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The Fast and the Furious
Johnny Tran: [about Jesse who is driving away] Where's he going? Dom: He went to the car ...
by The Fast And The Furious
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Bad Boys II
Mike Lowery: Look, I'm down with your spiritual enlightenment and all that, but I need to ...
by Bad Boys II
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Empire Records
Debra: I guess nobody really has it all together, huh? Corey: No. Debra: I feel like I should ...
by Empire Records
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Last Action Hero
Benedict: I wonder if you could help me? Mechanic: Sure, what do ya need?. Benedict: Well... [benedict shoots ...
by Last Action Hero
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Free Willy
Randolph: 300 years ago, my people only had to spend one day a week gathering food, ...
by Free Willy
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The Lawnmower Man
Jobe Smith: Ah, there he is. The "good" Father McKeen. Took in the poor idiot nobody ...
by The Lawnmower Man
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For the Boys
Dixie: You're gonna kill him you fill his head full of this crap! Eddie: Such as what? ...
by For The Boys
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James Brennan: I think somebody was trying to write "Satan Lives" on that wall but they ...
by Adventureland
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Thomas: Yeah, that way he can go back to his kids and his family, and you ...
by P2
0 votes   277 views  
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Peter Bretter: [Drunk and waving a cocktail around at the hotel bar] I'm on Sex and ...
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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No Country for Old Men
[Anton has just shot the Man who hires Wells in the throat, and is standing ...
by No Country For Old Men
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Nikolai Fraiture
We wanted to rehash the feeling of playing when nobody ever knew us, but it`s ...
by Nikolai Fraiture
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Charles Gordon
It`s going to happen. Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey ... everybody`s been beat. It`s going to ...
by Charles Gordon
0 votes   276 views  
Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
Sarah Silverman: Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ, and the Jews try to pass it ...
by Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
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Seed of Chucky
Chucky: Everybody, JUST SHUT UP! I have had it! That's it! There's a limit to how ...
by Seed Of Chucky
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Glory Road
Willie 'Scoops' Cager: They're trying to take our dignity away from us. Coach Don Haskins: Your dignity's ...
by Glory Road
0 votes   276 views  
Kaylee Frye: If you had a care for anybody's heart... Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You knew he was ...
by Serenity
0 votes   276 views  
Eddie Lawson: That's you job and that's what you do and you have to win, or ...
by Faster
0 votes   276 views  
[Talking about Carrie White] Detective John Mulcahey: Was she a friend of yours? Sue Snell: Carrie didn't ...
by Carrie
0 votes   276 views  
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia
Vincent: I used to think if I killed somebody I would want to go to the ...
by Crime And Punishment In Suburbia
0 votes   276 views  
Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich: I don't need pity, I need a paycheck. And I've looked. But when you've ...
by Erin Brockovich
0 votes   276 views  
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Neil: Looks like you've gained some weight. Jane Proudfoot: It's called upper body strength Neil. Get a ...
by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
0 votes   276 views  
Lethal Weapon 4
Dr. Stephanie Woods: My time is reserved for police officers with REAL problems and REAL needs. ...
by Lethal Weapon 4
0 votes   276 views  
U Turn
Blind Man: It's the desert that makes you crazy. The loneliness out here. Nobody to talk ...
by U Turn
0 votes   276 views  
Mickey: Lead the way Alfred. Manley: The name is Manly, Manly will do very nicely thank you!... ...
by B*A*P*S
0 votes   276 views  
Waiting for Guffman
Corky St. Clair: Everybody dance!
by Waiting For Guffman
0 votes   276 views  
Fat Mancho: You want a Rolls-Royce, you don't come here, no no. You go to England, ...
by Sleepers
0 votes   276 views  
Dead Man
Nobody: Things which are alike, in nature, grow to look alike.
by Dead Man
0 votes   276 views  
Father of the Bride
Annie: Um, I met somebody in Rome. Uh, he's an American - he's from LA, actually! ...
by Father Of The Bride
0 votes   276 views  
Madea Goes to Jail
Nate: Where's the baby? Vanessa: In the tub, it's empty... now let's go back to bed. Nate: Vanessa! ...
by Madea Goes To Jail
0 votes   276 views  
Big Trouble
Annoyed Sports Radio Host: I'm looking for one brave Gators fan to call, just one. Oh ...
by Big Trouble
0 votes   275 views  
Detroit Rock City
Lex: [Voices, and Faces inside Trip's head as He contemplates robbing a store] I can't believe ...
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   275 views  
Mickey: You don't know what you're saying. You don't. Eddie: I do. Mickey: No. I know you think ...
by Hurlyburly
0 votes   275 views  
Exterminator: Bats aren't what I worry about in this house anyway. Judy Shepherd: What would you worry ...
by Jumanji
0 votes   275 views  
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Oogie Boogie Man: [after having his sack body ripped open] Now look what you've done! My ...
by The Nightmare Before Christmas
0 votes   275 views  
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Donna: Do you think that if you were falling in space... that you'd slow down after ...
by Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
0 votes   275 views  
Confessions of a Shopaholic
D. Freak: My name is D. Freak. Uh, I'm a shopaholic. [everybody greets him] D. Freak: I'm ...
by Confessions Of A Shopaholic
0 votes   275 views  
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Tibby: The problem is every time I try to get close to somebody it's like there's ...
by The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2
0 votes   275 views  
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Sergeant Volkom: [making his FOTB wedding reception toast in full military dress uniform] It was cold ...
by Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
0 votes   275 views  
The Devil Wears Prada
Andy Sachs: [on phone] Hello Miranda? Miranda Priestly: [on the phone from Miami] My flight has been ...
by The Devil Wears Prada
0 votes   275 views  
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