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Breaking Up
Steve: I'm going crazy... Monica: See, that's different! I thought it was your everday garden-variety existential crisis. ...
by Breaking Up
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Natural Born Killers
Mickey: Turn left? Turn left to what you stupid bitch? Mallory: You stupid bitch? You stupid bitch? ...
by Natural Born Killers
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Bambi II
The Great Prince: Wait. I could use your help - find me a suitable doe to ...
by Bambi II
0 votes   92 views  
Fat Albert
Bucky: What do we do *now*? Dumb Donald: I don't know. Bucky: I *know* you don't know, I ...
by Fat Albert
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Sadie Blake: Here I thought bartenders were supposed to be like priests.
by Rise
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Pilot Kelson: [telling Jack that the whore thought Pilot was sexually confused] Sexual confusion... I mean, ...
by Highway
0 votes   90 views  
The Beautician and the Beast
Grushinsky: I thought you teach science! Joy Miller: TEACH it? I didn't even PASS it!
by The Beautician And The Beast
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Coroner: My question is, how did she come to have sex with a dead man? Dante ...
by Clerks.
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Snaps: [to Theresa] You owe me this, sister. Connie: But I thought she was your daughter. Snaps: Shut ...
by Oscar
0 votes   90 views  
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Peter Bretter: I can see why Sarah likes you. Aldous Snow: No accounting for taste, I suppose, ...
by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Mark Warren
We thought security was adequate,
by Mark Warren
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Danielle Cormack
The foremost thought I have, is, that I`m now a mother.
by Danielle Cormack
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Land of the Blind
Joe: How far does a man have to go to be thought so dangerous that he ...
by Land Of The Blind
0 votes   89 views  
While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: Celeste, you have to have sex to be pregnant. Celeste: But I thought you said you ...
by While You Were Sleeping
0 votes   89 views  
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
[over the phone] Matt Saunders: What's going on there? Vaughn Haige: Some big fire on 73rd and ...
by My Super Ex-Girlfriend
0 votes   89 views  
The Brothers McMullen
Patrick: I thought you didn't eat meat. Leslie: Only on Fridays.
by The Brothers McMullen
0 votes   88 views  
Little Athens
Matt: yeah jimmy you said extra, i thought you meant like 50! Jimmy: 50 is the regular ...
by Little Athens
0 votes   87 views  
Sith Apprentice
Count Dooku: I thought Peter Cushing was going to be here.
by Sith Apprentice
0 votes   87 views  
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Mia Thermopolis: I thought you said you never slide? Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Oh I don't, but I ...
by The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
0 votes   86 views  
Burning Annie
Max: I can't support an acronym without knowing what it stands for. I once joined NAMBLA ...
by Burning Annie
0 votes   86 views  
Buying the Cow
[opens car door to see Mike Kissing a girl] Tyler Carter Bellows: I thought you said ...
by Buying The Cow
0 votes   86 views  
Lee Krasner: Jackson Pollock, I'm Lee Krasner. I thought I knew all the outstanding artists in ...
by Pollock
0 votes   86 views  
The Glimmer Man
Jack Cole: [Campbell is shot through a window but catches the ledge on his way down. ...
by The Glimmer Man
0 votes   86 views  
Annie: What is that smell? Jack: It's gas. Annie: We're leaking gas? Jack: We are now. Annie: What, you thought ...
by Speed
0 votes   86 views  
Pulp Fiction
Jules: [to Vince, after Vince thought the Wolf would be British] He's about as English as ...
by Pulp Fiction
0 votes   86 views  
Forrest Gump
[Forrest has just graduated from college] Recruit Officer: Have you given any thought to your future, ...
by Forrest Gump
0 votes   86 views  
Amber Brkich
They were idiots for not getting rid of me or him, every single week. It ...
by Amber Brkich
0 votes   85 views  
Alexandre Leduc
There is no bigotry like that of free thought run to seed.
by Alexandre Leduc
0 votes   85 views  
Aaron: [In the Confessional with Father Tardone] It's a miracle! Father Tardone: Aaron? You're Jewish! What are ...
by Joshua
0 votes   85 views  
Muppets from Space
Kermit: Oh, hey Gonzo! I thought you were performing at a bar mitzvah? Gonzo: No, I got ...
by Muppets From Space
0 votes   85 views  
Once Upon a Forest
Russell: Gee, & I thought meals were ALWAYS out of control at MY house!
by Once Upon A Forest
0 votes   85 views  
Journey to Sundance
Jennifer Sorenson: Who thought of putting of freakin' film festival in the middle of sub-zero weather? ...
by Journey To Sundance
0 votes   85 views  
The Prestige
Julia McCullough: I thought up a name for you: The Great Danton. Do you like it? ...
by The Prestige
0 votes   85 views  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Mrs. Weasley: Now don't forget to speak very, very clearly. Harry: Diagonally. [Harry vanishes] Mrs. Weasley: What did ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
0 votes   84 views  
All the Pretty Horses
John Grady Cole: What the hell are you doing? Jimmy: Just sittin' here. John Grady Cole: If this ...
by All The Pretty Horses
0 votes   84 views  
Fraternity House
Evan: Pick the lock! I thought you knew Karate? Jake: What do I know about picking a ...
by Fraternity House
0 votes   84 views  
Anthony Minghella
I had never thought of myself as a director and found out that I was ...
by Anthony Minghella
0 votes   83 views  
Julie: Where were you last night? Alfie: I thought we agreed we weren't asking each other those ...
by Alfie
0 votes   83 views  
From Hell
Liz Stride: [approaching his carriage carefully] 'ello, sir. Jack the Ripper: Is anything wrong? Liz Stride: No sir. ...
by From Hell
0 votes   83 views  
Bed of Roses
Lewis Farrell: I noticed the other morning you didn't order any breakfast. I wasn't sure if ...
by Bed Of Roses
0 votes   83 views  
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