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Down to You
Al: You make me feel alive.
by Down To You
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The Portrait of a Lady
Isabel Archer: My cousin. He's dying. I must go to him. Gilbert Osmond: Your cousin was dying ...
by The Portrait Of A Lady
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Escape from L.A.
[explaining the basketball rules to Snake] Cuervo Jones: Two hoops, full court. Ten-second shot clock. Miss ...
by Escape From L.A.
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Death Becomes Her
[after seeing Mad] Helen Sharp: It's alive! [Cut line] Helen Sharp: And it's beautiful...
by Death Becomes Her
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Celeste Talbert: Why are you here? Jeffrey Anderson: This is my apartment. I live here. Why are ...
by Soapdish
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John Sullivan
We think it`s wonderful that he will get to live the American dream.
by John Sullivan
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Lucky Number Slevin
Lindsey: I was thinking that if you're still alive when I get back from work tonight... ...
by Lucky Number Slevin
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Tokyo Breakfast
Delivery Guy: Yo! Did somebody order a case of forties? Family: We did, nigga!
by Tokyo Breakfast
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The Little Vampire
Rudolph Sackville-Bagg: A friend? Tony Thompson: Well, we saved each other's lives, didn't we? Rudolph Sackville-Bagg: Yes. We ...
by The Little Vampire
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Inside Monkey Zetterland
Brent Zetterland: But seriously, Monkey, does my hair look okay like this? Monkey: Brent, you live in ...
by Inside Monkey Zetterland
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Hotel Rwanda
Colonel Oliver: [explaining why the world will not intervene] You're black. You're not even a nigger. ...
by Hotel Rwanda
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Mystic River
Sean Devine: [on the phone with Lauren] Okay. "Hey Sean, how was your day?" Oh me? ...
by Mystic River
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The Hot Chick
Jessica (Clive): [grabs Clive's drink as he's about to drink it] There'd better not be any ...
by The Hot Chick
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The Hot Chick
Jessica (Clive): [after ripping the guy's ponytail off] You think you're so cool 'cause you can ...
by The Hot Chick
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Van Wilder
Vance Wilder, Sr.: Where can I find Van Wilder? Wasted Guy: In the Guinness Book of World-fucking-Records, ...
by Van Wilder
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Igby Goes Down
Sookie: How's your brother doing these days? Igby: I don't have a brother, I'm an only child. ...
by Igby Goes Down
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Cheshire Cat: The Queen is dead and gone. Well, at least she's gone... for now. Long ...
by Alice
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Antwone Fisher
Jerome Davenport: Where'd you spend your childhood? Antwone Fisher: Cleveland. Jerome Davenport: Parents still live there? Antwone Fisher: I ...
by Antwone Fisher
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The Boondock Saints
Connor: We haven't really got a system of deciding who, Roc. It's, uh... Rocco: Me! *Me*! I'm ...
by The Boondock Saints
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Training Day
Alonzo Harris: I run shit here! Y'all just live here!
by Training Day
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The Shawshank Redemption
Red: [narrating] Two things never happened again after that. The Sisters never laid a finger on ...
by The Shawshank Redemption
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School Ties
Mr. Cleary: The cultural environment in which one lives ought to be as important as the ...
by School Ties
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Earl Talbot Blake: I'm gonna do something far worse than kill you. I'm gonna let you ...
by Ricochet
0 votes   217 views  
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Lucian: Were you not afraid of them? Raze: Yes, but I wanted to live. Lucian: Are you afraid ...
by Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans
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Epic Movie
White Bitch: This crystal will finally put an end to the resistance. I will start a ...
by Epic Movie
0 votes   217 views  
Luis Guzman
I`ve become, like, this farmer. I live on the top of a mountain and I ...
by Luis Guzman
0 votes   216 views  
Eugene O Neill
Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and ...
by Eugene O Neill
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Anna Quindlen
You are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life ...
by Anna Quindlen
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Ed: [about Domino] You and I walk down the street, what do people see? A couple ...
by Domino
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Tristan + Isolde
Tristan: I am delivered.
by Tristan + Isolde
0 votes   216 views  
Fun with Dick and Jane
[first lines] Dick Harper: Globodyne is a consolidator of media properties. Globodyne is a consolidator of ...
by Fun With Dick And Jane
0 votes   216 views  
The Real Cancun
Alan Taylor: I live here, fuckos.
by The Real Cancun
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Masked and Anonymous
Uncle Sweetheart: As long as I keep talking, I know I'm still alive.
by Masked And Anonymous
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The Hot Chick
Jessica (Clive): It's me, Jessica!
by The Hot Chick
0 votes   216 views  
Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
Valerie McCabe: Fred, Mr. Oliver is a potential fugitive. Lock him up. Neal Oliver: Lock me up? ...
by Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road
0 votes   216 views  
W.F. Lloyd: I'm sorry - I'm not very comfortable dealing with and talking to people... when ...
by Undertakings
0 votes   216 views  
Frank Costello: ...In 24 hours, Faranzano comes after us for killing No-Nose Tommy. We can't fight ...
by Mobsters
0 votes   216 views  
The Wizard of Gore
Edmund Bigelow: We met at church. Maggie: That was a joke that I made up on the ...
by The Wizard Of Gore
0 votes   216 views  
Hoboken Hollow
Clayton: Live from the bunkhouse, it's torture time!
by Hoboken Hollow
0 votes   216 views  
Dave Allen
We can`t not make deliveries, so we`re trying to do as much as we can ...
by Dave Allen
0 votes   215 views  
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