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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Harry: What store is going to make the most cash on Christmas eve that nobody's gonna ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
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Burn After Reading
CIA Officer: We'll... interface with the FBI on this dead body. CIA Superior: No, no. God no. ...
by Burn After Reading
0 votes   262 views  
The Book of Caleb
Caleb: Montag I need your help to get Scar. Montag: Figure out what it is that your ...
by The Book Of Caleb
0 votes   262 views  
Maxine Waters
I have a right to my anger, and I don`t want anybody telling me I ...
by Maxine Waters
0 votes   261 views  
Josh White
What our mission is, without getting too hyperbolic, is to go into the Annapolis and ...
by Josh White
0 votes   261 views  
Jon Brion
What wasted unconditional love/On somebody/Who doesn`t believe in the stuff/Oh well.
by Jon Brion
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John Ford
Anybody can direct a picture once they know the fundamentals. Directing is not a mystery, ...
by John Ford
0 votes   261 views  
Cab Calloway
You can`t say they look up to him - if you did, you`ve got to ...
by Cab Calloway
0 votes   261 views  
Amanda Righetti
Guys blow my looks up more than I ever would. I guess I have issues ...
by Amanda Righetti
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Alicia Witt
In my fantasy I was always the savior. I would come to `Peanuts` land and ...
by Alicia Witt
0 votes   261 views  
The Black Dahlia
Kay Lake: Well, this is nice, isn't it? Ofcr. Dwight "Bucky" Bleichert: What? Kay Lake: You and Lee ...
by The Black Dahlia
0 votes   261 views  
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Tanner: There isn't much people on either side of the road can agree on. Except that ...
by The Crow: Wicked Prayer
0 votes   261 views  
Brother Bear
[after Kenai got his totem "The Bear of Love"] Denahi: THERE he is. Ha ha! Come ...
by Brother Bear
0 votes   261 views  
Runaway Bride
Maggie Carpenter: Benedict. Ike Graham: Arnold. Maggie Carpenter: I love Eggs Benedict, I hate every other kind. I ...
by Runaway Bride
0 votes   261 views  
Jones: [to Lopez] You see somebody coming up them stairs... you let faith guide that bullet ...
by D-Tox
0 votes   261 views  
Grosse Pointe Blank
Mr. Grocer: Look, I don't want to play against you! This thing is real. Martin Q. ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
0 votes   261 views  
Ché: The choice was your's and no one else's You can cry for a body in ...
by Evita
0 votes   261 views  
Eva Perón: What is the good of the strongest heart in a body that's falling apart? ...
by Evita
0 votes   261 views  
Mrs. Doubtfire
[at the pool] Mrs. Doubtfire: Not a single body that exists in nature, look at that ...
by Mrs. Doubtfire
0 votes   261 views  
Tommy Riley: Top of the head, hardest part of the body.
by Gladiator
0 votes   261 views  
The Man from Earth
Dr. Will Gruber: I still don't believe you, you know. You need help. John Oldman: Everybody needs ...
by The Man From Earth
0 votes   261 views  
Rocket Science
Hal Hefner: It's one of those two, love or revenge, I'm not really sure which one. ...
by Rocket Science
0 votes   261 views  
Fiona Apple
When you`re surrounded by all these people, it can be even lonelier than when you`re ...
by Fiona Apple
0 votes   260 views  
Inside Deep Throat
Gore Vidal: We lie about human sexuality because we lie about everything. If everybody lies, then ...
by Inside Deep Throat
0 votes   260 views  
Everything Is Illuminated
Jonathan: [after Alex asks why he collects family artifacts] I don't know, why does anybody do ...
by Everything Is Illuminated
0 votes   260 views  
A Walk to Remember
Landon: Listen, Jamie, I was hoping we could run lines together? Jamie: Okay, but just not so ...
by A Walk To Remember
0 votes   260 views  
City Hall
Mayor John Pappas: Be careful how you judge people, most of all friends. You don't sum ...
by City Hall
0 votes   260 views  
New Jersey Drive
Jason Petty: Back at school, I had to wait a half-an-hour because the metal detectors weren't ...
by New Jersey Drive
0 votes   260 views  
Roadside Prophets
Joe Mosely: [the Sheriff is roughly restraining Sam by forcing his face on the ground with ...
by Roadside Prophets
0 votes   260 views  
Doyle: I could have frozen to death, you asshole! Dutch: I don't think you would have frozen. ...
by Dutch
0 votes   260 views  
Smoke Parnell, Ladder Five Owner: Kill him? Kid, you don't know what you're talking about. I ...
by Conagher
-1 votes   260 views  
Joe Versus the Volcano
Patricia: Nobody knows anything, Joe. We'll take this leap, and we'll see. We'll jump, and we'll ...
by Joe Versus The Volcano
0 votes   260 views  
Kate & Leopold
Leopold: That thing is a damned hazard! Kate: It's just a toaster! Leopold: Well, insertion of bread into ...
by Kate & Leopold
0 votes   260 views  
Step Brothers
Nancy Huff: [During Christmas Dinner] What about you Tiffany, what did you get for Christmas? Tiffany: I ...
by Step Brothers
0 votes   260 views  
Chev Chelios: [aims his finger like a gun at Carlito's head] Not so fast, motherfucker. Verona: [laughs] ...
by Crank
0 votes   260 views  
Lorri Bagley
I love lingerie and feminine things. It makes me feel nice to look good and ...
by Lorri Bagley
0 votes   259 views  
Grace Slick
Through literacy you can begin to see the universe. Through music you can reach anybody. ...
by Grace Slick
0 votes   259 views  
George Frideric Handel
Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it ...
by George Frideric Handel
0 votes   259 views  
Dylan Sprouse
[about having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame] It`s something every actor wants ...
by Dylan Sprouse
0 votes   259 views  
Sons of Provo
Will Jensen: We're looking for someone a little more dedicated, quite honestly. Danny Jensen: Someone who's willing ...
by Sons Of Provo
0 votes   259 views  
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