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Mean Machine
Danny Meehan: Oh right lads, you wanna be nothing, prisoners... numbers... that's fine But you win ...
by Mean Machine
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Brown Eyed Girl
[last lines] Baxter: [as Renee and Paul are driving away] Watch out for the bears. Renee: I ...
by Brown Eyed Girl
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White Oleander
Starr: Astrid, those are ugly shoes. Astrid: Snakes don't bite above ankle. Starr: Well, take my word for ...
by White Oleander
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Psycho Beach Party
Captain Monica Stark: Mrs. Forrest, what were you doing at 9 PM last night? Mrs. Forrest: What ...
by Psycho Beach Party
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Thirteen Days
Kenny O'Donnell: I got a bad feeling about what's going on in there! President Kennedy: In the ...
by Thirteen Days
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Pitch Black
Riddick: I truly don't know what's gonna happen when the lights go out Carolyn but I ...
by Pitch Black
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U.S. Marshals
[after killing Royce] Sam Gerard: Welcome home Mark, wanna start running again? Mark J. Sheridan: I think ...
by U.S. Marshals
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That Thing You Do!
Lamarr: Did I check you in with a quartet of gentlemen? And why aren't they here ...
by That Thing You Do!
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My Fellow Americans
Russell Kramer: Oh, yeah, I'm about to share my coffee with the Washington Love Machine. No ...
by My Fellow Americans
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Dead Man
Conway Twill: I'll tell you one thing: if that there Blake fella keeps on shootin' marshals, ...
by Dead Man
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Billy Madison
Veronica Vaughn: Good morning, class. Third Grade Class: Good morning, Miss Vaughan. Veronica Vaughn: We're going to start ...
by Billy Madison
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Batman Forever
Two Face: Let's start this party with a bang.
by Batman Forever
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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Linda Emery: Stop whining and start fighting.
by Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
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Jack Kelly: We gotta get the word out to every newsie in the city! We need ...
by Newsies
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Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver: You keep a close lookout for Indians, ma'am. They ain't been troublesome ...
by Conagher
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What Manner of Person Art Thou?
Dr. Troy Vollust Yoder: I wrote my dissertation on reflexivity in Historical Fanfics, especially as they ...
by What Manner Of Person Art Thou?
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Ben Gates: Before the Civil War, the states were all separate. People used to say "United ...
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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John Mahoney
(on his decision to pursue an acting career) So I was the associate editor of ...
by John Mahoney
0 votes   169 views  
Henry Garza
Who knew that he was gonna be a drummer? We just freaked out. It`s weird, ...
by Henry Garza
0 votes   169 views  
Gary Wood
We started talking and half-jokingly, I think, I asked if he would be in (the ...
by Gary Wood
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Andrew Magulick
When I started at the Globe 40 years ago, there were seven newspapers in Boston ...
by Andrew Magulick
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Secret Window
Mort: [staring at the computer screen] This is just bad writing.
by Secret Window
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Herb Brooks: So, why don't we start with some introductions. YOu know, get to know eacother ...
by Miracle
0 votes   169 views  
Wrong Turn
[Scott pretends to fall] Carly: That is not funny. Scott: Look's who scared now... sorry Carly: Whatever, just ...
by Wrong Turn
0 votes   169 views  
Mr. Deeds
[Babe is fiddling with a camera hidden in her blouse, when she notices a fireman ...
by Mr. Deeds
0 votes   169 views  
Girl: If you did something like that, you're no different from those men. Prisoner KSC2-303: They're bastards, ...
by Versus
0 votes   169 views  
Army: Perón is a fool breaking every taboo, installing the girl in the army HQ. And ...
by Evita
0 votes   169 views  
[last lines] Off-screen voice: [Said to Tipper Gore] See, everybody watches. Tipper Gore: [coughs, stares at camera] ...
by Spin
0 votes   169 views  
Errol Barnes: My old man... was a preacher. And when I started messin' with this shit, ...
by Clockers
0 votes   169 views  
The American President
Janie: The 10:15 event has been moved inside to the Indian Treaty Room. President Andrew Shepherd: 10:15 ...
by The American President
0 votes   169 views  
Street Fighter
Bison: Then defeat is a possibility. Very well. We shall face it together, Dee Jay, with ...
by Street Fighter
0 votes   169 views  
Guyver: Dark Hero
Crane: It's calling you, isn't it? Sean Barker: What do you mean? Crane: Calls me too. We are ...
by Guyver: Dark Hero
0 votes   169 views  
Dante Hicks: [about the Death Star in "Return of the Jedi"] All right, so they bring ...
by Clerks.
0 votes   169 views  
The Silence of the Lambs
Clarice Starling: [Hannibal Lecter has escaped] He won't come after me. Ardelia Mapp: Oh really? Clarice Starling: He ...
by The Silence Of The Lambs
0 votes   169 views  
The Silence of the Lambs
Hannibal Lecter: Why do you think he removes their skins, Agent Starling? [sarcastically] Hannibal Lecter: Enthrall me ...
by The Silence Of The Lambs
0 votes   169 views  
Muppet*vision 3-D
Waldo C. Graphic: [after being inflated and duplicated] Great! Now I can start my own football ...
by Muppet*vision 3-D
0 votes   169 views  
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
Louise: Starting tomorrow there will be hourly tours of Roxy Carmichael's birthplace. You'll see where Roxy ...
by Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
0 votes   169 views  
Lou Diamond Phillips
Just before Courage Under Fire I made a decision to start going after quote unquote ...
by Lou Diamond Phillips
0 votes   168 views  
Lester Bangs
When kids can`t afford to see it anymore maybe we`ll have a whole resurgence of ...
by Lester Bangs
0 votes   168 views  
Juan Carlos Ferrero
There is always pressure when you have to win the last game but I was ...
by Juan Carlos Ferrero
0 votes   168 views  
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