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Sam Houston State University
Sam Houston State University
There are 24 famous people who studied here
Ben Hightower
December 5, 1918,
NFL Players
Bosley Allen
June 7, 1980,
NFL Players
Corey Roberts
October 23, 1982,
NFL Players

Garry Kimble
April 5, 1963,
NFL Players
George Wright
March 3, 1947,
NFL Players
Guido Merkens
August 14, 1955,
NFL Players
Howard Satterwhite
May 24, 1953,
NFL Players
Hubbard Law
January 27, 1921,
NFL Players
Jimmy Hill
July 22, 1927,
NFL Players
Johnnie Dirden
March 14, 1952,
NFL Players
Josh McCown
July 4, 1979,
NFL Players
Keith Davis
April 15, 1974,
NFL Players
Keith Heinrich
March 19, 1979,
NFL Players
Matt Dominguez
June 27, 1978,
NFL Players
McNeil Moore
June 26, 1933,
NFL Players
Michael Bankston
March 12, 1970,
NFL Players
Michael Malone
April 3, 1968,
NFL Players
Odie Harris
April 1, 1966,
NFL Players
Ricky Royal
July 26, 1966,
NFL Players
Ronnie Carroll
August 18, 1934,
NFL Players
Scorpio Babers
November 6, 1983,
NFL Players
Scott Stoughton
March 23, 1963,
NFL Players
Stan Blinka
April 29, 1957,
NFL Players
Tim Denton
January 2, 1973,
NFL Players
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