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Fly Away Home
Amy Alden: [Just after Barry and Tom have accidentally seen her after her shower] HE'S SO ...
by Fly Away Home
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The Road to Wellville
Eleanor Lightbody: I wanted to be more than a hole in the mattress that answers to ...
by The Road To Wellville
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The Crow
Eric Draven: MURDERER! Tin Tin: I didn't murder nobody man. I don't even fucking know you, man. ...
by The Crow
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Lords of Dogtown
Skip: [at the diner] Hey you guys made a mess at that contest today... They look ...
by Lords Of Dogtown
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Lords of Dogtown
Stacy: Skip called me ''bro''! Kathy Alva: Skip called you ''bro''? Stacy: Yeah, he said ''bro''! Kathy Alva: No, ...
by Lords Of Dogtown
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Rand: You cold? Sarah McCaulley: No, what are you feeling? Are you all squishy inside or is ...
by Dopamine
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The Hot Chick
[Clive, in Jessica's body, looks at a box of tampons frantically] Clive (Jessica): I gotta do ...
by The Hot Chick
0 votes   264 views  
Nisi: Now at the audition I didn't do the best I could... Heavy D: Hey! Ain't you ...
by B*A*P*S
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Crimson Tide
Peter "Weps" Ince: [answers the private phone] Weps. Hunter: Weps. This is Hunter. Listen to me. Peter ...
by Crimson Tide
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The Program
Coach Winters: Alright, this is Mississippi State's offensive set. Second and two on our own 24, ...
by The Program
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High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Ryan Evans: [counting as everybody does the dance moves] And 1 and 2 and 3 and ...
by High School Musical 3: Senior Year
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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
Will Stanton: Something is going on with me. It's mixed up. John Stanton: Will, you're fourteen. These ...
by The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
1 votes   264 views  
Daniel Clowes
When you see somebody who`s got a complaining personality, it usually means that they had ...
by Daniel Clowes
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Ansel Adams
Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.
by Ansel Adams
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Martian Child
David: You know, what is so amazing about you is that you're right. You're always right. ...
by Martian Child
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Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat
[an audience member yells "Hurry up!" while Martin pauses to have a sip of water] ...
by Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat
0 votes   263 views  
Rat Race
[car crashes] Nick Schaffer: I think we just killed him. Tracy Faucet: You can't kill him, he's ...
by Rat Race
0 votes   263 views  
Lethal Weapon 4
[Looking at a corpse] Butters: Ah, shit. He's dead, man. He's fuckin' dead, man. Yeah, this ...
by Lethal Weapon 4
0 votes   263 views  
Mission: Impossible
Eugene Kittridge: What, can we do Barnes... put a guy at the airport? How many identities ...
by Mission: Impossible
0 votes   263 views  
Alferd Packer: The Musical
French: I can catch a helpless animal, skin it with my bare hands. I wake up ...
by Alferd Packer: The Musical
0 votes   263 views  
A Goofy Movie
Pete: Small wilderness, dude! Didn't expect to see you here! Max: Apparently not. Pete: You're just jealous, man, ...
by A Goofy Movie
0 votes   263 views  
Crimson Tide
Capt. Ramsey: We have orders in hand. Those orders are to make a pre-emptive launch. Every ...
by Crimson Tide
0 votes   263 views  
Pip: This is never gonna work. Chazz: Pip, damn it, what is your problem? Pip: You remember that ...
by Airheads
0 votes   263 views  
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
[Aguado stomps on a cockroach to provoke Ventura] Aguado: Homicide, Ventura. Now how ya gonna solve ...
by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
0 votes   263 views  
Joe Versus the Volcano
Patricia: My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you ...
by Joe Versus The Volcano
0 votes   263 views  
Brad Renfro
Everybody thinks I`m, like, a bad boy. I`ve had my day, but I just sit ...
by Brad Renfro
0 votes   262 views  
Meet the Robinsons
Wilbur: Pop quiz: Who have you met, and what have you learned? Lewis: OK. Bud, Fritz, and ...
by Meet The Robinsons
0 votes   262 views  
King of California
Miranda: They searched all night, but they never did find Charlie's body. One of the cops ...
by King Of California
0 votes   262 views  
Burch: She dyed her hair. They see that red hair, what do they do, her hair ...
by Spartan
0 votes   262 views  
Johnson Family Vacation
Glorietta Johnson: We gon' let Mack and Nate pray, uh see which one of 'em was ...
by Johnson Family Vacation
0 votes   262 views  
Herb Brooks: What the hell is wrong with you? Put your gear on. [pause] Herb Brooks: I ...
by Miracle
0 votes   262 views  
Shark Tale
Oscar: AHHH! Okay, everybody go home to your loved ones - spend the last few hours ...
by Shark Tale
0 votes   262 views  
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
[as Paolo leaves the stage after being exposed as a fraud, he is confronted by ...
by The Lizzie McGuire Movie
0 votes   262 views  
Poolhall Junkies
Max: [in the diner] Man that chick has got body karate. Tang: Hay do you think her ...
by Poolhall Junkies
0 votes   262 views  
Lone Star State of Mind
Earl: [voiceover] I don't know for sure exactly how Andy got elected six months ago in ...
by Lone Star State Of Mind
0 votes   262 views  
Lorenzo: [after handing Detective Davenport surveillance photos and proof that Adam Styler's a crooked cop] So, ...
by Sleepers
0 votes   262 views  
Alan Parrish: What, are you crying? You don't cry, all right? You keep your chin up. ...
by Jumanji
0 votes   262 views  
Four Rooms
Angela: Everybody starts out as strangers, Ted. It's where we end up that counts.
by Four Rooms
0 votes   262 views  
Dr. Peter Elliot: Excuse me, we already hired a guide: Robertson... Eddie Ventro: Robertson Reynolds, yeah, I ...
by Congo
0 votes   262 views  
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Harry: What store is going to make the most cash on Christmas eve that nobody's gonna ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
0 votes   262 views  
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