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George Washington University
George Washington University
There are 19 famous people who studied here
Andy Davis
January 2, 1976,
NFL Players
Bill Pashe
August 5, 1940,
NFL Players
Bob Nowaskey
February 3, 1918,
NFL Players

Carl Butkus
December 26, 1922,
NFL Players
Charlie Jones
June 23, 1996,
NFL Players
Dale Prather
September 19, 1910,
NFL Players
Dave Liddick
December 10, 1935,
NFL Players
Denny Hughes
May 7, 1900,
NFL Players
Duce Keahey
January 20, 1917,
NFL Players
Ed Gustafson
April 4, 1922,
NFL Players
Frank Seno
February 15, 1921,
NFL Players
Garry Lyle
October 20, 1945,
NFL Players
Jay Turner
July 11, 1914,
NFL Players
John Koniszewski
August 29, 1921,
NFL Players
Mike Sommer
October 9, 1934,
NFL Players
Ray Hanken
December 3, 1912,
NFL Players
Scott Gudmundson
April 3, 1921,
NFL Players
Tuffy Leemans
November 12, 1912,
NFL Players
Walt Fedora
September 15, 1918,
NFL Players
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George Washington University Questions

- What other famous persons attended George Washington University? by Dina

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