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Shark Tale
Ernie: [pretending to be Lola, put mustard and ketchup on a hot dog on a stick ...
by Shark Tale
0 votes   346 views  

Bring It On
Les: Pinch a penny, someone's slacking. Jan: Do I look like a milkmaid 'cause somebody feels like ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   346 views  
The Usual Suspects
Verbal: Who is Keyser Soze? He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was ...
by The Usual Suspects
0 votes   346 views  
Toy Story
[first lines] Andy: [Andy is playing with his toys and mimicing the voices of his toys ...
by Toy Story
0 votes   346 views  
Chuck Norris
There are a dozen death spots, another dozen paralyzing death spots, and many, many disabling ...
by Chuck Norris
0 votes   345 views  
Christy Canyon
I`m not into bodybuilders. I want a little softness in a guy. I wanna be ...
by Christy Canyon
0 votes   345 views  
Team America: World Police
Kim Jong Il: I'm so Ronery / So ronery / So ronery and sadry arone / ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   345 views  
New Jack City
Nino Brown: You sound like this shit'll change the world. G-Money: I don't know about all that ...
by New Jack City
0 votes   345 views  
Team America: World Police
Kim Jong Il: It will be 911 times 2356. Chris: My God, that's... I don't even know ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   344 views  
Give or Take an Inch
Jackson: Charlotte, when the town drunk widow raises four kids on her own, three of whom ...
by Give Or Take An Inch
0 votes   344 views  
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
[Nate's ghost appears when Dewey's in a rehab bathtub] Dewey Cox: [smiling] Nate! [younger Nate suddenly ...
by Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
0 votes   341 views  
Scary Movie 3
U-God: You stepped on my shoe, bitch! Redman: Man, call me a bitch again and I'll park ...
by Scary Movie 3
0 votes   340 views  
Mad Hot Ballroom
White chubby kid: My religion does not allow me to dance, and Mouhamed's does not allow ...
by Mad Hot Ballroom
0 votes   339 views  
Training Day
Jake Hoyt: [after smoking angel dust] Who are you? Alonzo Harris: I'm the zig-zag man, who the ...
by Training Day
0 votes   339 views  
Loki: Is this why I had to come down here this morning, man? Is this why ...
by Dogma
0 votes   339 views  
Lucky: [after Don Faranzano's alleged execution by Lucky] ... Tell me something, Joe. What do you ...
by Mobsters
0 votes   339 views  
Zinnia Wormwood: Look, Miss Snit, a girl does not get anywhere by acting intelligent! I mean, ...
by Matilda
-1 votes   337 views  
Scent of a Woman
Lt. Col. Frank Slade: It's a great day for singing a song / It's a great ...
by Scent Of A Woman
0 votes   336 views  
Wedding Crashers
Jeremy Grey: Wow. Mr. Environmental is also a hunter. That's got to be an interesting combination. ...
by Wedding Crashers
0 votes   335 views  
Baldwin: Cinque describes the cold-blooded murder of a significant portion of the people on board the ...
by Amistad
0 votes   335 views  
Reality Bites
Vickie Miner: You don't understand. Every day, all day, it's all that I think about, OK? ...
by Reality Bites
0 votes   335 views  
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: The only problem is that in this job is there's just no place ...
by Backdraft
0 votes   335 views  
Big Trouble
[Officer Monica Romero and Agent Greer are in his car, arguing about Russian bombs and ...
by Big Trouble
0 votes   334 views  
Playing God
Eugene: Alone at last! Claire: You must be somebody who's always on the lookout for a new ...
by Playing God
0 votes   334 views  
Next Friday
Pinky: [points a gun to Craig's head] Don't move! Or I'll blow your goddamn head smooth ...
by Next Friday
0 votes   333 views  
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
[Bill Krieger and Bruce Lee are discussing Lee's next series] Bruce Lee: Ok, so he wanders ...
by Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
0 votes   333 views  
Mean Girls
Karen: [after being dumped by Aaron, Regina is crying and holding hands with Gretchen and Karen ...
by Mean Girls
0 votes   332 views  
Demolition Man
Edgar Friendly: You see, according to Cocteau's plan, I'm the enemy, 'cause I like to think; ...
by Demolition Man
0 votes   331 views  
Defending Your Life
Daniel Miller: What is this? Julia: It's my hotel. Daniel Miller: This is your hotel? Julia: Yeah. Where are ...
by Defending Your Life
0 votes   331 views  
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James: You ever consider suicide? Charley Ford: Can't say that I have. There was always something ...
by The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
0 votes   331 views  
Sin City
Dwight: It's your apartment. But be careful, Shellie, this clown's got big, mean drunk-on and he's ...
by Sin City
0 votes   330 views  
Men in Black
Jay: All right, I'm in. 'Cause there's some next level shit going on and I'm OK ...
by Men In Black
0 votes   330 views  
Detective Jimmy Shaker: [holding a gun to Cubby's head and clamping a hand on his mouth] ...
by Ransom
1 votes   330 views  
David: [on the phone] Well, he's not homeless, Howard, they just don't say where he lives. ...
by Pleasantville
0 votes   329 views  
SS-Untersturmführer Max Jäger: [Ordering coffee in SS Headquarters as a male and female prisoner are led ...
by Fatherland
0 votes   329 views  
Sister Act
Delores: [at her first choir rehearsal, the choir sings a chord badly with Mary Patrick singing ...
by Sister Act
0 votes   329 views  
Bowling for Columbine
Marilyn Manson: The two by-products of that whole tragedy were, violence in entertainment, and gun control. ...
by Bowling For Columbine
0 votes   328 views  
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
Doc: Not this time, ya little shit. Connor MacManus: We'll see, old man... Would somebody please come ...
by The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
0 votes   328 views  
The Devil Wears Prada
Miranda Priestly: What about Testino? Where are we on that? Nigel: Zac Posen's doing some very sculptural ...
by The Devil Wears Prada
0 votes   328 views  
Dianne Feinstein
Women have begun to see that if I go through that doorway, I take everybody ...
by Dianne Feinstein
0 votes   327 views  
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