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Analyze That
Patti LoPresti: [at her children] Michelle, Theresa, its 10:30. Stop fuckin' around and get ready for ...
by Analyze That
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The One
Prison Warden: Yulaw, are you ready? Yulaw: [looks at Warden] Are you?
by The One
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The Matrix Revolutions
Trinity: Six hours ago, I was ready to give my life for you. Do you know ...
by The Matrix Revolutions
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[Reading the Devil's contract] Elliot Richards: "I, Elliot Richards, hereafter known as the Damned" - the ...
by Bedazzled
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Eyes Wide Shut
Alice Harford: How do you feel about wrapping the rest of the presents? Dr. Bill Harford: Maybe ...
by Eyes Wide Shut
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Eva Perón: I already know what cooks, how the dirty city feels and looks. I tasted ...
by Evita
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Surviving the Game
[Mason and Hank has just stolen some meat] Security Guard: Well-well, I finally caught your ass. ...
by Surviving The Game
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Immortal Beloved
Ludwig van Beethoven: [in reference to "Violin Sonata in A Major, Op. 47" - "Kreutzer"... ] ...
by Immortal Beloved
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[Heidi's grandfather just reads a letter about Heidi from Herr Sesemann] Grandfather: You think you can ...
by Heidi
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Fried Green Tomatoes
Ninny Threadgoode: [to Evelyn] You git yourself some hormones!
by Fried Green Tomatoes
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Gone Baby Gone
Lionel McCready: Helene's got emotional problems. Beatrice McCready: It's not that, Lionel. Lionel McCready: What is it, then? ...
by Gone Baby Gone
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Nicholas Meyer
Schools and libraries are the twin cornerstones of a civilized society. Libraries are only good ...
by Nicholas Meyer
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David Perry
This is a spreading story. It`s escalating.
by David Perry
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Cyndi Lauper
I lucked out when I started to sing. I`d already experienced failing at everything else
by Cyndi Lauper
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Andy Lavigne
This is a great service for employers, especially non-profits and government agencies. Employers can save ...
by Andy Lavigne
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Running Scared
Joey Gazelle: Hey, Nick. Throw me some bread. [Nicky goes to hand Joey bread when a ...
by Running Scared
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Art School Confidential
Bardo: [holding up clay pipe] This is ready for the kiln.
by Art School Confidential
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Blade: Trinity
Dracula: Funny, isn't it? All this time, my people were trying to create a new kind ...
by Blade: Trinity
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The Recruit
James Clayton: Tell me about my father. Walter Burke: You already know, don't you? That's why you're ...
by The Recruit
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Maria Portokalos: Ian, are you hungry? Ian Miller: Uh no, I already ate. Maria Portokalos: Okay, I make ...
by My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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Artificial Intelligence: AI
Narrator: David had never had a birthday party because David had never been born, so they ...
by Artificial Intelligence: AI
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Finding Forrester
Forrester: Writers write things to give readers something to read.
by Finding Forrester
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The Virgin Suicides
Cecilia: [voiceover, reading from her diary] Lux lost it over Kevin Haynes, the garbageman. She'd wake ...
by The Virgin Suicides
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Robert: Good morning, gentlemen. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: Shut up! You mind telling me what the ...
by Eraser
0 votes   212 views  
Forget Paris
Craig: Here, have some bread. Everything will look better after bread.
by Forget Paris
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Dr. Peter Elliot: [as everyone on the plane prepares to jump] Why are they putting on ...
by Congo
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Det. Rocco Klein: I read you like a Marvel fuckin' Spiderman comic book.
by Clockers
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Baroness: Do it. You already killed me once.
by G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra
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Gone Baby Gone
Helene McCready: [while talking to the press] The thing is, she always had a smile on ...
by Gone Baby Gone
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Chelcie Ross
(Advice to actors) We all know actors who are waiters. Some are waiting for the ...
by Chelcie Ross
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April Gaede
We don`t necessarily think that we are the best race. Asians, for example, are generally ...
by April Gaede
0 votes   211 views  
Al Lewis
Understood what the struggle was about. My mother. Couldn`t read or write, but she had ...
by Al Lewis
0 votes   211 views  
Heads or Tails
[from trailer] Anise: Don't go in there Dad, he's already dead. [from trailer]
by Heads Or Tails
0 votes   211 views  
The Chumscrubber
Dean Stiffle: I read this statistic once, that the average kid sees somethng like 10,000 dead ...
by The Chumscrubber
0 votes   211 views  
The Stepford Wives
Claire Wellington: Today, we are going to discuss - well, it is probably the most important ...
by The Stepford Wives
0 votes   211 views  
Bubba Ho-tep
JFK: He had me on the floor and had his mouth over my asshole! Elvis: A shit ...
by Bubba Ho-tep
0 votes   211 views  
Bad Boys II
Blond Dread: Who that? Who in MY HOUSE? Mike Lowery: I'm the Devil! Who's asking? Blond Dread: The ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   211 views  
The Craft
Nancy: He comes on to anything with tits, Sarah. Bonnie: Except me. Sarah: I'm not watching him. Nancy: He ...
by The Craft
0 votes   211 views  
While You Were Sleeping
Dr. Rubin: [about Elsie] Is she all right? Saul: [quietly] She has a little heart problem, she's ...
by While You Were Sleeping
0 votes   211 views  
A Little Princess
[Sara is tracing her father's face with her finger] Capt. Crewe: What are you doing? Memorizing ...
by A Little Princess
0 votes   211 views  
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