bickett Jim Obradovich
Rashard Cook Keary Colbert
Mark Boyer Johnny Naumu
Ohio State University (354)
Pete Stinchcomb Keith Byars
Nicky Sualua Jeff Graham 2
Buzz Wetzel Howard Yerges
Rich Michael John Bettridge
High-Schools by Letter
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