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Bay Village High-School
Bay high school is the reknowned public high school which is located in Bay village, west of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr James H Cahoon. Bay high school is recognized at the top several national ranking. The soprts teams are known as the Bay Rockets. Bay high school offers a full complement of athletics and co-curricular student club activities.

Why is this school famous?

Bay high-school is famous as it has been included in America's Best High Schools lists by Newsweek Magazine and US News and World Report Magazine.
There are 1 famous people who studied here
Dave Zastudil
October 26, 1978
NFL Players
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Short Facts

Location: 29230 Wolf Road Bay Village, Ohio, USA
Nickname: Rockets
Colors: blue, white and red
Website: http://www.bayvillageschools.com/index.aspx?nid=54
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