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Judy Austin: I thought you were coming home at five. Jay Austin: I guess I'm late. Judy ...
by Flywheel
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Catherine: If I go back to the beginning, I could start it over again. I could ...
by Proof
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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
JB: Cause it's the Pick! Of Destiny child, you know I will be rockin' cause it's ...
by Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny
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Rolling Kansas
Dinkadoo Murphy: [startled] Our weed is packed with trunk!
by Rolling Kansas
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Roxie: And then I started foolin' around... and then I started screwin' around, which is foolin' ...
by Chicago
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Austin Powers in Goldmember
Frau Farbissina: I have some news. It's your son. He wants to take over the family ...
by Austin Powers In Goldmember
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Best in Show
Harlan Pepper: I used to be able to name every nut that there was. And it ...
by Best In Show
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Mighty Joe Young
Andrei Strasser: [points a gun at Jill's face with intent to kill her] Goodbye, Jill Young. ...
by Mighty Joe Young
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Sliding Doors
[Helen tells James her boyfriend is cheating] James: Well, if it makes you feel any better... ...
by Sliding Doors
0 votes   173 views  
Private Parts
Jackie: My answer is "cock", and I wrote it really big, so I have a "big ...
by Private Parts
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Event Horizon
Rescue 1 Technician: It's all right. It's all right. They're with us. They're with us. [the ...
by Event Horizon
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Tony Moss: Cristal Connors is a star, Sam. You can't just replace her. Phil Newkirk: What if ...
by Showgirls
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Born to Be Wild
Det. Lou Greenberg: [stares furiously at Bob] The dog just peed on my leg! Bob the ...
by Born To Be Wild
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Neil McCauley: [about dreams] I have one where I'm drowning. And I gotta wake myself up ...
by Heat
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The Last Seduction
Mike Swale: I'm starting to feel like a... Bridget Gregory: Sex object?
by The Last Seduction
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Bullets Over Broadway
Sid Loomis: You're a star because you're great and you are a great star, but let ...
by Bullets Over Broadway
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Army of Darkness
Ash: Oh you little bastards! All right, I'll crush each and every last one of ya! ...
by Army Of Darkness
0 votes   173 views  
Kicking the Dog
Satchem: ...when you're having sex and the girl's on top and she starts grinding her hips ...
by Kicking The Dog
0 votes   173 views  
The Steam Experiment
[first lines] Grant: This is a *nice* hotel. Jimmy: Yep. Built in the 1900s by a railroad ...
by The Steam Experiment
0 votes   173 views  
I Could Never Be Your Woman
Adam: Honey, I'm home! Alone... Starring Macauley Culkin... As a boy who is inadvertently left by ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
0 votes   173 views  
Bill Paxton
I want people to re-evaluate me. My dream would be to make films like Clint ...
by Bill Paxton
0 votes   172 views  
Ahman Green
You`d think the big news in the locker-room this week was the start of the ...
by Ahman Green
0 votes   172 views  
Wally: [referring to his crush on Starla] I'm surprised you're able to lift a mug, you've ...
by Slither
0 votes   172 views  
AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Sebastian de Rosa: The enemy of my enemy... is my friend. Alexa 'Lex' Woods: [pyramid starts to ...
by AVP: Alien Vs. Predator
0 votes   172 views  
AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Alexa 'Lex' Woods: [while exploring the abandoned whaling station, Miller is startled by a penguin] Careful. ...
by AVP: Alien Vs. Predator
0 votes   172 views  
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Dr. Ben Douglas: [the expedition is wading through a marsh - Ben starts humming the theme ...
by Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
0 votes   172 views  
Johnson Family Vacation
Nate Johnson: So, Where did you meet him? at so called accounting class? Dorothy Johnson: so that's ...
by Johnson Family Vacation
0 votes   172 views  
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
SpongeBob SquarePants: Sorry to rain on your parade, Plankton. Plankton: Oh, don't worry about me. My parade ...
by The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
0 votes   172 views  
The Day After Tomorrow
Vice President Becker: I don't accept that abandoning half of the country is necessary. Gomez: Maybe if ...
by The Day After Tomorrow
0 votes   172 views  
Daddy Day Care
Charlie Hinton: If you put your kids through this they're gonna be miserable in four languages... ...
by Daddy Day Care
0 votes   172 views  
Black Hawk Down
"Hoot": Sergeant, you got your men this far. You did it right today. Now you gotta ...
by Black Hawk Down
0 votes   172 views  
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Willam Black: [staring up at the Bluntman and Chronic marquee] That's beautiful, man.
by Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
0 votes   172 views  
Someone Like You...
Jane: What's going on? Stephen, Alice's Husband: [holding a hypodermic needle over an orange] Dr. Lipshick started ...
by Someone Like You...
0 votes   172 views  
[last lines] Norman Bates' Mother: It is sad when a mother has to speak the words ...
by Psycho
0 votes   172 views  
Species II
[At a brothel, the scene of a grisly death] Press Lenox: You get a look at ...
by Species II
0 votes   172 views  
Men in Black
Jay: All we gotta do is go in here and get a cat. It's not that ...
by Men In Black
0 votes   172 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: Wait Vanessa, I can explain. You see, I was looking for Dr. Evil when ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   172 views  
Gaear Grimsrud: Where is pancakes house? Carl Showalter: What? Gaear Grimsrud: We stop at pancakes house. Carl Showalter: ...what're ...
by Fargo
0 votes   172 views  
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Kara: Beth, who's that guy that lives across the hall from you? Beth: Why? You interested? Kara: No. ...
by Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers
0 votes   172 views  
French Kiss
Luc: Meanwhile, his lover... Kate: Don't ever use that word again. Luc: All right, this bastard woman...
by French Kiss
0 votes   172 views  
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