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Beauty Shop
Hollerin' Helen: Hit me on my websited, www.how to shake a nigga.com [whole beauty shop howls] ...
by Beauty Shop
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Mean Creek
Clyde: [on Marty's proposal to bury the body] We can't do that! It's nuts! Marty: That's nuts? ...
by Mean Creek
0 votes   302 views  
Wanda: You turned your beeper off. Castor Troy: [as Archer] Yes, well... my son's birthday. Wanda: Well, here's ...
by Face/Off
0 votes   302 views  
Before Sunrise
Jesse: Listen, if somebody gave me the choice right now, of to never see you again ...
by Before Sunrise
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Suburban Girl
Archie Knox: [sitting with Brett's family after meeting them for the first time] Well, I do ...
by Suburban Girl
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Corpse Bride
Maggot: [singing] What does that wispy little brat have that you don't have double? Black Widow ...
by Corpse Bride
0 votes   301 views  
Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Pink: [walks in] Was that a fucking set up or what? [sees a bloodied Mr. ...
by Reservoir Dogs
0 votes   301 views  
Dances with Wolves
Major Fambrough: Sir knight? I've just pissed in my pants... and nobody can do anything about ...
by Dances With Wolves
0 votes   301 views  
New New: Why don't you cut across the middle and get your feet wet? Esquire: Why don't ...
by ATL
0 votes   301 views  
Peter Asher
Well, for the reasons I mention above, although I am not sure the live shows ...
by Peter Asher
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There`s just so much I`m ready to explore and so much that I`ve been through ...
by Jojo
0 votes   300 views  
Poolhall Junkies
Joe: How the fuck does that make you feel... to be in that position with all ...
by Poolhall Junkies
0 votes   300 views  
Jackie Brown
Ordell Robbie: My money's in that office, right? If she start giving me some bullshit about ...
by Jackie Brown
0 votes   300 views  
Al Torres: It must be weird, not having anybody cum on you.
by Showgirls
0 votes   300 views  
Death Becomes Her
Emergency Room Doctor: I tell you what, kids, it's, uh, odd thing here. Your wrist, uh, ...
by Death Becomes Her
0 votes   300 views  
Monica Bellucci
As a woman I am so curious about prostitutes because of the idea that they ...
by Monica Bellucci
0 votes   299 views  
Crystal Chappell
The thing that I like about the way characters are written on the show these ...
by Crystal Chappell
0 votes   299 views  
Clyde Drexler
Steve has been a very good player for a long time and it has to ...
by Clyde Drexler
0 votes   299 views  
The Long Shot
Colleen O'Brian: Annie, Annie! Annie Garrett: You're late. Where's Taylor? Colleen O'Brian: She can't get Tolo to come ...
by The Long Shot
0 votes   299 views  
Detroit Rock City
Hawk: [three Stellas are walking by] I wish somebody would tell these girls that *DISCO'S DEAD!* ...
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   299 views  
Colonel Sam Daniels: You know Salt, fear gets a bad rap. I don't want anybody in ...
by Outbreak
0 votes   299 views  
A Few Good Men
Lt. Weinberg: Alright, then, what do you suggest we do? Galloway: I say we hit Jessup with ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   299 views  
Shakes the Clown
Mime Class Instructor: Everybody get ready to fry our bacon... Ready?... Here we go!... Raise 'em! ...
by Shakes The Clown
0 votes   299 views  
Michael Bolton
You can`t make everybody love what you do, but you can know how great you ...
by Michael Bolton
0 votes   298 views  
88 Minutes
Dr. Jack Gramm: [to Kim] You asked me about my kid sister. Okay, it was a ...
by 88 Minutes
0 votes   298 views  
Felix: Do you believe in Santa Claus? Max: No. Felix: Nor do I. Nor do I, but my ...
by Collateral
0 votes   298 views  
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
[first lines] Dick Clark: I wouldn't want to live his life because he hasn't been happy ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
0 votes   298 views  
Mike: So how long do I wait to call? Trent: A day. Mike: Tomorrow. Sue: Tomorrow, then a day. ...
by Swingers
0 votes   298 views  
Sling Blade
Karl: Just 'cause I ain't gonna be around no more, maybe, don't mean that I don't ...
by Sling Blade
0 votes   298 views  
Something to Talk About
[Emma Rae knees Eddie in the groin] Emma Rae: Grace, the lying cheating sack of shit ...
by Something To Talk About
0 votes   298 views  
State of Play
Cal McAffrey: The newspaper article he types reads: Three Deaths Tied to Gulf War Army Associate ...
by State Of Play
0 votes   298 views  
Seed of Chucky
Chucky: [dragging Redman's body] Look how big his feet are. You know what they say...
by Seed Of Chucky
0 votes   297 views  
The Dukes of Hazzard
Daisy Duke: You know what's gonna happen. They're gonna get caught and get thrown in jail. ...
by The Dukes Of Hazzard
0 votes   297 views  
Kevin Schwantz: I use to love the rain because I felt like it made my motorcycles ...
by Faster
0 votes   297 views  
Pay It Forward
Chris: Is that what you want for your birthday? Everybody it forward? Trevor: I can't ask for ...
by Pay It Forward
0 votes   297 views  
[first lines] [David is gazing admiringly at a pretty blonde girl] David: *Hi* [chuckles] David: I mean, ...
by Pleasantville
0 votes   297 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Dr. John Dolittle: I didn't say you were crazy, you're special, and crazy, a lot of ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   297 views  
Carol: Don't you guys have to go kill somebody? John: No, We've always got time for a ...
by Sleepers
0 votes   297 views  
Scent of a Woman
Lt. Col. Frank Slade: Your father pedals car telephones at a 300 percent markup. Your mother ...
by Scent Of A Woman
0 votes   297 views  
Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Orange: This is a very weird situation. 'Cause I don't know if you remember back ...
by Reservoir Dogs
0 votes   297 views  
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