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Josh Charles
I`d rather be a success on my own terms that a failure on somebody else`s.
by Josh Charles
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Joe Pesci
[on his good friend and My Cousin Vinny (1992) co-star, the late Fred Gwynne] It ...
by Joe Pesci
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Djimon Hounsou
America has this understanding of Africans that plays like National Geographic: a bunch of Negroes ...
by Djimon Hounsou
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Antwaan Randle El
He was a hard-working guy and nice person. I told him, `Tom, don`t worry about ...
by Antwaan Randle El
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Anthony Head
I think Giles likes Buffy, but she annoys him. The mere fact that she doesn`t ...
by Anthony Head
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Andie Macdowell
We can sit around and go, okay, is there really a plan, does somebody really ...
by Andie Macdowell
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The Skeleton Key
Luke: Violet! I want you to meet somebody. Mrs. Violet Devoreaux meet Miss Caroline Ellis. Caroline, ...
by The Skeleton Key
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I Heart Huckabees
[first lines] Albert Markovski: [Blurry shot of tree] [Albert's thoughts are voiced aloud to us, but ...
by I Heart Huckabees
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Man on Fire
Lisa: What are you gonna do? Creasy: What I do best. I'm gonna kill 'em. Anyone that ...
by Man On Fire
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James: [in a meeting with Larry] I also imagine some other characters that I'm creating. For ...
by LolliLove
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Chuck Barris: Hi folks. Before we begin taping today, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
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The Business of Strangers
Julie: Nobody ends up being what they really want - it's part of life. It's called ...
by The Business Of Strangers
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Miss Congeniality
Kathy Morningside: Of course he had a gun. This is Texas! Everybody has a gun. My ...
by Miss Congeniality
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Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov: You can keep the 10 grand, along with the body. But if ...
by Snatch.
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Autumn in New York
John: Buddy, I hate to break it to you, but in the real world... where I ...
by Autumn In New York
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Being John Malkovich
First J.M. Inc. Customer: Now when you say that I can be somebody else, whaddya mean ...
by Being John Malkovich
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Judge Dredd
ABC warrior: Status? Rico: Bodyguard. ABC warrior: Commander? Rico: Rico. ABC warrior: Mission? Rico: We're going to war. ABC warrior: [eagerly] Warrr...
by Judge Dredd
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[Smokey taking a crap outside] Smokey: You better not tell anybody man. Ezal: Man, I'm not, man. ...
by Friday
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Dead Man
Nobody: The vision of Christ that thou dost see, is my vision's greatest enemy.
by Dead Man
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Crimson Tide
Lt. Bobby Dougherty: [seeing a sailor coming on the bus] How are you doing? Sailor with ...
by Crimson Tide
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The Road to Wellville
William Lightbody: You were masturbating! Dr. Lionel Badger: I was not! I was massaging my colon! William ...
by The Road To Wellville
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Radioland Murders
Claudette: Caught me at a bad time, kid. I'm in. Roger: So am I. Claudette: Nobody enters my ...
by Radioland Murders
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Six Degrees of Separation
Paul: Did you see Donald Barthelme's obituary? He said that collage was the art form of ...
by Six Degrees Of Separation
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Lucky: [to the fledgeling Mafia Commission, at a meeting hosted by a young Al Capone] ... ...
by Mobsters
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[dancing and singing at the same time] Pirates: Jack! Jack! He's our man. If he can't ...
by Hook
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Kate & Leopold
Charlie: [Charlie, obviously drunk, is entertaining his friends with stories from acting camp] He started squirting ...
by Kate & Leopold
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Law Abiding Citizen
Jonas Cantrell: Tell us what we're dealing with. Shelton was a spy...? Bray: Look, spies are a ...
by Law Abiding Citizen
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Saw IV
Jigsaw: Hello Ivan. As a voyeur you've kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you ...
by Saw IV
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The Pod
Telly: The Pod shows you how alone you are. How completely alone. When you take it, ...
by The Pod
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Cool means being able to hang with yourself. All you have to ask yourself is ...
by Prince
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Mike Sexton
They recruited him at fullback. But with his body size, there are a lot of ...
by Mike Sexton
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John Lithgow
[About the constant time-slot changes and ultimate cancellation of 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996)] ...
by John Lithgow
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Barbara Walters
I was the kind nobody thought could make it. I had a funny Boston accent. ...
by Barbara Walters
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Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story
Ben Crane: You don't care about anybody, do you? Horses or people. Palmer: Well, in fact, I ...
by Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
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Napoleon Dynamite
Kip: I'm just really trying to raise a few bucks now so I can bring her ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
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[last lines] Jenna: I want to also appeal to celebrities. We have some celebrity friends that ...
by LolliLove
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Agent Cody Banks
CIA Director: Ladies and gentlemen, somebody has gotta teach this kid how to talk to a ...
by Agent Cody Banks
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Jeepers Creepers II
Sheila, Radio Announcer: The fire which gutted the church south of Pertwella four days ago continues ...
by Jeepers Creepers II
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Saving Silverman
J.D.: Hey Sandy! It's me, JD, I went to high school with you, remember? Sandy: Um, no ...
by Saving Silverman
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Center Stage
Maureen Cummings: I am the best goddamn dancer in the American Ballet Academy. Who the hell ...
by Center Stage
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