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The Book of Stars
Mary: Do you know that I've never been on a date before? Kristjan: No, there should be ...
by The Book Of Stars
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Next Stop Wonderland
Erin Castleton: [reading/quoting William Wordsworth, "The Prelude"] "When from our better selves we have too long ...
by Next Stop Wonderland
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Rookie of the Year
Henry Rowengartner: [playing GameBoy] Chet Steadman: That's going to make you stupid. Henry Rowengartner: [doesn't reply] Chet Steadman: Maybe ...
by Rookie Of The Year
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Honeymoon in Vegas
Jack Singer: Betsy, hi, so what's the story? Betsy: I have to pack. Jack Singer: We can leave! ...
by Honeymoon In Vegas
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L.A. Story
[Harris is trying to convince Sara not to go back to England] Harris: There comes a ...
by L.A. Story
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Year One
[last lines] Zed: To the north! Maya: You know that that's west. Zed: Mmm hmm, yeah, I was ...
by Year One
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The Ruins
Jeff: They don't want us to spread it. That's why they won't let us leave. They're ...
by The Ruins
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Stomp the Yard
April: Hi. DJ: What’s up? What’s wrong? April: Nothing. DJ: Hey you know, if you wanna talk, I'm here. ...
by Stomp The Yard
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Patty Schnyder
When I`m ready, I would like to start serving. I know she does it and ...
by Patty Schnyder
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Juan Pablo Montoya
Wow. What a beautiful-looking car. I have obviously been testing the MP4- 21 quite a ...
by Juan Pablo Montoya
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Spider-Man 2
[Spider-Man steps into a gymnasium and sees several thugs ready to attack] Spider-Man: Hi, guys. [in ...
by Spider-Man 2
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The Girl from Monday
Jack: Although everything imaginable was on the web, certain texts had disappeared. Though interactivity and equal ...
by The Girl From Monday
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Colette: Table five coming up right now. Skinner: Coming down the line. Colette: Set. Hot. Open oven. Skinner: Coming ...
by Ratatouille
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Casino Royale
James Bond: [after reading a note left by M and seeing the Aston Martin] I love ...
by Casino Royale
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The Station Agent
Joe Oramas: Hey, Olivia, you got a garlic press? Olivia Harris: No. Joe Oramas: How can you not ...
by The Station Agent
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Eight Crazy Nights
Eleanor Duvall: Hey, look! He already stole something! Davey: It's a letter from my parents. Eleanor Duvall: Well ...
by Eight Crazy Nights
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Soldier: Forget about Freeman, we are cutting our losses and pulling out! Anybody left down there ...
by Half-Life
0 votes   229 views  
Keeping the Faith
Father Brian Kilkenney Finn: Sometimes we don't see certain things until we're ready to see them ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   229 views  
Gods and Monsters
James Whale: There was a time when this place was full of pricks. Big, hard, arrogant ...
by Gods And Monsters
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The People vs. Larry Flynt
Larry Flynt: Eight million people buy it, and no one reads. Gentleman... Playboy is mocking you.
by The People Vs. Larry Flynt
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Overnight Delivery
Ivy: Extra, Extra. Read all about it. Kim can shake her pom-poms but she won't go ...
by Overnight Delivery
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Apollo 13
[as everyone is madly trying to identify the problem from instrument readings] Jim Lovell: Houston, we ...
by Apollo 13
0 votes   229 views  
Fatty Rossiter: It was already loaded. Jesus, Clyde, you have three pistols and you only have ...
by Unforgiven
0 votes   229 views  
Necessary Roughness
Coach Rig: Ok Banks. Ready, Hut! Come on, Banks, you're supposed to be hitting a sled, ...
by Necessary Roughness
0 votes   229 views  
Ernie Pyle
We read our own political content into The Clash, and they accepted it.
by Ernie Pyle
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
[Harry is reading a newspaper] Waitress: "Harry Potter." Who's Harry Potter? Harry Potter: Oh, no one. Bit ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
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Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Jimmy Harper: I can't wait to read the ending! Mary Lane: I can't either! But I bet ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
0 votes   228 views  
Little Children
May McGorvey: [Helping Ronnie get ready for his date] There, you look handsome. She won't be ...
by Little Children
0 votes   228 views  
Stage Beauty
King Charles II: Exile is a dreadful thing for one who knows his rightful place.
by Stage Beauty
0 votes   228 views  
The Scorpion King
[Memnon's Guards can be heard heading towards Mathayus and his young guide] Mathayus: Get ready! I'll ...
by The Scorpion King
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Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Cousin Mel: Incase you haven't noticed, Frank, your son suffers a dreaded affliction. Frank Spankenheimer: What affliction? ...
by Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
0 votes   228 views  
Agent Red
Kretz: Attention all personnel. We are ready to load the virus. Matt Hendricks: You're gonna have a ...
by Agent Red
0 votes   228 views  
Enemy at the Gates
Vassili: On the train... coming here... we were in the same car. Tania: No... Vassili: I saw you. ...
by Enemy At The Gates
0 votes   228 views  
Minority Report
Rufus Riley: [to Agatha] Are you reading my mind right now? John Anderton: Get up. Rufus Riley: [to ...
by Minority Report
0 votes   228 views  
Lord Farquaad: [Slowly and dramatically to the looking glass] Magic... mirror... on... the wa... Gingerbread Man: DON'T ...
by Shrek
0 votes   228 views  
The Princess and the Cobbler
The Thief: Drank my coffee, read the paper, now it's time to get to work.
by The Princess And The Cobbler
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Loose Change: Second Edition
[last lines] Narrator: America has been hijacked. Is it more likely by Osama bin Laden and ...
by Loose Change: Second Edition
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Mr. Brooks
Mr. Earl Brooks: [after scaring Smith] Don't worry. If I were here to kill you, you ...
by Mr. Brooks
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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
McBunny: Keep still. They're reading Lady Eleanor's will. Christophe: I've got a bad feeling about this. Eenie: I ...
by Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties
0 votes   228 views  
Bill Reed
This is probably the hardest match to be ready for because it`s the first time ...
by Bill Reed
0 votes   227 views  
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