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The Matrix Reloaded
Merovingian: Mark my words boy, Mark them well, I have survived your predecessors and I will ...
by The Matrix Reloaded
0 votes   627 views  

Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Bill: [the Bride lunges for Bill's sword, Bill draws a gun and shoots, barely missing her] ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 2
0 votes   614 views  
In Bruges
Yuri: There are a lot of alcoves in the Astridpark. You use this word, alcoves? Ken: Alcoves, ...
by In Bruges
0 votes   607 views  
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: This is how it is. Anybody doesn't wanna fly with me any more, ...
by Serenity
0 votes   602 views  
The Operative: I already know you will not see reason. Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: The Alliance wanted to ...
by Serenity
0 votes   598 views  
Master Splinter: Raphael. Kneel! Raphael: I did something... I did something really stupid, Master Splinter. Master Splinter: Go ...
1 votes   596 views  
Dead Man on Campus
Matthew 'Matt' Noonan: [singing] My words in my sperm, spewing forth my tragic... Matthew 'Matt' Noonan: What ...
by Dead Man On Campus
0 votes   582 views  
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Dumbledore: Your attention please. I'd like to say a few words. Eternal Glory. That is what ...
by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
0 votes   581 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Jeff: I do have a few new redneck words for you. First one - "mayonnaise." "Mayonnaise ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
0 votes   573 views  
A Goofy Movie
[Goofy and Pete settle into a hot tub at a motel] Peter Pete: So, uh, you ...
by A Goofy Movie
0 votes   569 views  
Malcolm X
Baines: A man curses because he doesn't have the words to say what's on his mind.
by Malcolm X
0 votes   569 views  
Akeelah and the Bee
[last lines] Akeelah: You know that feeling where everything feels right? Where you don't have to ...
by Akeelah And The Bee
0 votes   561 views  
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Prince Caspian: [Caspian and Peter begin a swordfight. Peter's sword gets stuck in a tree, so ...
by The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
-1 votes   561 views  
Fight Club
Tyler Durden: Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion? Narrator: mumbles... Tyler ...
by Fight Club
0 votes   560 views  
The Devil Wears Prada
Emily: [talking about Andrea] I absolutely have no idea why Miranda hired her. Serena: Tell me about ...
by The Devil Wears Prada
0 votes   556 views  
Maid in Manhattan
Caroline: What do you think? Dolce coat, Gucci pants or Ralph Lauren skirt, Manolo pumps? Rachel ...
by Maid In Manhattan
0 votes   555 views  
Leslie Zevo: In the words of Mahatma Gumby, "We are toys of tolerance, but there's only ...
by Toys
0 votes   550 views  
Jingle All the Way
Howard Langston: You guys are nothing but a bunch of sleazy conmen in red suits. Mall ...
by Jingle All The Way
0 votes   549 views  
The Last Samurai
Simon Graham: You insolent, useless son of a peasant dog! How dare you show your sword ...
by The Last Samurai
0 votes   548 views  
George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing
George Carlin: Another word you don't hear too often is "dingleberies." You know? You never hear ...
by George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing
0 votes   547 views  
Black Hawk Down
[Durant and Wolcott talk over the intercom as they fly past each other in their ...
by Black Hawk Down
0 votes   545 views  
Pure Country
Ernest Tucker: Yeah, I can't blame you for keepin' quiet. Hard to get a word in ...
by Pure Country
0 votes   545 views  
Waking Life
Old Man: As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer ...
by Waking Life
0 votes   540 views  
The Cable Guy
[playing Porno Password - the password is "Nipple"] Chip Douglas: Hard... Robin Harris: Erection? Chip Douglas: [sighs] No. ...
by The Cable Guy
0 votes   539 views  
Peter Tosh
In the beginning there was the word. The word was Jah. The word is in ...
by Peter Tosh
0 votes   538 views  
Dangerous Beauty
Marco Venier: You must save yourself. Veronica Franco: How? Marco Venier: Confess... whatever foolishness they put before you... ...
by Dangerous Beauty
0 votes   536 views  
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
[first lines] Young Elizabeth: [singing] Yo, ho, yo, ho/ a pirate's life for me/ Yo, ho, ...
by Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
0 votes   534 views  
No Country for Old Men
Carla Jean's Mother: And I always seen this is what it would come to. Three years ...
by No Country For Old Men
0 votes   530 views  
Man on Fire
[translated from the Spanish] song lyrics: A word does not say anything, and at the same ...
by Man On Fire
0 votes   529 views  
House of Sand and Fog
[talking with Nadi] Kathy: I grew up in this house. It's the house that my father ...
by House Of Sand And Fog
0 votes   529 views  
Bring It On
Isis: Where we come from, 'cheer' is not a word you hear very often... Lava: They should ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   528 views  
Inglourious Basterds
Col. Hans Landa: So who are your three handsome escorts? Bridget von Hammersmark: I'm afraid neither of ...
by Inglourious Basterds
0 votes   524 views  
The Crow: Salvation
Alex Corvis (The Crow): The jolt - eight amps at two to three-thousand volts. It lasts ...
by The Crow: Salvation
0 votes   524 views  
Tommy Boy
[saying it correctly] Tommy: I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   524 views  
Crimson Tide
Capt. Ramsey: At the Naval War College it was metallurgy and nulear reactors, not 19th-century philosophy. ...
by Crimson Tide
0 votes   518 views  
The Shawshank Redemption
Warden Samuel Norton: [after Andy escapes] Well? Red: Well what? Warden Samuel Norton: I see you two all ...
by The Shawshank Redemption
0 votes   518 views  
There Will Be Blood
Eli Sunday: You are a stupid man, Abel. You let some come in here and walk ...
by There Will Be Blood
0 votes   518 views  
Captain Lennox, USAF Master Sgt. Epps: Heads up! [a water tower falls over] First Sergeant Donnelly: What ...
by Transformers
0 votes   515 views  
Mr. Deeds
Babe: [reading a poem Deeds wrote for her] "Hard to breathe / Feels like floating / ...
by Mr. Deeds
0 votes   515 views  
The Last Samurai
Algren: [narrating] Winter, 1877. What does it mean to be Samurai? To devote yourself utterly to ...
by The Last Samurai
1 votes   514 views  
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