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Auburn University
Auburn University
There are 218 famous people who studied here
Chris Woods
July 19, 1962,
NFL Players
Chuck Clanton
July 15, 1962,
NFL Players
Chuck Hurston
November 9, 1942,
NFL Players

Chuckie Johnson
March 5, 1969,
NFL Players
Clayton Beauford
March 1, 1963,
NFL Players
Cooper Wallace
April 26, 1982,
NFL Players
Corey Barlow
November 1, 1970,
NFL Players
Craig Ogletree
April 2, 1968,
NFL Players
Curtis Stewart
June 4, 1963,
NFL Players
Dameyune Craig
April 19, 1974,
NFL Players
Dan Nugent
August 22, 1953,
NFL Players
Dave Edwards 2
December 14, 1939,
NFL Players
Dave Hill
April 4, 1946,
NFL Players
Dave Middleton
November 23, 1933,
NFL Players
David Beverly
August 19, 1950,
NFL Players
David Irons
October 9, 1982,
NFL Players
David Jordan
September 13, 1985,
NFL Players
David King
May 3, 1979,
NFL Players
David Rocker
March 12, 1969,
NFL Players
Dell McGee
September 7, 1973,
NFL Players
DeMarcus Curry
April 30, 1975,
NFL Players
Devin Aromashodu
May 23, 1984,
NFL Players
Dick Wood
February 29, 1936,
NFL Players
Dieter Brock
February 12, 1951,
NFL Players
Donnie Humphrey
April 20, 1961,
NFL Players
Dontarrious Thomas
September 2, 1980,
NFL Players
Doug Smith
May 4, 1975,
NFL Players
Dowe Aughtman
January 28, 1961,
NFL Players
Ed King
December 18, 1974,
NFL Players
Ed Nelson
December 21, 1928,
NFL Players
Ed West
August 2, 1961,
NFL Players
Eddie Blake
December 18, 1969,
NFL Players
Eric Brock
April 4, 1985,
NFL Players
Eric Floyd
October 28, 1965,
NFL Players
Erk Taylor
October 7, 1907,
NFL Players
Ernie Danjean
March 5, 1934,
NFL Players
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