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Julian Ryder: Anybody who could ride a 500cc GP motorcycle well enough to qualify on Grand ...
by Faster
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Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: I used to be smart, but now I'm just stupid. Thurston Howell: Brad, ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   248 views  
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Lord Rayden: [Coming into the Temple of the Elder Gods] I have come to the Eternal ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Chinese Coffee
Jake Manheim: Try something else. Try advertising. Harry Levine: I loathe advertising! Bunch of trendy fucks in ...
by Chinese Coffee
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Major Payne
Major Benson Winifred Payne: [Payne has just been informed that the USMC has run out of ...
by Major Payne
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Honeymoon in Vegas
Jack Singer: Betsy, hi, so what's the story? Betsy: I have to pack. Jack Singer: We can leave! ...
by Honeymoon In Vegas
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Johnny: People die and people die , everybody dies... leave him.
by Zandalee
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Melanie Griffith
I would just like to be able to give to people through acting. If I ...
by Melanie Griffith
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Doris Roberts
A senator in Washington the other day said, We need you. We need that voice. ...
by Doris Roberts
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Charlie Murphy
I`m disappointed it ended the way it did, but I`m not angry with anybody, ... ...
by Charlie Murphy
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Little Black Boot
[Laurie is dancing romantically with Cindy, unaware that she's a girl] Laurie: So, why haven't I ...
by Little Black Boot
0 votes   247 views  
Maya: You know, can I ask you a personal question, Miles? Miles Raymond: Sure. Maya: Why are you ...
by Sideways
0 votes   247 views  
Scary Movie 4
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Your feelings? To hell with your feelings! Everybody with their feelings. I'm ...
by Scary Movie 4
0 votes   247 views  
Love Liza
Wilson Joel: 2 on 1 gas. Gas Station: Somebody over at Arlington hobby said they never heard ...
by Love Liza
0 votes   247 views  
Soldier: Forget about Freeman, we are cutting our losses and pulling out! Anybody left down there ...
by Half-Life
0 votes   247 views  
Casper Meets Wendy
Wendy: I have no friends, none, and my family treats me like sludge. Voice of Casper: I ...
by Casper Meets Wendy
0 votes   247 views  
Treasure Planet
Jim Hawkins: But then - then you gotta know - about the treasure? B.E.N.: Treasure? Jim Hawkins: Yeah, ...
by Treasure Planet
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Ishmael: Run for the hills everybody, there's a giant shit-cloud coming.
by Kingpin
0 votes   247 views  
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Sister Mary Clarence: [singing] We are family / I got all my sisters with me / ...
by Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
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[speaking to a room full of scattered body parts after all the hookers explode] Jeffrey ...
by Frankenhooker
0 votes   247 views  
A Tragic Assembly
Coach Asshull: Please, God! Somebody help me! Hasheen Mularki: Don't worry! I kill this retard for you!
by A Tragic Assembly
0 votes   247 views  
Nacho Libre
Nacho: Those guys were a couple of wussies, eh? Esqueleto: They scalped my hairs, okay? I look ...
by Nacho Libre
0 votes   247 views  
John Lennon
Music is everybody`s possession. It`s only publishers who think that people own it.
by John Lennon
0 votes   246 views  
Charlotte Ayanna
The pageant was such a fluke. I mean, I was living in an orphanage, and ...
by Charlotte Ayanna
0 votes   246 views  
Alan Jackson
My mother kept asking me, `When are you going to do a gospel album?` And ...
by Alan Jackson
0 votes   246 views  
Jackie Black: Ain't nobody here but two people in green. Scott: It goes beyond that. Jackie Black: Nothing ...
by Spartan
0 votes   246 views  
Latter Days
Ryder: God hates homos. Christian Markelli: You're gonna come into my house and tell me God hates ...
by Latter Days
0 votes   246 views  
The Indian in the Cupboard
Boone: [crying] Everybody's so *BIG*!
by The Indian In The Cupboard
0 votes   246 views  
The Rocketeer
Peevy: You got a good thing goin' on with that girl, Clifford. And I'm tellin' you ...
by The Rocketeer
0 votes   246 views  
Paul Burrell
The Prince of Wales lives in a world where everybody says Yes, and the only ...
by Paul Burrell
0 votes   245 views  
Eli Manning
They`re good pals of mine that I can talk to when I have questions. We`re ...
by Eli Manning
0 votes   245 views  
Brent Barry
You would think on the outside looking in that it might be. But again, it`s ...
by Brent Barry
0 votes   245 views  
Ben Johnson
Everybody in town`s a better actor than I am, but none of them can play ...
by Ben Johnson
0 votes   245 views  
Alfred Kinsey: [Kinsey is teaching his first class] Who can tell me which part of the ...
by Kinsey
0 votes   245 views  
Larry Gigli: You know something? You're right. It is sadness. Its sadness and I'm fucking sad. ...
by Gigli
-1 votes   245 views  
The Last Castle
Irwin: We can no long wear the uniform of the soldier. We forfeited that right and ...
by The Last Castle
0 votes   245 views  
Surviving Christmas
Tom Valco: [shouts] Brian, get down here and eat your dinner, will you? Brian Valco: I'm not ...
by Surviving Christmas
0 votes   245 views  
Lucky Numbers
Larry: [sirens wailing] Don't say a word without a lawyer, even if they beat the crap ...
by Lucky Numbers
0 votes   245 views  
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Aki: All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit ...
by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
0 votes   245 views  
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