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The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Jimmy Cuervo: All my life, I've been pushin' down this fire inside of me. Lilly: [flashback] Jimmy ...
by The Crow: Wicked Prayer
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The Dust Factory
Ryan Flynn: Grandpa, It's Melanie. Grandpa Randolph: She can wait. Ryan Flynn: You don't understand. Grandpa Randolph: I understand ...
by The Dust Factory
0 votes   235 views  
Sunshine Hotel
Ray: Once you take the cherry out of life. Once you take your wife, or your ...
by Sunshine Hotel
0 votes   235 views  
Stan: You know what else I've seen? Patterns. No matter what direction someone's life takes, no ...
by Illusion
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Lance Phelps: There's no way that you did it. Frank: Yeah, I didn't. Lance Phelps: Yeah, of course ...
by Novocaine
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Aki: All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit ...
by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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Cast Away
Chuck Noland: We might just make it. Did that thought ever cross your brain? Well regardless ...
by Cast Away
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Searching for Bobby Fischer
Bruce: You have no idea what I want. What is chess, do you think? Those who ...
by Searching For Bobby Fischer
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Jessie Bannister: How would you murder someone? If you have a question Los Angeles... then you ...
by Madhouse
0 votes   235 views  
Come What May
Caleb Hogan: They tear the baby out of its only means of life support, and say ...
by Come What May
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Rachel Getting Married
Rachel: Kym, you took Ethan for granted. Okay? You were high for his life. You were ...
by Rachel Getting Married
0 votes   235 views  
Sith Apprentice
The Emperor: Now these final four will go head to head in the most demanding job ...
by Sith Apprentice
0 votes   235 views  
Martin Bashir
We wanted to make sure that the film covered the main issues of his life. ...
by Martin Bashir
0 votes   234 views  
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Pete Perkins: Thank you! Old Man with Radio: I need to ask you a favor. Pete Perkins: Anything ...
by The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada
0 votes   234 views  
Ray Porter: Mirabelle Buttersfield moved from Vermont hoping to begin her life. And now she is ...
by Shopgirl
0 votes   234 views  
Matchstick Men
[asking how badly his life is affected by the agoraphobia] Dr. Klein: And your personal relationships? ...
by Matchstick Men
0 votes   234 views  
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
[the conductors finally get their supply of magic gold dust] Thomas: Lady, you're a really helpful ...
by Thomas And The Magic Railroad
0 votes   234 views  
The Iron Giant
Dean McCoppin: You came here just in time. This rich cat, some industrialist wanted him for ...
by The Iron Giant
0 votes   234 views  
Grosse Pointe Blank
Paul: [after Jenny Slater has been dismissive towards him] I was just trying to get a ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
0 votes   234 views  
The Frighteners
Ray Lynskey: Bannister, what is happening to me? Frank Bannister: Well, Ray, you appear to be dead. ...
by The Frighteners
0 votes   234 views  
The Celluloid Closet
Susan Sarandon: Oh, movies are important and they're dangerous because we're the keeper of the dreams. ...
by The Celluloid Closet
0 votes   234 views  
Batman Forever
Dick Grayson: All I can think about every second of the day is getting Two-Face. He ...
by Batman Forever
0 votes   234 views  
Paula: [seeing the Sheriff's wife crying] What happened to her? Jerry: Nothing and everything. It hits her ...
by Nell
0 votes   234 views  
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Arthur Bannister: [on the movie screen, "The Lady from Shanghai" is playing] I'm aiming at you, ...
by Manhattan Murder Mystery
0 votes   234 views  
One-Eyed Monster
T.J.: The shooting star, the bright light; Ron acts weird, and his dick takes off running. ...
by One-Eyed Monster
0 votes   234 views  
Liquor Store Clerk: Is there a problem here, sir? Fogell: [shakes head] No. Liquor Store Clerk: [looks down ...
by Superbad
0 votes   234 views  
The Other Boleyn Girl
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Easy for you to say! You've had position and wealth all your life! ...
by The Other Boleyn Girl
0 votes   234 views  
Nacho Libre
Nacho: My life is good. Real good.
by Nacho Libre
0 votes   234 views  
Jennie Garth
Marriages aren`t easy, and we`re just like any other couple. We have our roadblocks, but ...
by Jennie Garth
0 votes   233 views  
George Martin
When you extend life span, that`s really something. That`s hard to do.
by George Martin
0 votes   233 views  
Bob Cousy
You have to remember that coaching wasn`t sophisticated back then - you didn`t have the ...
by Bob Cousy
0 votes   233 views  
Albert Ellis
The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems ...
by Albert Ellis
0 votes   233 views  
[Sherry has just sat down at the beginning of an AA meeting] Dean Walker: My name ...
by SherryBaby
0 votes   233 views  
Cinderella Man
[first title card] Title card: "In all the history of the boxing game you find no ...
by Cinderella Man
0 votes   233 views  
Purgatory House
Celeste: Silver, this is what you do. You put out this certain image, this certain attitude, ...
by Purgatory House
0 votes   233 views  
Mark: [sung] How do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each ...
by Rent
0 votes   233 views  
Vanilla Sky
Rebecca Dearborn: What is any life without the pursuit of a dream?
by Vanilla Sky
0 votes   233 views  
Road to Perdition
[after seeing his father kill someone] Michael Sullivan, Jr.: Does Mama know? Michael Sullivan: Your mother knows ...
by Road To Perdition
0 votes   233 views  
Wo hu cang long
Jen Yu: I'm getting married soon, but I haven't lived the life I want. Yu Shu ...
by Wo Hu Cang Long
0 votes   233 views  
Free Enterprise
Mark: You're losing it. A year ago you'd already be re-enacting the kitchen scene from "9 ...
by Free Enterprise
0 votes   233 views  
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