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Peter Asher
Well, for the reasons I mention above, although I am not sure the live shows ...
by Peter Asher
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Monica Bellucci
As a woman I am so curious about prostitutes because of the idea that they ...
by Monica Bellucci
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Brian Keith
We`ve been down before, but these guys have a lot of confidence in themselves and ...
by Brian Keith
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Hailey: And I know there's a reason why everybody wants it so much. Aquamarine: And what's that? ...
by Aquamarine
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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby: What's going on? Jean Girard: Soon you will know what it is like to be ...
by Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
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Felix: Do you believe in Santa Claus? Max: No. Felix: Nor do I. Nor do I, but my ...
by Collateral
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Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane: Mai? Oh, yeah. Little Asian chick, likes to kick people? I don't think she's ...
by Live Free Or Die Hard
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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
[about trying to quit smoking] Bill: Anybody who's ever tried to quit knows exactly what I'm ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
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I Am Sam
Lucy: Daddy, did God made for you to be like this or was it an accident? ...
by I Am Sam
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Eye for an Eye
Robert Doob: What are you gonna do? Shoot me? Karen McCann: You broke into my house with ...
by Eye For An Eye
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Hot Rod
Denise: Tai Chi teaches that if you focus your body and mind you'll be able to ...
by Hot Rod
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The Simpsons Movie
Dr. Nick: Bye, everybody!
by The Simpsons Movie
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Donkey: You know what, Shrek? I think this whole wall thing is to keep somebody out. ...
by Shrek
0 votes   285 views  
The Thin Red Line
First Sgt. Edward Welsh: We're living in a world that's blowing itself to hell as fast ...
by The Thin Red Line
0 votes   285 views  
Mike: So how long do I wait to call? Trent: A day. Mike: Tomorrow. Sue: Tomorrow, then a day. ...
by Swingers
0 votes   285 views  
Home for the Holidays
Henry Larson: Well, opinions are like assholes, honey. Everybody's got one and everybody thinks everybody else's ...
by Home For The Holidays
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Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Sister Mary Clarence: If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you ...
by Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
0 votes   285 views  
If Looks Could Kill
[discussing the "other" Michael Corben] Lt. Col. Larabee: This operative has been living under an alias ...
by If Looks Could Kill
0 votes   285 views  
Bride of Re-Animator
Dan Cain: I'm moving out. Dr. Herbert West: What? Dan Cain: I'm moving out. Dr. Herbert West: Dan, you ...
by Bride Of Re-Animator
0 votes   285 views  
In the Shadow of the Moon
Edgar D. Mitchell: The biggest joy was on the way home. In my cockpit window, every ...
by In The Shadow Of The Moon
0 votes   285 views  
Clyde Drexler
Steve has been a very good player for a long time and it has to ...
by Clyde Drexler
0 votes   284 views  
Monroe Hutchens: He's a fighter, I'm a fighter, if I'm better on that day, I win. ...
by Undisputed
0 votes   284 views  
Mason Verger: I have immunity from the Justice Department, and I have immunity from the Risen ...
by Hannibal
0 votes   284 views  
Tammy Metzler: Sometimes when I'm sad, I sit and watch the power station. They say if ...
by Election
0 votes   284 views  
Four Rooms
Sarah: There's a dead body in my bed and it smells like shit and it looks ...
by Four Rooms
0 votes   284 views  
Dead Man
Nobody: I was then taken east, in a cage. I was taken to Toronto. Then Philadelphia. ...
by Dead Man
0 votes   284 views  
Catherine Alvarez: If you sue, you'll never get another job in the computer business; if you ...
by Disclosure
0 votes   284 views  
Zoe: All right everybody, shut up! Hutch: Oh! Zoe: I swear to God this little Ewok is going ...
by Fanboys
0 votes   284 views  
Corbin Bleu
I`m a very outgoing person. I`m always happy, I`m one of those people who are ...
by Corbin Bleu
0 votes   283 views  
Man on Fire
Jordan: Look, Sammy, all my clients have, uh, kidnap and ransom insurance. Samuel: I have a policy. ...
by Man On Fire
0 votes   283 views  
Waking Life
Man on the Train: Hey, are you a dreamer? Wiley: Yeah. Man on the Train: I haven't seen ...
by Waking Life
0 votes   283 views  
The Jack Bull
Myrl Redding: [to his son] Now listen to me... Somebody steps on your rights, go after ...
by The Jack Bull
0 votes   283 views  
The Good Son
Henry: I feel sorry for you, Mark. You just don't know how to have fun. Mark: What? ...
by The Good Son
0 votes   283 views  
Death Proof
Jungle Julia: Sorry, it was a one-time only offer and she did it earlier this evening ...
by Death Proof
0 votes   283 views  
Gwyneth Paltrow
I`m very happy here [in London] and I really like the way the film industry ...
by Gwyneth Paltrow
0 votes   282 views  
Good Will Hunting
Sean: Maybe *you're* perfect right now. Maybe you don't wanna ruin that. I think that's a ...
by Good Will Hunting
0 votes   282 views  
Bullworth: Yo, everybody gonna get sick someday / But nobody knows how they gonna pay / ...
by Bulworth
0 votes   282 views  
The Beverly Hillbillies
[Talking about Laura "getting married" to Jed Clampett] Woodrow Tyler: You're not going to sleep with ...
by The Beverly Hillbillies
0 votes   282 views  
Stay Alive
October Bantum: Somebody ran my brother down in a horse-drawn carriage. I'm gonna find whoever did ...
by Stay Alive
0 votes   281 views  
Sling Blade
Karl: I don't reckon you have to go with women to be a good daddy to ...
by Sling Blade
0 votes   281 views  
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