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Judge Dredd
Block Warlord: Fuck Dredd! If you wanna be afraid of somebody, then be afraid of ME!
by Judge Dredd
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Blue Chips
Pete Bell: ...But goddamnit, those kids played out their heart. They gave everything they had! They ...
by Blue Chips
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Meg Tilly
There we times when everybody in the house has the flu. You`re cleaning up vomit ...
by Meg Tilly
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Joan Sims
This is quite common with Carry on films. It`s not too bad if you`re out ...
by Joan Sims
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George Eads
I think people would be suprised at how much we curse when we screw up. ...
by George Eads
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Charlotte Coleman
There have been millions of gays in the service for many years. It`s ridiculous to ...
by Charlotte Coleman
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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Sweeney Todd: [sings] The history of the world, my love... Mrs. Lovett: [sings] Save a lot of ...
by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
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Southland Tales
Vaughn Smallhouse: What are you going to to with all that free money? Cyndi Pinziki: I'm going ...
by Southland Tales
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The Skeleton Key
Caroline Ellis: Luke, she tried to kill me. She had a gun, I got away just ...
by The Skeleton Key
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Empire Falls
Father Mark: [about Max] He'd steal from God? Miles Roby: Yeah, he's pretty fearless as far as ...
by Empire Falls
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Mo: I used to write poems. I'd write poems, right, instead of talking to people. Write ...
by Cement
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John Hobbes: I got a bad feeling about this. Jonesy: Yeah, me too. Somebody is playing with ...
by Fallen
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Randy: The police are always off track with this shit! If they'd watch Prom Night, they'd ...
by Scream
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The Usual Suspects
Keaton: Hey, uh... friend of mine in New York tells me that you know, that you ...
by The Usual Suspects
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Straight Talk
'Dr.' Shirlee Kenyon: I'm returning the car. It came with the job. Gordon: Wherever you go you'll ...
by Straight Talk
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Brain Donors
Laslow: [upon discovering that the doctors were the three men in disguise] Ah hah! So you ...
by Brain Donors
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Closet Land
Victim: [as Victim tries to stay awake] Pain will only strengthen my will. You can break ...
by Closet Land
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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Chun-Li: [fighting with Cantana] Tell me about the White Rose. Cantana: You must be Daddy's little girl. ...
by Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
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Dusty Rhodes
Wow. You just caught me off guard. One of the most creative minds there has ...
by Dusty Rhodes
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Barbara Feldon
There`s not a day when somebody doesn`t smile and say, `Oh, you`re Agent 99.` I ...
by Barbara Feldon
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Bill Scott
Well, it would have been wrong for anybody who is in a law enforcement office, ...
by Bill Scott
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Control Room
George W. Bush: I was told early this morning that, perhaps, our troops were captured, and, ...
by Control Room
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Marine: [after killing all the aliens on the beach] Area secure! All hostiles have been eliminated! ...
by Halo
0 votes   251 views  
American Splendor
Harvey Pekar: What movie could be worth driving 260 miles round trip for? Toby Radloff: It's a ...
by American Splendor
0 votes   251 views  
Forever Fabulous
Tiffany Dawl: We've been on the road for five minutes and already somebody is dead!
by Forever Fabulous
0 votes   251 views  
The Last Days of Disco
Des McGrath: 'Yuppie scum'? In college, before dropping out, I took a course in the propaganda ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
0 votes   251 views  
Lost Highway
Mr. Eddy: How you doin' Pete? Pete Dayton: Okay. Mr. Eddy: I'm sure you noticed that girl that ...
by Lost Highway
0 votes   251 views  
Jerry Maguire
Ethan: Everybody loves you. Pisses me off.
by Jerry Maguire
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The American President
[Sydney and President D'Astier were conversing in French] President Andrew Shepherd: Sydney, you didn't dissolve our ...
by The American President
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Father Time: Mister... I don't know you. But when I get through with you, won't nobody ...
by Posse
0 votes   251 views  
Chet Frank: So what is Jiu-Jitsu? You use one fighter's strength against him? Mike Terry: Yes, in ...
by Redbelt
0 votes   251 views  
I Could Never Be Your Woman
Izzie: [sung to the tune of "Isn't it Ironic" by Alanis Morissette] "Any young girl wants ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
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The Eyes of Van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh: [Vincent rhapsodizes to Gauguin on his vision for the Studio of the South] ...
by The Eyes Of Van Gogh
0 votes   251 views  
[Twitchy falls from sky] The Wolf: Twitchy! You scared me! Twitchy: [speaking very quickly] Hey boss, I ...
by Hoodwinked!
0 votes   251 views  
Genevieve Gorder
You forget how many people watch TV until you come into a town like this. ...
by Genevieve Gorder
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Elizabeth Perkins
My nickname among my group of friends is Mother, and I tend to take care ...
by Elizabeth Perkins
0 votes   250 views  
David Cross
We should just get somebody from the left and the right and they should all ...
by David Cross
0 votes   250 views  
Antonio Gramsci
Yesterday`s fire showed that nobody is immune to fire.
by Antonio Gramsci
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Final Destination 3
Ian McKinley: Equal... in death's eyes? All of us? How can you say that? Dude, think ...
by Final Destination 3
0 votes   250 views  
Green River
Allison Chase: Then I realized I was somebody else. *Me!*
by Green River
0 votes   250 views  
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