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The Warriors
Cyrus: Tell me, Masai, what do you see before you? Masai: I... I see the Vancortlandt Rangers' ...
by The Warriors
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The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Gary: I'm a wild mage. WILD! But you losers can call me "sorceress". That's right. I'm ...
by The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
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Katie Johnson
We know we have to keep working harder. We`re starting to learn more on what ...
by Katie Johnson
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Brian Littrell
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you`ll land among the stars.
by Brian Littrell
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Anthony Fauci
This is the biggest win I`ve ever been a part of. Louisville came out with ...
by Anthony Fauci
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The Whole Ten Yards
Zevo: Boss, you want us to check the bus? Lazlo: As opposed to staring at the bus? ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
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Notorious C.H.O.
Margaret: [about the G-spot] If there's a woman here who has one, please show me where ...
by Notorious C.H.O.
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Gilderoy Lockhart: Professor Dumbledore has granted me permission to start this little dueling club, to train ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
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[Why Mitch started doing pottery] Detective Mitch Preston: My ex and I were on the rocks, ...
by Showtime
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[Oak has a gun at a hoodlum] Henry Oak: You asshole! I'll shoot your fuckin' head ...
by Narc
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O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Washington Hogwallop: I slaughtered this horse last Tuesday. I think it's startin' to turn.
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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Bad Boys II
Mike Lowery: Vargas, abort, abort! We're not gonna make it to the tunnel! Go to Plan ...
by Bad Boys II
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Men in Black II
Newton: Guys, before we start the tape, one more thing - what's up with anal probing? ...
by Men In Black II
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The Rock
Stanley Goodspeed: Listen, I think we got started off on the wrong foot.Stan Goodspeed, FBl. Uh ...
by The Rock
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Leprechaun 4: In Space
Sticks: [clowning around] Lordy, Mr. Daniels, it sho' be dark in here! Danny: Laugh it up, wise ...
by Leprechaun 4: In Space
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Fair Game
[Max is on the phone with a convenience store clerk and Ilya Kazak] Max Kirkpatrick: Why ...
by Fair Game
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The Paper
Henry: When did you get so paranoid? Michael McDougal: When they started plotting against me.
by The Paper
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Stay Tuned
Ring Announcer: [before a wrestling match gets started] No holds barred. No transfusions allowed.
by Stay Tuned
0 votes   158 views  
Double Threat
Monica Martel: I never had to do a nude scene in any of my films - ...
by Double Threat
0 votes   158 views  
John Vincent
It isn`t like it`s a huge, awful crisis staring us in the face, but it`s ...
by John Vincent
0 votes   157 views  
John Roach
Jerry was the best athlete I ever played with. Jerry was a senior at SMU ...
by John Roach
0 votes   157 views  
Andrew Dominik
It was impossible to make a film without a movie star, but it`s very difficult ...
by Andrew Dominik
0 votes   157 views  
[from trailer] Domino Harvey: [narrates] My name is Domino Harvey. I am a bounty hunter. You're ...
by Domino
0 votes   157 views  
Land of the Dead
Kaufman: [as Cholo approaches from the shadows] Fucking Spic bastard!
by Land Of The Dead
0 votes   157 views  
Shark Tale
Oscar: Remember what Angie said. Remember what Angie said. What did Angie say? Angie: [in Oscar's mind] ...
by Shark Tale
0 votes   157 views  
Johnny Virus
Johnny Virus: Just in case you're thinkin' the saw ain't gonna start... [freeze frame, sound of ...
by Johnny Virus
0 votes   157 views  
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Ulysses Everett McGill: [Upon being startled awake] Mmmm. How's my hair?
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   157 views  
Bless the Child
Eric Stark: You're not like other children, Cody. Do you know that?
by Bless The Child
0 votes   157 views  
Pitch Black
Fry: [the plan to go for the escape vehicle has turned into a debacle] Can we ...
by Pitch Black
0 votes   157 views  
Sweet Jane
Jane: [catches Tony staring at her] What? Tony: Remember when you asked why you? Jane: Hmm? Tony: Why I ...
by Sweet Jane
0 votes   157 views  
A Very Brady Sequel
[after Carol has fainted] Mike Brady, Roy Martin: Honey, are you all right? [they stare at ...
by A Very Brady Sequel
0 votes   157 views  
Happy Gilmore
[an alligator eats Happy's ball] Happy Gilmore: That Son of a Bitch. Give me my ball, ...
by Happy Gilmore
0 votes   157 views  
Star Trek: Generations
[the Duras sisters spy on Geordi] Lursa: Where is he now? B'Etor: I don't know? He bathed, ...
by Star Trek: Generations
0 votes   157 views  
The Shadow
Dr. Reinhardt Lane: Oh what the heck, it's always green. [starts to cut the red wire] ...
by The Shadow
0 votes   157 views  
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Charlie Mackenzie: So Tony, what's the deal with your clothes? Tony Giardino: What do ya mean? Charlie ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
0 votes   157 views  
Surviving Desire
Jude: Listen pal, you can't waltz in here--use my toaster-- and start spouting universal truths, without ...
by Surviving Desire
0 votes   157 views  
Sherman Schrader: Let's start this fake college. Then, we'll go start a meth lab somewhere. It's ...
by Accepted
0 votes   156 views  
Orange County
Lance: Do you want me to get naked and start the revolution?
by Orange County
0 votes   156 views  
The Pledge
[repeated line] Lori: [to Jerry] You fucking bastard.
by The Pledge
0 votes   156 views  
Gangs of New York
Bill: Anything in your pockets? Jenny: I ain't started working yet.
by Gangs Of New York
0 votes   156 views  
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