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[On watching a foreign film] Scott Roper: My eyes still hurt from reading that movie.
by Metro
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Mulholland Falls
[trying to thread a projector] Coolidge: Damn it! I can't get my finger in there. It ...
by Mulholland Falls
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Executive Decision
[One of the Navy planes tilts so its missiles are visible] 747 Captain: Jesus Christ. What ...
by Executive Decision
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[his last lines] Andrew Beckett: Miguel, I'm ready.
by Philadelphia
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Spiritual Warriors
Roger: You have surrender the idea of winning. Christopher Finn: I'm not ready.
by Spiritual Warriors
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Kluchevoe deystvie
[on the phone] Playwright: Can I ask you if there's any possibility to... Producer: Tomorrow. That's the ...
by Kluchevoe Deystvie
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Skinner: [to Linguini] Do you know what would happen if anyone knew we had a rat ...
by Ratatouille
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Get Over It
Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: I remember what the wonderful Bobby De Niro said to me. Well, ...
by Get Over It
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The Pentagon Wars
Caspar Weinberger: I take it you've read today's Washington Post, referring to, quote, a "high-ranking Pentagon ...
by The Pentagon Wars
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Miracle on 34th Street
[Bryan and Dorey are at the altar] Priest: Are you ready? Dorey Walker: For what? Priest: To get ...
by Miracle On 34th Street
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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Virginia Slim: Robert, you've got to tell me where you are. Marlboro: Nope, can't do that. I've ...
by Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man
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Mark Consuelos
You had no choice - you either got it or they`d ride you until you ...
by Mark Consuelos
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John Preston: You're an offender! Reading Room Proprietor: I'm not! John Preston: No? Then why are you so ...
by Equilibrium
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Regarding Henry
Henry: I can read.
by Regarding Henry
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My Blue Heaven
Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli: You dirty rat! Billy Sparrow: Snitch! Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli: Stool pigeon! Billy Sparrow: Informer! Vincent 'Vinnie' ...
by My Blue Heaven
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Richie Nix: I read about this guy once who weighed 1200 pounds. Can you believe that? ...
by Killshot
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Ken Williams
We`re not getting information on the volunteers who are already deployed. Our focus is on ...
by Ken Williams
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The Greatest Game Ever Played
Ted Ray: Morning, Harry. Dreadful English weather. Harry Vardon: How'd you sleep? Ted Ray: Like a baby. Woke ...
by The Greatest Game Ever Played
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Hal: You read a lot of maths. Catherine: I read Cosmo. It is just a window dressing.
by Proof
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The Core
Dr. Josh Keyes: I never taught the computer how to read empty space. Dr. Ed 'Braz' ...
by The Core
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Bubba Ho-tep
[Elvis begins reading an incantation against an unconscious Bubba Ho-Tep from JFK's "Book of Souls"] ...
by Bubba Ho-tep
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Snow Dogs
George: [reading will] "And to Thunder Jack, I leave my outhouse and all its contents."
by Snow Dogs
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[Fred is typing on the computer to find out how long he's been asleep] Fred ...
by RocketMan
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Manhattan Murder Mystery
Paul House: Well, what do you buy a woman who has everything? Lillian House: We already own ...
by Manhattan Murder Mystery
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Jackass Number Two
Dimitry Elyashkevich: [Johnny Knoxville is ready to be launced on the rocket] 5... 4... 3... 2... ...
by Jackass Number Two
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The Hunting Party
CIA Operative: Let me tell you something, Mr. Cunt... Simon: Hunt. CIA Operative: Mr. *Hunt*. You're lucky I ...
by The Hunting Party
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Michael Cox
You`re forcing it into the creek, ... Leave the creek alone -- it`s already got ...
by Michael Cox
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Big Fish
[Amos returns from the woods after being a wolf for a night] Amos Calloway: Didn't kill ...
by Big Fish
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Snow Dogs
George: [reading will] "First, to Peter Yellowbear, my neighbor and fellow snow golfer, I leave my ...
by Snow Dogs
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Winning London
James: Thanks for rescuing me tonight. I never get a chance to do this. I never ...
by Winning London
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Corky Romano
Peter: [to paulie] Oh yeah, at least I can read the labels you illiterate mook.
by Corky Romano
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The Unbearable Whiteness of Dean
Delbert, The Martinizer: I got a hot lead biscuit all buttered up and ready for ya!
by The Unbearable Whiteness Of Dean
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Minority Report
[the readings Agatha is giving run quickly on a makeshift screen] John Anderton: It's too fast. ...
by Minority Report
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Shang: Let me see your conscription notice. [Reads it] Shang: Fa Zhou? The Fa Zhou? Chi Fu: I ...
by Mulan
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Starship Troopers
Jean Rasczak: [Arriving on Planet P after its been bombed] All right. SPREAD OUT! Fire Teams, ...
by Starship Troopers
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Meet Wally Sparks
Wally Sparks: I am here to spread Joy, tell when you find her.
by Meet Wally Sparks
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Frankie: What was the best book you ever read? Jake Bridges: Moby Dick, by Herman Melville.
by Gunshy
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Good Will Hunting
Will: I read your book last night. Sean: So you're the one.
by Good Will Hunting
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Hamlet: If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it ...
by Hamlet
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Pet Sematary II
Drew Gilbert: Come on Clyde, just tell him where the cat is. Clyde Parker: I all ready ...
by Pet Sematary II
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