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Moonlight Mile
Jo Jo Floss: Now, I've been hearing so much shit lately, so much fluff, I've started ...
by Moonlight Mile
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Phil Parma: [making an order over the phone] I'd like to get an order of peanut ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   240 views  
The Virgin Suicides
Cecilia: [voiceover, reading from her diary] The trees, like lungs, filling with air. My sister - ...
by The Virgin Suicides
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Mighty Aphrodite
Linda Ash: You want to go inside, take a shower? You can study me up close ...
by Mighty Aphrodite
0 votes   240 views  
Stay Tuned
[Roy Knable is about to go back into HVTV to rescue Helen Knable] Roy Knable: [to ...
by Stay Tuned
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Extraordinary Measures
Dr. Robert Stonehill: I already work around the clock!
by Extraordinary Measures
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Eleven Minutes
Jay McCarroll: I would say to [my publicist] Jay McCarroll: , "Nancy, you realize my collection is ...
by Eleven Minutes
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Miss Holt: [reading from a report] "Washburn, Jane. Age five." Guinevere Pettigrew: Lovely girl. Miss Holt: "Lost in ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
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Bob Munro: [angrily] We watch TV in four separate rooms and IM each other when dinner ...
by RV
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Dakota Fanning
[Talking about Hounddog]: It was a script that I loved and it`s, you know, ultimately ...
by Dakota Fanning
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Bobby Brown
Whitney and I have fun reading the newspaper sometimes. You`d be amazed at the places ...
by Bobby Brown
0 votes   239 views  
Bela Karolyi
You are already winners every time you step into this gym. And, parents, you are ...
by Bela Karolyi
0 votes   239 views  
In the Land of Women
Carter Webb: I'm on the plane out here, and I open my computer and I start ...
by In The Land Of Women
0 votes   239 views  
Underworld: Evolution
Marcus: I know what you have done, Selene. Selene: Viktor deserved his fate. And Kraven was no ...
by Underworld: Evolution
0 votes   239 views  
Team America: World Police
Spottswoode: Now hold on team, Gary has already proven to me that he is 100% committed ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   239 views  
Scary Movie 4
Cindy Campbell: It looks like we have a lot in... Tom Ryan: ...common. Cindy Campbell: We're already finishing ...
by Scary Movie 4
0 votes   239 views  
Lost in Translation
Director: [in Japanese] Mr. Bob-san, you are relaxing in your study. On the table is a ...
by Lost In Translation
0 votes   239 views  
Ella Enchanted
Ella: I've met Prince Charmont, and I think he might be different from his uncle. Slannen ...
by Ella Enchanted
0 votes   239 views  
Half Past Dead
Nick: [after Sasha's confession, Nick needs the whole truth about his being in Alcatraz] Yo, you ...
by Half Past Dead
0 votes   239 views  
Shallow Hal
Hal: I bet on horses sometimes, but I don't really care about the money. Rosemary: I never ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   239 views  
Harry Wormwood: [to Matilda, after deliberately destroying her book] I'm fed up with all this reading! ...
by Matilda
0 votes   239 views  
General Robert E. Lee: What day is it now, Major? Maj. Walter H. Taylor: [takes out his ...
by Gettysburg
0 votes   239 views  
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Skipper: Shitake mushrooms! No more Mr. Cute and Cuddly. Rico: [grabs stang of dynamite] Kaboom-kaboom-kaboom! Skipper: Rico! Enough ...
by The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper
0 votes   239 views  
Lisa Hall
When somebody, usually a teacher, says, `The child is a little slower than we`d like ...
by Lisa Hall
0 votes   238 views  
John Sandford
The problem was, Lucas was going through a whole series of relationships with women because ...
by John Sandford
0 votes   238 views  
Beth Broderick
I was a total nerd growing up. I`d rather sit home and read a novel ...
by Beth Broderick
0 votes   238 views  
States of Grace
[Holly sits at the foot of Elder Farrell's hospital bed] Holly: It's going to be OK. ...
by States Of Grace
0 votes   238 views  
A Cinderella Story
Madison: I already ate. David: Madison, laxatives don't qualify as a food group. Surprised you didn't know ...
by A Cinderella Story
0 votes   238 views  
Calendar Girls
Student Photographer: The blood represents the spread of globalisation and the sheep's skull represents the death ...
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   238 views  
Wet Hot American Summer
Katie: Listen, Coop - last night was really great. You were incredibly romantic and heroic, no ...
by Wet Hot American Summer
0 votes   238 views  
The Mask of Zorro
Captain Harrison Love: Are you all right? Don Rafael Montero: Do you have the map? Captain Harrison ...
by The Mask Of Zorro
0 votes   238 views  
Madelyne Thompson: [singing] Start spreading the news/I'm leaving tonight/I've had it up to here with all ...
by Daylight
0 votes   238 views  
Alan Parrish, 1969: [angry] I guess I'm not ready for Cliffside then! Samuel Alan Parrish: [at the ...
by Jumanji
0 votes   238 views  
The Cure
Dexter: This is stupid. Erik: Yeah? Well, about twenty years ago there was this guy. He noticed ...
by The Cure
0 votes   238 views  
Peter Pan: [to the lost boys] Let's get ready to show them the white light we're ...
by Hook
0 votes   238 views  
Boys of Summerville
Rocky: Michelle... this is a tape of me and my last girlfriend. Michelle: Oh, Rocky, I'm flattered, ...
by Boys Of Summerville
1 votes   238 views  
Matt Damon
There are people who appear in the magazines and I don`t know who they are. ...
by Matt Damon
0 votes   237 views  
Kristanna Loken
When I got the [T3] job, my manager said, `Kristanna, just enjoy this last year ...
by Kristanna Loken
0 votes   237 views  
Diane Kruger
With Wolfgang Petersen, we were always the only two ready at time and the first ...
by Diane Kruger
0 votes   237 views  
Brooks Robinson
If your`re not practicing, somebody else is, somewhere, and he`ll be ready to take your ...
by Brooks Robinson
0 votes   237 views  
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