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Eli Manning
They`re good pals of mine that I can talk to when I have questions. We`re ...
by Eli Manning
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Brent Barry
You would think on the outside looking in that it might be. But again, it`s ...
by Brent Barry
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Larry Gigli: You know something? You're right. It is sadness. Its sadness and I'm fucking sad. ...
by Gigli
-1 votes   246 views  
Big Trouble
Henry Desalvo: I got a great New York Strip over there that cost me $27 in ...
by Big Trouble
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Lucky Numbers
Larry: [sirens wailing] Don't say a word without a lawyer, even if they beat the crap ...
by Lucky Numbers
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Stranger Than Fiction
Violet Madison: Really, what's one more body amongst friends?
by Stranger Than Fiction
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Aki: All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit ...
by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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Bozz: If I told you there was a bunch of people around here who could get ...
by Tigerland
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Scream 3
Jennifer: Jese! Gale: What the hell are you doing? Jennifer: Being Gale Weathers! What are you doing? Gale: I ...
by Scream 3
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Senior Trip
[Principal Moss is fast asleep] Miss Milford: Principal Moss? Principal Moss? Principal Moss! [to the students] ...
by Senior Trip
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Dolores Claiborne
Dolores Claiborne: You must have boyfriends. Beautiful girl like you, smart and out in the world... ...
by Dolores Claiborne
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Funny People
Ingrid: I like the movie where you have a baby's body. George Simmons: So you like Re-Do.
by Funny People
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Jeff Goldblum
[On watching himself act]: It was odd because I hadn`t seen much of what we ...
by Jeff Goldblum
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Craig Perry
You`re looking at 9,500 seats in the lower bowl, and you have crowds that will ...
by Craig Perry
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Alfred Kinsey: Everybody's sin is nobody's sin, and everybody's crime is no crime at all.
by Kinsey
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Black Hawk Down
Othic: [after Kowalewski had been killed by an RPG] [to Mcknight] Othic: There's a fucking rocket in ...
by Black Hawk Down
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One Eight Seven
[first lines] school official: Alright, let's go people, let's go. One minute until tardy lock-down... take ...
by One Eight Seven
0 votes   245 views  
The Ref
Lloyd: Caroline? Why don't you eat something? Caroline: [Drunk] Loyd? Why don't you eat me? Connie Chasseur: Kids, ...
by The Ref
0 votes   245 views  
Little Odessa
Reuben Shapira: Josh. Josh, hey. It's me. Joshua Shapira: Get outta here. Reuben Shapira: Can't we meet later? ...
by Little Odessa
0 votes   245 views  
True Romance
Boris: Call me an ambulance. Somebody, call me an ambulance. Nicky Dimes: Shut up. Boris: Fuck you, I'm ...
by True Romance
0 votes   245 views  
Malcolm X
Rudy: I'm half wop, I'm half nigger. I'm not afraid of nobody.
by Malcolm X
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Death Becomes Her
Lisle Von Rhoman: You're scared as Hell... of yourself. Of the body you once knew. Madeline ...
by Death Becomes Her
0 votes   245 views  
Alice Newton: I don't think words for parts of the body make very good names. Emily ...
by Beethoven
0 votes   245 views  
Price of Life
Muhammad Shakur: Ali, the fearless one. The Lion of the Urban Desert. He didn't care about ...
by Price Of Life
0 votes   245 views  
The Ruins
Jeff: The police, our parents, the Greeks, somebody. Somebody is going to find us. We just ...
by The Ruins
0 votes   245 views  
In the Shadow of the Moon
Michael Collins: I kind of have two moons in my head, I guess, whereas most people ...
by In The Shadow Of The Moon
0 votes   245 views  
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Dwayne the Bartender: Why won't anybody go snorkeling with me?
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
0 votes   245 views  
The Pursuit of Happyness
[last lines] Christopher: Knock, knock. Christopher Gardner: Who's there? Christopher: Nobody. Christopher Gardner: Nobody who? [Christopher says nothing] Christopher ...
by The Pursuit Of Happyness
0 votes   245 views  
Chris Cook
When you hear people taking three hours, it raises a lot of questions. And I ...
by Chris Cook
0 votes   244 views  
Chevy Chase
I guess I look so straight and normal nobody expects me to pick my nose ...
by Chevy Chase
0 votes   244 views  
Shark Tale
Oscar: My dad was the greatest... but nobody loves a nobody.
by Shark Tale
0 votes   244 views  
Ice Age
Zeke: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I can't wait to get my paws on that mammoth. Soto: Nobody touches the mammoth ...
by Ice Age
0 votes   244 views  
Queen of the Damned
Club Vampire: Hi. Jesse: Hi. Club Vampire: Come here often? Jesse: All the time. Club Vampire: [Inspecting Jesse's neck] I ...
by Queen Of The Damned
0 votes   244 views  
Playing by Heart
Joan: No, no, STOP. I've waited my entire life for somebody that I cared about to ...
by Playing By Heart
0 votes   244 views  
The Cider House Rules
Homer Wells: Uh, nobody's named this one yet. Dr. Wilbur Larch: Oh, it's my turn. Henceforth, you ...
by The Cider House Rules
0 votes   244 views  
The Big Hit
Cisco: Why don't you just dump the bitch? Melvin: The truth? Cisco: Yeah, I want the truth. Crunch: You ...
by The Big Hit
0 votes   244 views  
Air Force One
Egor Korshunov: I understand that Air Force One can refuel in mid-air. Well we need fuel, ...
by Air Force One
1 votes   244 views  
The First Wives Club
Bill: Nice car, used to have one myself. Shelly: Thanks. So, what's going on in there? Is ...
by The First Wives Club
0 votes   244 views  
Snaps: ...Take Louie 'The Lug' McGurk. Died tragically at 25. Anthony: I'm twenty five. What happened? Aldo: Somebody ...
by Oscar
0 votes   244 views  
Defending Your Life
Julia: [explaining how she died] We went to visit some friends for the weekend. Everybody wanted ...
by Defending Your Life
0 votes   244 views  
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