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The Mask
Dorian Tyrell: 50 grand. 50 grand to the man who finds that green-faced son of a ...
by The Mask
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Six Degrees of Separation
Paul: Did you see Donald Barthelme's obituary? He said that collage was the art form of ...
by Six Degrees Of Separation
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The Hitman
Chris Garret: [police arriving outside, Garret has Del tied into a chair hanging out of the ...
by The Hitman
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Michael: Pure and simple, I want you to marry me, and it's a one word conversation ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
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Diary of the Dead
Newsreader: We've come here concerned about people crossing the border into our country. But that's not ...
by Diary Of The Dead
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The Nanny Diaries
Annie Braddock: My desire to be an observer of life was actually keeping me from having ...
by The Nanny Diaries
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Michael Buble
You can try to trick the people and come out wearing a fedora and a ...
by Michael Buble
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Michael Brooks
Whatever the whole council comes up with that is best for the people is what ...
by Michael Brooks
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John Schmidt
Since it looks at the basic building block of life, DNA, it can tell with ...
by John Schmidt
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John Crawford
Um, I`m doing an interview with Wisconsin Radio in a few minutes, and then I`m ...
by John Crawford
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Jacqueline Mckenzie
You have to have a lifestyle if you live in LA, otherwise it`s deadly.
by Jacqueline Mckenzie
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Jane Austen
I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.
by Jane Austen
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Annie Lennox
[on being private about her life] What did you expect? I`m human; I feel what ...
by Annie Lennox
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Amanda Peterson
It is funny you know, you spend 12 years of your life learning about things ...
by Amanda Peterson
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Demon Hunter
Jake Greyman: [narration] My name's Jacob Greyman. I'd like say most people call me Jake, but ...
by Demon Hunter
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Casino Royale
M: I knew it was too early to promote you. James Bond: Well, I understand double 0s ...
by Casino Royale
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Tristan + Isolde
Isolde: You risked your life to give me to another man. Tristan: You said your name was ...
by Tristan + Isolde
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Dr. Samuel Loomis: [saying goodbye to Michael] I don't know what else I can do for ...
by Halloween
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The Passion of the Christ
Annas: Yes, we'll listen to those that have heard your blashpemies. Good! Let's hear them! Accuser: He ...
by The Passion Of The Christ
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The Big Bounce
Jack Ryan: For a long time I've been walking down life's road with my two pals, ...
by The Big Bounce
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The Hours
Dan Brown: The thought of this life, that's what kept me going. I had an idea ...
by The Hours
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The Royal Tenenbaums
[Royal motions to Pagoda] Royal: He saved my life, you know. Thirty years ago. I was ...
by The Royal Tenenbaums
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The Parent Trap
Annie: [Elizabeth and Hallie have arrived at the hotel to meet Nick and Elizabeth is drunk ...
by The Parent Trap
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Men in Black
Kay: We do not discharge our weapons in view of the public! Jay: Man, we ain't got ...
by Men In Black
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Jerry Maguire
Dorothy: He's coming over. Laurel: Tonight? Dorothy: He just lost his best client. I invited the guy over. ...
by Jerry Maguire
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Art Chantry: So all these people come here, and then there's all this publicity, and... "Northern ...
by Hype!
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City Hall
Mayor John Pappas: Enough about me, enough about me. What are you going to do tonight, ...
by City Hall
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Gabriela Sabatini
I think in the lifetime of a tennis player there is many times where you ...
by Gabriela Sabatini
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While You Were Sleeping
Jack: Hey, what do you know about my family? Spending a week with them does *not* ...
by While You Were Sleeping
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Beyond Rangoon
U Aung Ko: We are taught that suffering is one promise that life always keeps. So ...
by Beyond Rangoon
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Grand Canyon
Davis: The point is there's a gulf in this country; an ever-widening abyss between the people ...
by Grand Canyon
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Dr. Lynn Denlon: Please, let me go. I saved your life! Jigsaw: Maybe my life isn't the ...
by Saw III
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Philip Seymour Hoffman
I`m probably more personal when I`m acting than at any other time. More open, more ...
by Philip Seymour Hoffman
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John Schlesinger
Yes, but I think if you look at it with a sort of gay sensibility ...
by John Schlesinger
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Bob Ezrin
When I wake up every morning and realize that I get to go out and ...
by Bob Ezrin
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Adam Carr
For death begins with life`s first breath, and life begins at touch of death.
by Adam Carr
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The Plight of Clownana
[last lines] Narrator: Sometimes life's funny like that.
by The Plight Of Clownana
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Joe: There are two things I've learned in life: find someone to love and live everyday ...
by Alfie
0 votes   249 views  
The Medallion
Snakehead: [after Nicole falls to her death and Eddie is unable to save her, Snakehead tries ...
by The Medallion
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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Ling: He was my father my entire life, we were friends, I loved him, and now ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
0 votes   249 views  
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