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The Cider House Rules
Homer Wells: Uh, nobody's named this one yet. Dr. Wilbur Larch: Oh, it's my turn. Henceforth, you ...
by The Cider House Rules
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Absolute Power
Luther Whitney: This person, they... they go in the front door, then they go out a ...
by Absolute Power
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D3: The Mighty Ducks
Gordon Bombay: I was like you, Charlie. When I played hockey, I was a total hot ...
by D3: The Mighty Ducks
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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Yvette: [to Louis] Are you not hungry sir? Lestat: Aux contraire mon cher, he could eat the ...
by Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
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Clear and Present Danger
[Chavez was able to close in on the Sergeant Major by using a cheeseburger wrapper ...
by Clear And Present Danger
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Max Klein: Did you hear that? Jeff Gordon: Max, this is a very important meeting. I need ...
by Fearless
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Mr. Saturday Night
Announcer: Announcer: "And now, the star of our show, the kamikaze of comedy! Fasten your seat ...
by Mr. Saturday Night
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Firehouse Dog
Lionel Bradford: I hate it when he says "meat stew" like that. Why doesn't he just ...
by Firehouse Dog
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Mark Victor Hansen
Don`t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always ...
by Mark Victor Hansen
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Mark Mulder
We were talking about him the other day. He could be starting for 25 major ...
by Mark Mulder
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Lorna Luft
A star needs all the rest she can get.
by Lorna Luft
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Keshia Chante
The urban community started off really small and it`s been growing over the past 15 ...
by Keshia Chante
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Forest Whitaker
(On his best work) If I were to mark three, I`d mark Bird, because I ...
by Forest Whitaker
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Dennis Hopper
The alcohol was awful. I was a terrible alcoholic. I mean, people used to ask ...
by Dennis Hopper
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Peaceful Warrior
Socrates: There is no starting or stopping - only doing.
by Peaceful Warrior
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Vincent: Eat your scone. Stu 'Stuey' Ungar: Looks like a muffin. Vincent: It's a scone. It's from Europe. ...
by Stuey
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Forever Fabulous
Corinne Daly: Tiffany was about to find out that the only star of the Loreli Daly ...
by Forever Fabulous
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Bless the Child
Eric Stark: Watch. If God loves his children so much, maybe he'll stop this. Redeem him, ...
by Bless The Child
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Treasure Planet
Doctor Doppler: Speaking of which, how's Jim doing? Sarah Hawkins: Much better. I know he's had a ...
by Treasure Planet
0 votes   177 views  
Tomorrow Never Dies
Elliot Carver: Don't you realise how absurd your position is? James Bond: No more absurd than starting ...
by Tomorrow Never Dies
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The Last Time I Committed Suicide
Neal Cassady: One startled look and I knew, I was right back where I'd started.
by The Last Time I Committed Suicide
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Romeo + Juliet
Father Laurence: Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene. ...
by Romeo + Juliet
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Street Fighter
Chun Li: [reporting on GNT World News] Colonel Guile? Colonel Guile! Colonel Guile, Chung-Li Zang, GNT ...
by Street Fighter
0 votes   177 views  
Reality Bites
Troy Dyer: There's no point to any of this. It's all just a... a random lottery ...
by Reality Bites
0 votes   177 views  
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump: One day it started raining, and it didn't quit for four months. We been ...
by Forrest Gump
0 votes   177 views  
The Mist
David Drayton: Want another reason to get the hell out of here? I'll give you the ...
by The Mist
0 votes   177 views  
Mark Peterson
We`ve got sales stuff up at the front of the store that`s just kind of ...
by Mark Peterson
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Luis Gonzalez
This was a good series for us, ... We could have very easily taken all ...
by Luis Gonzalez
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Ken Bruce
When I first started building these six years ago, nobody knew what they were. Now ...
by Ken Bruce
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The Choke
Nancy Boy: Did you do this? London: Yeah, because I have a key to this door. Starr: Really? ...
by The Choke
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Domino Harvey: I've been training since I was twelve. Knives, guns, throwing stars. You name it, ...
by Domino
0 votes   176 views  
Resurrecting the Champ
Champ: [Stares at the money Erik gave him] You helped the Champ when he was down ...
by Resurrecting The Champ
0 votes   176 views  
The Pacifier
[when Lulu's tracker alarm beeps, Shane runs to her classroom, opens the door, and rolls ...
by The Pacifier
0 votes   176 views  
The Formula
James: Star WARS? You dare to ask a Trekkie to work cross-religions on a project in ...
by The Formula
0 votes   176 views  
Scotland, Pa.
McDuff: You strike me as smart. Which brings me to my next point that you should, ...
by Scotland, Pa.
0 votes   176 views  
American Desi
Eric: Hey Kris, you know that ceremony that your mom performed? Krishna: Don't ask me anything about ...
by American Desi
0 votes   176 views  
Antwone Fisher
[Antwone's all-purpose conversation starter] Antwone Fisher: I could eat.
by Antwone Fisher
0 votes   176 views  
Saving Private Ryan
Mellish: [as a column of German prisoners passes by] Juden. [pauses] Mellish: Juden. [pauses] Mellish: Juden! Mellish: [Shows star ...
by Saving Private Ryan
0 votes   176 views  
Playing God
Eugene: In any case I guess I learned that if you are in the business of ...
by Playing God
0 votes   176 views  
L.A. Confidential
Captain Dudley Smith: Don't start tryin' to do the right thing, boy-o. You haven't the practice.
by L.A. Confidential
0 votes   176 views  
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