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Absolute Power
Luther Whitney: Go down a rope in the middle of the night? If I could do ...
by Absolute Power
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Lone Star
Sam Deeds: I suppose Hollis told you. We found Charlie Wade. Otis Payne: Is that right? Start ...
by Lone Star
0 votes   133 views  
Planet Terror
Tony Block: [puts a hand to his mouth and holds up a tooth] Hey mom, another ...
by Planet Terror
0 votes   133 views  
Bobby: Do you know how long it takes Bobby Starr to get over a girl? Ty: No, ...
by Goyband
0 votes   133 views  
The Perfect Sleep
The Narrator: Just once, just once, I'd like to keep the perfect sleep. You know the ...
by The Perfect Sleep
0 votes   132 views  
Mr. Scott: I don't know about what happened... because once you start writing, it ALL becomes ...
by Storytelling
0 votes   132 views  
Stuart Little 2
[the falcon dives up to behind Margalo, and stomps his feet loud enough while landing ...
by Stuart Little 2
0 votes   132 views  
Titan A.E.
Akima: [when the spaceship won't start] Should I get out and push?
by Titan A.E.
0 votes   132 views  
Jonathan Tucker
[On his experience on the set of his film, 100 Girls] It was crazy. We ...
by Jonathan Tucker
0 votes   131 views  
[Last lines] Bill Pardy: Hey Kylie, why don't you tell Ms. Grant that story 'bout how ...
by Slither
0 votes   131 views  
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[Andie starts crying when Ben places food in front of her] Ben: Hey, what's wrong? Andie: Nothing. ...
by How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
0 votes   131 views  
My Fellow Americans
Russell Kramer: There was only one assassination attempt on me. You had three. Matt Douglas: Two. The ...
by My Fellow Americans
0 votes   131 views  
The First Wives Club
Annie: What if Elise starts drinking again and then you start slapping away? Elise: Been there! Brenda: Done ...
by The First Wives Club
0 votes   131 views  
John Phillips
Well, one doesn`t try to hold Cass and Denny and Michelle together. It`s a useless ...
by John Phillips
0 votes   130 views  
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Jothee: Stark is now our number one priority. Rygel XVI: Stark? How's that for an inversion of ...
by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
0 votes   130 views  
Ice Age
[Sid and the baby are fighting] Manfred: Don't make me reach back there. Sid: He started it. ...
by Ice Age
0 votes   130 views  
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Memphis: [From The Director's Cut] The list. Donny: Ahhh, the list. Well, I guess we gotta start ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
0 votes   130 views  
Reservoir Dogs
Mr. White: You can't leave this guy with them. Nice Guy Eddie: Why not? Mr. White: Because he's ...
by Reservoir Dogs
0 votes   130 views  
End of the Spear
Waodani Chaperone: [In Waodani] I think you are a tall woman. With a voice like a ...
by End Of The Spear
0 votes   129 views  
Acadia: Hello. John McFarland: [startled] Hi. Acadia: What's wrong? John McFarland: Nothing. Acadia: You were crying. John McFarland: [shrugs] Yeah. Acadia: Is ...
by Elephant
0 votes   129 views  
Cape Fear
[Max Cady stares at Mrs Bowden] Max Cady: Mmm mmm, hot as a fire cracker on ...
by Cape Fear
0 votes   129 views  
Secret Window
John Shooter: I was 'bout to pin a note on you and leave but I know ...
by Secret Window
0 votes   128 views  
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Younger Vivi: [after throwing dinner on the floor] You can starve for all I care! [storms ...
by Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
0 votes   128 views  
Changing Lanes
Gavin Banek: I haven't had a fucking thing to eat all day, I'm starving. So what ...
by Changing Lanes
0 votes   128 views  
What Lies Beneath
[Hearing the neighbors next door] Claire Spencer: What is he doing to her? Norman: I guess they ...
by What Lies Beneath
0 votes   128 views  
Dunston Checks In
Robert Grant: I will give you one week paid vacation if you go running out of ...
by Dunston Checks In
0 votes   128 views  
Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Are you doing him tonight then? Farmer Hoggett: Mmm. Mrs. Esme Hoggett: Good, the blood'll ...
by Babe
0 votes   128 views  
Clash of the Titans
[from trailer] Zeus: This is the end... Perseus: This is just the start!
by Clash Of The Titans
0 votes   128 views  
Step Up
Camille: Are you going to jail? Tyler Gage: No, I'm not going to jail, but they will ...
by Step Up
0 votes   127 views  
The Far Side of Jericho
Maxine: What now? Claire: Kiss the bastards goodbye, then have a drink might be traditional at this ...
by The Far Side Of Jericho
0 votes   126 views  
Rob: So let me get this straight. The party started at eight. Why are we going ...
by Swingers
0 votes   123 views  
Nowhere to Run
Franklin Hale: You bastard! Do you know who I am? Sam Gillen: [Smacks a door in his ...
by Nowhere To Run
0 votes   123 views  
The Rookie
Sanchez: So, Riv, what was it like watching the Babe play? Jimmy: You sure you wanna start ...
by The Rookie
0 votes   120 views  
Land of the Dead
Riley: [Slack shoots open the door, startling him] What the fuck are you doing? Slack: I'm making ...
by Land Of The Dead
0 votes   118 views  
Natural Born Killers
Mickey: One camera all you can muster, Jack? Jack Scagnetti: You ain't that big a star yet, ...
by Natural Born Killers
0 votes   118 views  
Drew Pearson
We`ve got seven returning starters on offense and seven returning on defense,
by Drew Pearson
0 votes   115 views  
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