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Beth Gibbons
We`re thinking about printing the lyrics with the next record so that people can find ...
by Beth Gibbons
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Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite: Why do you got your hood on like that? Pedro: Well, when I came home ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Patches O'Houlihan: Tomorrow, we're gonna pecker-slap those Globo-Gym bastards!
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
0 votes   161 views  
Not Another Teen Movie
[Punches Austin] Jake: That's for taking Janie to the prom. Priscilla: You put the... [Jake punches her] ...
by Not Another Teen Movie
0 votes   161 views  
What Lies Beneath
Jody: I stopped at this little café to get a coffee, and I see Norman sitting ...
by What Lies Beneath
0 votes   161 views  
The Big Hit
Melvin Smiley: [to Video Store Kid] You know, I've taken a lot of shit from you. ...
by The Big Hit
0 votes   161 views  
My Cousin Vinny
[In the diner after being woken at 5 AM and staring at the menu where ...
by My Cousin Vinny
0 votes   161 views  
Christmas Angel
Ashley Matthews: Morning, Nick. Nick Anderson: Morning, Ashley. Get your Christmas tree yet? Ashley Matthews: [Chuckles] It's barely ...
by Christmas Angel
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Model Man
Adena: [staring down at the burnt lasagna] Never look like the damn picture, do you?
by Model Man
0 votes   161 views  
Any Night But Tonight
Clint Rockwell: Hey Julio, you up for some O.T.? Julio: O.T.? Clint Rockwell: Yeah you know, a double ...
by Any Night But Tonight
0 votes   161 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road
Bill Engvall: There was a ship out in the ocean, and the guy up in the ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road
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Mike Enslin: [staring at the endless door] Open it.
by 1408
0 votes   161 views  
George Green
When my husband retired, my son took over. My son and grandson are still growing ...
by George Green
0 votes   160 views  
Cherry Hill
The surge in personal bankruptcy started a few years ago and has been building,
by Cherry Hill
0 votes   160 views  
Brian Thomas
In front of the net, they killed us. We couldn`t pick up their sticks fast ...
by Brian Thomas
0 votes   160 views  
Andrew Niccol
America is certainly starting to look outward at last. The impact of its actions and ...
by Andrew Niccol
0 votes   160 views  
Amanda Schull
Last year was certainly a year of record for me. Not long after being offered ...
by Amanda Schull
0 votes   160 views  
Dark Ride
Samantha: Look at that fire, Colleen. That's awesome! You're not looking! You are such a little ...
by Dark Ride
0 votes   160 views  
Southland Tales
Starla Von Luft: [to Boxer] If you don't let me suck your dick, I'm going to ...
by Southland Tales
0 votes   160 views  
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
John Crichton: [holding his son up to Moya's viewing deck, amidst a field of stars] This ...
by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
0 votes   160 views  
Vincent: [Visiting Ida] Flowers? Max: It's the money. Won't mean a thing to her. Vincent: [Staring him down] ...
by Collateral
0 votes   160 views  
Jackass: The Movie
Phil Margera: Now you're getting crazy with this shit. Ape! He's starting to lose it! Jesus ...
by Jackass: The Movie
0 votes   160 views  
[Flipping through a magazine] Kevin Cole: Hey-hey, it's Captain Kirk. Ever see that old Star Trek ...
by L.I.E.
0 votes   160 views  
American Desi
[Gautam sits down and joins Ajay, Jagjit and Salim for Lunch. He is arranging his ...
by American Desi
0 votes   160 views  
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Cindy Lou Who: Thanks for saving me. The Grinch: [stops in his tracks] Saving you, is that ...
by How The Grinch Stole Christmas
0 votes   160 views  
Mary Katherine Gallagher: SUPERSTAR!
by Superstar
0 votes   160 views  
Free Enterprise
Claire: When are you going to start living in the present instead of the 24th century? ...
by Free Enterprise
0 votes   160 views  
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
[walking down hallway of the White House, stops at picture of Nixon and stares at ...
by Beavis And Butt-Head Do America
-1 votes   160 views  
Norah Jones
I was asked by the director Wong Kar-Wai to be in his new film. It ...
by Norah Jones
0 votes   159 views  
Brad Bramish: Hey! What are you doing here? Brendan Frye: Just listening. [long pause while Brad stares ...
by Brick
0 votes   159 views  
Where the Wild Things Are
Carol: [From trailer] [after Max being crowned King of the Wild Things] Carol: Hey King! What's your ...
by Where The Wild Things Are
0 votes   159 views  
Mysterious Skin
[first lines] Brian: [narration voice-over] The summer I was 8 years old, five hours disappeared from ...
by Mysterious Skin
0 votes   159 views  
Wayne Rainey: That day I was off just a little bit. I was struggling, but... I'd ...
by Faster
0 votes   159 views  
Serial Killing 4 Dummys
Casey Noland: [prepares his saw blade and holds it ready to throw] Vince Grimaldi: And what do ...
by Serial Killing 4 Dummys
0 votes   159 views  
Men in Black II
[as Jeff devours the commuter train from one end, the passengers crowd at the head ...
by Men In Black II
0 votes   159 views  
Con Air
Vince Larkin: [desperately trying to start a truck] Come on, you stinking piece of shit car!
by Con Air
0 votes   159 views  
Baby Geniuses
Duby: [points finger at sly and interrupts] Sly, make him pick his nose! Carrie: yeah come on ...
by Baby Geniuses
0 votes   159 views  
[Alan is about to play a turn on the game, and he suddenly cracks up ...
by Jumanji
0 votes   159 views  
Toy Soldiers
Joseph "Joey" Trotta: We can't just sit by and let these bastards fuck with our lives. ...
by Toy Soldiers
0 votes   159 views  
Under the N
Pablo: I'm gonna go take a piss now. When I come back, I'm gonna start shooting ...
by Under The N
0 votes   159 views  
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