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Lafayette University
Lafayette University
There are 25 famous people who studied here
Adrian Ford
January 1, 1904,
NFL Players
Al Bedner
July 9, 1898,
NFL Players
Art Deibel
April 3, 1896,
NFL Players

Blake Costanzo
April 14, 1984,
NFL Players
Bob Millman
May 17, 1903,
NFL Players
Bodie Weldon
November 7, 1895,
NFL Players
Bruce McIntyre
May 19, 1965,
NFL Players
Charlie Berry
October 18, 1902,
NFL Players
Dinty Moore
September 30, 1903,
NFL Players
Doc Elliott
April 6, 1900,
NFL Players
Ed Baker
May 29, 1948,
NFL Players
Frank Grube
January 7, 1905,
NFL Players
Frank Kirkleski
May 19, 1904,
NFL Players
George Seasholtz
November 14, 1900,
NFL Players
Jack Ernst
December 4, 1899,
NFL Players
Jim Goff
December 7, 1977,
NFL Players
Joe DuMoe
July 30, 1895,
NFL Players
Joe Williams 3
March 3, 1896,
NFL Players
Johnny Budd
January 14, 1899,
NFL Players
Johnny Scott
May 3, 1897,
NFL Players
Johnny Thompson
October 24, 1905,
NFL Players
Matt Brennan
October 3, 1897,
NFL Players
Milt O'Connell
November 12, 1900,
NFL Players
Nick Kowgios
November 19, 1962,
NFL Players
Vic Reuter
December 1, 1909,
NFL Players
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