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The Limey
Wilson: How you doin' then? All right, are you? Now look, squire, you're the guv'nor here, ...
by The Limey
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Jerry Maguire
Rod Tidwell: Maybe you don't. Because it's not just the money I deserve. It's not just ...
by Jerry Maguire
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Pixel Perfect
Loretta Modern: Perfect. Ugh! I hate that word! If I'm so perfect, why do I feel ...
by Pixel Perfect
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Five Children and It
Cyril: She's right, you know. This is big. It's huge. It's immense. It's monumentally, colossally ginormous. ...
by Five Children And It
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Because of Winn-Dixie
Amanda Wilkinson: "Hell", is a cuss word. Miss Franny: So, is war.
by Because Of Winn-Dixie
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Wrong Turn
Carly: I think if you ever want to get in my pants again... Scott: Affirmative. Carly: ...this is ...
by Wrong Turn
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Sense and Sensibility
Fanny: They're all exceedingly spoilt I find. Miss Margaret spends all her time up trees and ...
by Sense And Sensibility
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Delta Farce
Victor: [to Everett] Oh, and keep your eyes open. Some drunk has been exposing himself to ...
by Delta Farce
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Were all God's children and from these words grew men who prayed and fought for their ...
by 9066
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Wooly Boys
Shuck: I wouldn't make a lot of noise if I was you. You don't want to ...
by Wooly Boys
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Sweet Home Alabama
[after looking at divorce papers] Jake: I better have my lawyer take a look at these. ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
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Mulan: With all due respect, Your Excellency, I think I've been away from home long enough. ...
by Mulan
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With Honors
Monty: Simon wrote his own obituary, and he asked me to read it. "Simon B. Wilder ...
by With Honors
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Immortal Beloved
Ludwig van Beethoven: [Beethoven looks up from his manuscripts slowly and turns toward Johanna and mutters ...
by Immortal Beloved
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Drop Dead Fred
Elizabeth: Go away Fred: go away? why do you want me to go away? Fine! say the ...
by Drop Dead Fred
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Shrek the Halls
Puss in Boots: In my homeland, we tell a different tale of this Saint Nicolas / ...
by Shrek The Halls
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Michael Landon
I felt my father`s presence with me, enlightening my memories, helping me to commit to ...
by Michael Landon
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The Brothers Grimm
Cavaldi: Ik, ik, ak, ek, ek! Jacob Grimm: [sleepily] What's going on? Cavaldi: How can you speak-a this ...
by The Brothers Grimm
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Wonder Boys
Grady Tripp: [Narrating] She was a junkie for the printed word. Lucky for me, I manufactured ...
by Wonder Boys
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Sling Blade
Charles Bushman: Karl, who'd you kill? Was it the boy? Karl: Don't you say another word about ...
by Sling Blade
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Death Row
Marco: Let's check that leg of his. [everyone goes to Vincent. Jasmine and John comfort Vincent, ...
by Death Row
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Angela Carter
You must realize that I was suffering from love and I knew him as intimately ...
by Angela Carter
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The Grand
Mike Werbe: Every time you play a hand of you poker you wanna run through a ...
by The Grand
0 votes   423 views  
The Believer
Daniel Balint: You wanna know the real reason why we hate them? Because they exist. We ...
by The Believer
0 votes   423 views  
The Way of the Gun
Robin: When you think about deaf people, people who are born deaf... who've never heard a ...
by The Way Of The Gun
0 votes   423 views  
Patch Adams
Corinne Fisher: Lesbian, airhead, ballbuster, whichever one of these disgusts you the most, take your pick. ...
by Patch Adams
0 votes   423 views  
Jeffrey Anderson: No, no, no, doing dinner theatre is horrible. Doing hemorrhoid commercials is horrible. What ...
by Soapdish
0 votes   423 views  
Gary White
Words are just words and nobody told these people to do anything like that, ... ...
by Gary White
0 votes   422 views  
Off the Map
Arlene: God damn it, Charley, not again! Come out. Come out, Charley, now! Come out now, ...
by Off The Map
0 votes   422 views  
Tracy Abernathy: I swore 37 times in the last month. I said the 'f-word' a couple ...
by Signs
0 votes   422 views  
Not Another Teen Movie
Jake: How could Priscilla dump me, Jake Wyler? I mean who the hell does she think ...
by Not Another Teen Movie
0 votes   422 views  
The Mexican
Samantha: Real emotion transcends language Jerry. You don't have to understand their words to feel their ...
by The Mexican
0 votes   422 views  
Point of No Return
Bob: He mentioned the word "bullet," and he mentioned the word "brain."
by Point Of No Return
0 votes   422 views  
Paper Angels
Frank Rice: [last lines, deleted] "There is, in addition to a courage with which men die, ...
by Paper Angels
0 votes   422 views  
Down with Love
Catcher Block: I never once said a word about Nancy Brown, and the only prize I ...
by Down With Love
0 votes   421 views  
Undercover Brother
Sistah Girl: Undercover Brother, Conspiracy Brother Conspiracy Brother: Hey, how ya doin. Undercover Brother: Good mornin! Conspiracy Brother: Good ...
by Undercover Brother
0 votes   421 views  
Wo hu cang long
Li Mu Bai: You did your job well. The sword is back. But... This girl. I ...
by Wo Hu Cang Long
0 votes   421 views  
Bye Bye Love
Linda: Last week was my son Kevin's birthday, he turned six. Dr. David Townsend: Happy Birthday, Kevin. ...
by Bye Bye Love
0 votes   421 views  
Alice Newton: I don't think words for parts of the body make very good names. Emily ...
by Beethoven
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Christmas Angel
Francine: Have you even heard one word I've said. Will Price: Not really. I've gotten very good ...
by Christmas Angel
-1 votes   421 views  
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