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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
[from DVD gag reel] Aldous Snow: [scene where Aldous is about to leave the hotel] I ...
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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The Other Boleyn Girl
King Henry VIII: [during a supper in the banquet hall, to Anne] What's so amusing? Anne ...
by The Other Boleyn Girl
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Jim Garrison
Until as recently as November of 1966, I had complete faith in the Warren Report. ...
by Jim Garrison
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Elizabeth Wurtzel
I start to feel like I can’t maintain the facade any longer, that I may ...
by Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Bill Bennett
We already have a security plan in place – what we`re looking to do now ...
by Bill Bennett
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Anita Shreve
Neither Doyle nor Christie ever wrote a book that compares with the novels of P.D. ...
by Anita Shreve
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One Night with the King
Mordecai: [worried, about the search for a new Queen] There's no need for alarm. Nor likelihood ...
by One Night With The King
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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Commandant Mele-on-Grayza: You will not go through with this. John Crichton: I ALREADY HAVE! Emperor Staleek: I agree. ...
by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
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Napoleon Dynamite
Kip: So, how long are we takin' about workin'? Uncle Rico: What? Are you? you're already losing ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
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Tears of the Sun
Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew: LT! Rules of Engagement! Lt. A.K. Waters: We're already engaged.
by Tears Of The Sun
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Sorority Boys
Doofer: [while contemplating how to get back the money stolen from the house safe] Though I ...
by Sorority Boys
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Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched
[Jamie is brushing a feather over an effigy of Sarah, in the form of a ...
by Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched
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The Sweetest Thing
Peter: I'd be careful with those fat-free chips - they cause anal leakage. Roger: You cause anal ...
by The Sweetest Thing
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Big Daddy
[Sonny is dressed up as Scuba Sam] Sonny: Hi, Julian! How ya doin'? I'm Scuba Sam, ...
by Big Daddy
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The Wedding Singer
Rosie: Are you nervous? Robbie: I'm actually not that nervous. I've been around lots of weddings before, ...
by The Wedding Singer
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A Time to Kill
Jake Tyler Brigance: If this is a party, boys, where's the chips and beer? Otherwise, your ...
by A Time To Kill
0 votes   251 views  
Bad Boys
Marcus Burnett: [driving the "ice-cream truck"] What am I smellin'? Mike Lowrey: Just drive! Marcus Burnett: What am ...
by Bad Boys
0 votes   251 views  
Serial Mom
Beverly Sutphin: [to Officer Pike and Officer Grayson] I don't like to read about movies. They're ...
by Serial Mom
0 votes   251 views  
Pineapple Express
Saul: [both are running away, Saul jumps into nearby dumpster] Hey, in here! Dale Denton: [comes to ...
by Pineapple Express
0 votes   251 views  
Old Joe: [after reading a news column about a woman contemplating suicide] Oh I love living ...
by Waitress
0 votes   251 views  
Kelly Jones
When you are on tour in the UK it takes a few hours to get ...
by Kelly Jones
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Jani Lane
Yeah, and it`s only going to get worse, because the road magnifies whatever you`ve got ...
by Jani Lane
0 votes   250 views  
Joel Coen
The bigger stars we`ve worked with have been without the movie-star vanities or meshugaas that ...
by Joel Coen
0 votes   250 views  
Evan Rachel Wood
I just hate all that (showbusiness mingling). I just have to come back to reality ...
by Evan Rachel Wood
0 votes   250 views  
Mr. Pinky: There's my shining star! Fantastic to meet you! I'm Mr. Pinky Tracy Turnblad: It's so ...
by Hairspray
0 votes   250 views  
Little Black Book
Dr. Rachel Keyes: Why don't you just relax, Barbara? Stacy: Okay. Dr. Rachel Keyes: I'm just going to ...
by Little Black Book
0 votes   250 views  
Love Comes Softly
Missie Davis: Readin' ain't no adventure. Marty Claridge: Once you can read you can have any adventure ...
by Love Comes Softly
0 votes   250 views  
The Good Shepherd
[last lines] Edward Wilson: [reading] They are right what they say about me. I was weak. ...
by The Good Shepherd
0 votes   250 views  
Diarios de motocicleta
Ernesto Guevara de la Serna: Mother. Mother Sister Alberto: Yes? Alberto Granado: We want to eat. Ernesto Guevara ...
by Diarios De Motocicleta
0 votes   250 views  
House on Haunted Hill
Evelyn Stockard-Price: Oh Steven, you poor clueless old geek, all it would have taken was a ...
by House On Haunted Hill
0 votes   250 views  
[David looks up from his job at the soda counter to see Jennifer determinedly leading ...
by Pleasantville
0 votes   250 views  
Ever After
[looking at the books in the Franciscan monastery] Danielle: It makes me want to cry. Henry: Pick ...
by Ever After
0 votes   250 views  
It Takes Two
Diane Barrows: Told ya. Third time's the charm... Roger Callaway: Wait. All of this? This was your ...
by It Takes Two
0 votes   250 views  
[Jerry found the Bible with the note from Nell's mom for the stranger to look ...
by Nell
0 votes   250 views  
Laura Jones
The vast majority of small businesses already provide flexibility and time off to deal with ...
by Laura Jones
0 votes   249 views  
In Good Company
Eugene Kalb: Thanks for the Laker tickets. Dan Foreman: You bet. Eugene Kalb: Seats were terrific. But I'm ...
by In Good Company
0 votes   249 views  
The Dust Factory
Ryan Flynn: How long have you been here? Melanie Lewis: A while, I guess. Time is kinda ...
by The Dust Factory
0 votes   249 views  
Zero Effect
Daryl Zero: I can't possibly overstate the importance of good research. Everyone goes through life dropping ...
by Zero Effect
0 votes   249 views  
Dimitri: [after making a deal with Anya] May I present... Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess ...
by Anastasia
0 votes   249 views  
Jim Norton
When you talk about an icon and a legend, an extraordinary individual, as well as ...
by Jim Norton
0 votes   248 views  
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