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A Life Less Ordinary
Naville: I want her back. O'Reilly: Don't worry, we'll get her. Naville: And I want him dead. O'Reilly: That's ...
by A Life Less Ordinary
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[last lines] Azazel: Oh! You forgot something, didn't you? Back at the start, I said I ...
by Fallen
0 votes   164 views  
Trent: You take yourself out of the game, you start talking about puppy dogs and ice ...
by Swingers
0 votes   164 views  
Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: You realize your son got a D in English? Rae Jones: What's that got ...
by Eddie
0 votes   164 views  
Big Bully
Ben: Dad when you said we could reinvent ourselves, I didn't know you meant as the ...
by Big Bully
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Higher Learning
Remy: How would you feel if I came in your room and I started playing my ...
by Higher Learning
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French Kiss
Kate: Of course you know him. All you bastards know each other.
by French Kiss
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My Own Private Idaho
Scott Favor: It's when you start doing things for free, that you start to grow wings. ...
by My Own Private Idaho
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Jetsons: The Movie
Mr. Spaceley: [to Rudy 2] Where's Jetson, and why is the plant shut down? Rudy 2: It's ...
by Jetsons: The Movie
0 votes   164 views  
Roy Clayton: [last lines - peace greeting] Al-Salamu Alaykum. Samir Horn: Alaykum Al-Salaam. And you should *start* ...
by Traitor
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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Starfire: I will give you time to... Robin: Starfire? [the two of them lean in as if ...
by Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo
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Jose Lima
This year has been like a nightmare. It`s been real tough, every start hurts.
by Jose Lima
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John Scofield
We`re going to have to stick to this budget. We`re going to have to reduce ...
by John Scofield
0 votes   163 views  
Bad News Bears
Morris Buttermaker: [convincing the kids to wear their protective cups] If you get hurt, they can ...
by Bad News Bears
0 votes   163 views  
The Rundown
Beck: [speaking into a walkie talkie] Mr Hatcher, are you out there? Hatcher: [presses reply button] What ...
by The Rundown
0 votes   163 views  
Ella Enchanted
Fan Club Girl: Prince Charmont, are you a fast runner? Char: Not particularly, no. Why? Fan Club ...
by Ella Enchanted
0 votes   163 views  
Scary Movie 3
Mahalik: [to the Aliens] So, if they're friendly, then how come they choke us a few ...
by Scary Movie 3
0 votes   163 views  
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Chosen One: I... will... not... be stopped... by a tiny little net. [film starts running in ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
0 votes   163 views  
The Score
Nick: When was it you started thinking you were better than me?
by The Score
0 votes   163 views  
Scott Roper: [Trying to open an impound car, talking about his ex-girlfriend] She's going out with ...
by Metro
0 votes   163 views  
John: A major defense contractor is selling to terrorists on the black market. [Tony and his ...
by Eraser
0 votes   163 views  
The Usual Suspects
McManus: We gotta bury him. Hockney: With what? McManus: With our hands. [McManus starts digging] Hockney: Oh, this is ...
by The Usual Suspects
0 votes   163 views  
The Net
Dr. Alan Champion: You know, what's frightening me is, I'm starting to think that you're not ...
by The Net
0 votes   163 views  
The Brady Bunch Movie
Marcia Brady: [suggesting a way to raise money] I've got it! We could enter that Search ...
by The Brady Bunch Movie
0 votes   163 views  
The Silence of the Lambs
Pilcher: What do you do when you're not detecting, Agent Starling? Clarice Starling: I try to be ...
by The Silence Of The Lambs
0 votes   163 views  
L.A. Story
Harris: Hello, this is Harris. I'm in right now, so you can talk to me personally. ...
by L.A. Story
0 votes   163 views  
Tropa de Elite
Trainee officer: [during an information training session] Hey, Coordinator! Capitão Nascimento: Yes, my sir? Trainee officer: Soldier 05 ...
by Tropa De Elite
0 votes   163 views  
Press Start
Lin-Ku: [after talking to Zack about last night with Sam, and Zack is oblivious to the ...
by Press Start
0 votes   163 views  
There Will Be Blood
Plainview: You're a bastard from a basket.
by There Will Be Blood
0 votes   163 views  
Mike Powell
They`re both three-year starters at defensive line, so that has made a difference for us, ...
by Mike Powell
0 votes   162 views  
Connie Stevens
She will be successful who is easy to start and hard to stop.
by Connie Stevens
0 votes   162 views  
Just Like Heaven
Elizabeth Masterson: We have an address, a dry cleaning ticket and a book of matches. Do ...
by Just Like Heaven
0 votes   162 views  
Luke: I make out with a girl, I start turnin' into one. You gotta admit that's ...
by Zerophilia
0 votes   162 views  
The Cake Eaters
Marg: Hello rock star. Georgia: You like it? Marg: Your mama's gonna kill me.
by The Cake Eaters
0 votes   162 views  
The Replacements
Jimmy McGinty: [stopping Danny before he runs on the field] Danny, I need the ball. Daniel ...
by The Replacements
0 votes   162 views  
Jack Crow: Look padre... i'm starting to like you... so don't make me hurt you. Come ...
by Vampires
0 votes   162 views  
Born to Be Wild
Donald Carr: Who's that? [stares at the silhouette of Katie beeping the car horn five times] ...
by Born To Be Wild
0 votes   162 views  
Andrew Beckett: What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ...
by Philadelphia
0 votes   162 views  
Chingaso the Clown
Bastard The Clown: So what? I killed my own parents. Do you hear me complaining about ...
by Chingaso The Clown
0 votes   162 views  
First Sunday
LeeJohn: The white Jesus keeps starin at me!
by First Sunday
0 votes   162 views  
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