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Edward Scissorhands
Host-TV: Quite a story, yes? Any questions for Edward? Yeah, get way over. Stand right up. ...
by Edward Scissorhands
0 votes   677 views  

50 Cent
I feel like.. it changes your life a lil' bit. Like when you get shot ...
by 50 Cent
1 votes   668 views  
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Theoden: I take my leave. Aragorn: My lord Elrond. Elrond: I come on behalf of one whom I ...
by The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
0 votes   653 views  
Fight Club
Narrator: This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
by Fight Club
0 votes   653 views  
Avril Lavigne
Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.
by Avril Lavigne
1 votes   649 views  
Judgment Night
Fallon: Let me tell you something, Ray. You don't understand shit, OK? Nothing. Guys like you ...
by Judgment Night
0 votes   647 views  
Mimi: [sung] Excuse me, did I do something wrong? I get invited then ignored all night ...
by Rent
0 votes   640 views  
Steven Seagal
I have made a lot of mistakes. But I've worked hard. I have no fear ...
by Steven Seagal
1 votes   637 views  
Marilyn Monroe
Sometimes I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die, young, but ...
by Marilyn Monroe
1 votes   630 views  
Pineapple Express
Saul: Herpes is for life, bro! Red: Yeah, well, I'm gonna try to definitely put some sort ...
by Pineapple Express
0 votes   627 views  
The Dark Knight
Harvey Dent: Alfred, right? Alfred Pennyworth: That's right, sir. Harvey Dent: Yeah, Rachel talks about you all the ...
by The Dark Knight
0 votes   626 views  
Derek Zoolander: I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously ...
by Zoolander
0 votes   625 views  
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
[Padme says that she believes Count Dooku is behind the attacks on her life] Ki-Adi-Mundi: He ...
by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
0 votes   614 views  
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Padme: It must be difficult having sworn your life to the Jedi... not being able to ...
by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
0 votes   612 views  
Amber Frey
For most people, it was just a story, but to me it was part of ...
by Amber Frey
0 votes   611 views  
King Arthur
Lancelot: To try and get past the Woads in the north is insanity. Arthur: Them, we've fought ...
by King Arthur
1 votes   609 views  
Fight Club
Narrator: After fighting, everything else in your life got the volume turned down.
by Fight Club
0 votes   602 views  
Steele: Didn't make the team, Bingo? Boris: Don't look at him. Don't listen to him. Live a ...
by Balto
0 votes   596 views  
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Megatron: There is another source of Energon hidden on this planet! The boy can lead us ...
by Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
0 votes   595 views  
The Matrix
Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the ...
by The Matrix
0 votes   591 views  
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Jetfire: Tell me, is that robot civil war still going on? Who's winning? Sam Witwicky: The Decepticons. ...
by Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
0 votes   589 views  
[first lines] Jake Sully: When I was lying in the V.A. hospital with a big hole ...
by Avatar
0 votes   586 views  
The Alamo
William Travis: One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.
by The Alamo
0 votes   583 views  
Fired Up!
Dr. Rick: [Rick and his two friends are loudly singing-along in the car to "Tubthumpin'"] Awesome ...
by Fired Up!
-2 votes   582 views  
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Raoul Duke: Strange memories on this nervous night in Las Vegas. Has it been five years? ...
by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
0 votes   578 views  
Caleb Holt: I want to thank you, dad. The Love Dare changed my life. John Holt: God ...
by Fireproof
0 votes   575 views  
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Bill: I suppose the traditional way to conclude this is, we cross Hanzo swords. Well, it ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 2
0 votes   573 views  
The 40 Year Old Virgin
Andy Stitzer: [arguing with David] I have a very fulfilling life! [cuts to Andy playing the ...
by The 40 Year Old Virgin
0 votes   564 views  
Caleb Holt: What? You were married to someone before Tina? Michael Simmons: For one whole year. I ...
by Fireproof
0 votes   562 views  
Derek Zoolander: Rufus, Brint, and Meekus were like brothers to me. And when I say brother, ...
by Zoolander
0 votes   559 views  
Cleitus: How can you, so young, compare yourself to Heracles? Alexander: Why not? I've achieved more in ...
by Alexander
0 votes   557 views  
Derek Zoolander: There was a moment last night, when she was sandwiched between the two Finnish ...
by Zoolander
0 votes   556 views  
Stana Katic
The luxury of creativity wasn't afforded to my parents because they had to build a ...
by Stana Katic
0 votes   555 views  
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Exeter: They're concentrating all their attention on Metaluna. Those flashes of light - they're meteors. Hundreds ...
by Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
0 votes   553 views  
Jake Sully: One life ends, another begins.
by Avatar
0 votes   545 views  
Steven Seagal
The most important seed I can sow in this life is my children, and the ...
by Steven Seagal
0 votes   542 views  
Major League II
Harry Doyle: [Drinking whiskey, and sounding drunk] Hello, fans. Welcome back to major league baseball, sort ...
by Major League II
0 votes   541 views  
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man: [opening lines during view of the city] This is my story. It's the usual thing: ...
by Spider-Man 2
0 votes   538 views  
Marilyn Monroe
No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All ...
by Marilyn Monroe
-3 votes   537 views  
Mugatu: Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by ...
by Zoolander
0 votes   536 views  
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