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Andy Kaufman
I never told a joke in my life.
by Andy Kaufman
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Saw II
John: Those who do not appreciate life do not deserve life.
by Saw II
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The Big G
Dan Parker: Calm down buddy, life is short.
by The Big G
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Dad: I never killed a man in my whole life!
by Frailty
0 votes   185 views  
An Ideal Husband
Gertrude: Yes, Arthur, it is Robert himself who wishes to retire from public life. Lord Arthur ...
by An Ideal Husband
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Shadows and Fog
Kleinmann: Uh, I've... I've never paid for sex in my life. Prostitute: Oh, you just think you ...
by Shadows And Fog
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Brian Clark
Whose life is it anyway?
by Brian Clark
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Dirty Love
Mary: So what are you gonna do with your life now? Rebecca: Shoot up some heroin and ...
by Dirty Love
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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
[Shao-Kahn has Sonya in a headlock] Rayden: Kahn, you hide behind a human? Shao Kahn: Why not, ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Linda Dano
The last two days were probably the hardest thing I`ve done in my whole life. ...
by Linda Dano
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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Joe 'Sky Captain' Sullivan: [Polly laughs] What? Polly Perkins: I missed you. Thanks for saving my life ...
by Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
0 votes   183 views  
Legs: This is for Goldie. It's about saving her life... and who we are to her... ...
by Foxfire
0 votes   183 views  
Dangerous Minds
Emilio Ramirez: What, are you gonna give me some advice? Just say no? Well, forget it! ...
by Dangerous Minds
0 votes   183 views  
John Peters
Virtually anyone who gets one can`t stop touching it -- it becomes a major item ...
by John Peters
0 votes   182 views  
The Eye
[last lines] Sydney Wells: [voice-over while Sydney is playing the violin] Some say seeing is believing. ...
by The Eye
0 votes   182 views  
Corpse Bride
Nell Van Dort: [dreamily] I always knew I deserved better than a fish merchant's life.
by Corpse Bride
0 votes   182 views  
Petticoat Planet
Sheriff Sarah Parker: You don't wanna spend the rest of your life with Delia Westwood - ...
by Petticoat Planet
0 votes   182 views  
The Mummy
[Jonathan hands Evy a strange box] Jonathan: My whole life I've never found anything, Evy. *Please* ...
by The Mummy
0 votes   181 views  
The Real McCoy
J.T. Barker: How many of these creeps have you got in your life?
by The Real McCoy
0 votes   181 views  
Doctor Zhivago
Stelnikov/Pasha: But what does that matter? The private life, love, and so on, it's all dead ...
by Doctor Zhivago
0 votes   180 views  
Moonlight Mile
Jo Jo Floss: You never smoked did you, Joe? Joe Nast: No. Jo Jo Floss: Diana said you ...
by Moonlight Mile
0 votes   180 views  
Marty Yacovelli: [pointing out a life preserver for the water taxi on the Chicago River] This ...
by Cabbie
0 votes   180 views  
Lucy Collins: [Lucy and Judy enter the house] [to Judy] Lucy Collins: You remember Skip? Judy: Yeah. Lucy ...
by Eulogy
0 votes   179 views  
Free Willy 3: The Rescue
Max: A cheeseburger saved your life John Wesley: You were right
by Free Willy 3: The Rescue
0 votes   179 views  
Lindenmeyer: Oh, my God. SID 6.7: Which God would that be? The one who created you or ...
by Virtuosity
0 votes   179 views  
Music from Another Room
Danny: Have you met Jesus? Nina: He saved my life.
by Music From Another Room
0 votes   178 views  
Critical Care
Dr. Werner Ernst: If he's going to die, why should we proceed? Dr. Butz: Where have you ...
by Critical Care
0 votes   178 views  
The Voice Inside
Antagonist: You weak-willed pathetic waste of life, do you have any idea what it's like to ...
by The Voice Inside
0 votes   177 views  
The Winter Guest
Elspeth: One life! Thats all! You'll not get the last years back.
by The Winter Guest
0 votes   177 views  
As Good as It Gets
[Sitting in the bar after Carol storms out] Melvin Udall: Well, it's not right to go ...
by As Good As It Gets
0 votes   177 views  
Ferdinand: I suppose the life of an anorexic duck doesn't amount to much in the broad ...
by Babe
0 votes   177 views  
David Chokachi
Justin is the girl`s guru and surf instructor; an ex-pro who`s lost his way in ...
by David Chokachi
0 votes   175 views  
Mr. Sir: All life begins with water. So think of it this way, I'm givin' you ...
by Holes
0 votes   175 views  
Studio 666
Cassidy: If this is the afterlife, then death must be retail paradise!
by Studio 666
0 votes   174 views  
Paula: To think I was going to be the one to change her life. Jerry: Me too. ...
by Nell
0 votes   174 views  
The Firm
Mitch McDeere: Are you saying my life is in danger? Denton Voyles: I am saying that your ...
by The Firm
0 votes   174 views  
David Mills: Do you like what you do for a living? These things you see? Man ...
by Se7en
0 votes   173 views  
Mr. Destiny
Larry Joseph Burrows: Is there anything else that's gonna come as a shock? Mike the Bartender ...
by Mr. Destiny
0 votes   173 views  
Grand Canyon
Mack: This is difficult stuff. Making a left turn in L.A. is one of the harder ...
by Grand Canyon
0 votes   172 views  
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
Ethan Green: Leo, you know I'm a mess. I am destined to play "Dream Date" for ...
by The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green
0 votes   171 views  
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