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Eva Marie Saint
On today`s movie stars: America is now obsessed by stars in an unhealthy way. They ...
by Eva Marie Saint
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Charlie Murphy
I`m disappointed it ended the way it did, but I`m not angry with anybody, ... ...
by Charlie Murphy
0 votes   183 views  
Bryan Jones
When I started watching it, it purely was for entertainment because I didn`t know if ...
by Bryan Jones
0 votes   183 views  
Bernard Williams
We are potentially looking at tens of thousands of pounds. The Hirst and the McCartney ...
by Bernard Williams
0 votes   183 views  
House of Wax
[Wade starts up his car. It rumbles badly for a second and then cuts out] ...
by House Of Wax
0 votes   183 views  
Fun with Dick and Jane
[At a bar, Dick gets up on a table and starts acting crazy because he's ...
by Fun With Dick And Jane
0 votes   183 views  
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Sarah: We gotta do something with your nose. Somebody fucked their slave and you've got the ...
by The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
0 votes   183 views  
Without a Paddle
Dan Mott: [the three boys are wearing only their boxers at night, after losing their clothes] ...
by Without A Paddle
0 votes   183 views  
The Good Shepherd
[At the Christmas party after the coup vs Dr. Ibaņes] Bill Sullivan: Bill Sullivan: Gentlemen, you ...
by The Good Shepherd
0 votes   183 views  
naval officer: [on the Pillar of Autumn after attack has started] Looks like I picked the ...
by Halo
0 votes   183 views  
Attacker: [sitting upright after being shot down] Man, I thought you guys were never going to ...
by Mindhunters
0 votes   183 views  
The Guru
Ramu Gupta: [Upon seeing the apartment] You're a real bastard, you know that?
by The Guru
0 votes   183 views  
Best in Show
Christy Cummings: We started this magazine, 'American Bitch'. It's a focus on the issues of the ...
by Best In Show
0 votes   183 views  
Dean: [on a fishing boat] Look at all the fish! [pulls his gun out and starts ...
by Heartbreakers
0 votes   183 views  
The Cider House Rules
Candy Kendall: I know what's going on Rose. Homer told me. You don't know this, but ...
by The Cider House Rules
0 votes   183 views  
George of the Jungle
Max: Let's take care of him. George: Huh? [Max and Thor pick George up and ram head ...
by George Of The Jungle
-1 votes   183 views  
G.I. Jane
Sen. Lillian DeHaven: [on why she started Lt. O'Neil on the SEAL program in the first ...
by G.I. Jane
0 votes   183 views  
The Dark Half
George Stark: [after slitting the throat of his literary agent, Rick Cowley, with a cut-throat razor] ...
by The Dark Half
0 votes   183 views  
Command Performance
Venus: Joe, don't get killed. Joe: You know when this is over I wanna renegotiate my royalty ...
by Command Performance
0 votes   183 views  
Smiley Face
Jane F.: [Jane enters the auditon room] Hey, I'm Jane. It's nice to meet you... I've ...
by Smiley Face
0 votes   183 views  
For Your Consideration
Chuck Porter: Now I know what it feels like to stare down into the Grand Canyon.
by For Your Consideration
0 votes   183 views  
Michael Sheard
Star Wars: Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back
by Michael Sheard
0 votes   182 views  
Frank Gorshin
I do not do hundreds of impressions. My entire repertoire of impressions numbers less than ...
by Frank Gorshin
0 votes   182 views  
David Walliams
On his role in `Virgin Territory` (in which he makes a cameo at the beginning): ...
by David Walliams
0 votes   182 views  
Chris Miller
We`re not all in a position to suddenly show up in New Orleans and start ...
by Chris Miller
0 votes   182 views  
Shelby: [to Bill, over the car radio] Your momma called. She said the toilet's all backed ...
by Slither
0 votes   182 views  
The Marine
Kate Triton: You're home! [kisses John] John Triton: [after making love to her] You all right? Kate ...
by The Marine
0 votes   182 views  
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Pete Perkins: Thank you! Old Man with Radio: I need to ask you a favor. Pete Perkins: Anything ...
by The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada
0 votes   182 views  
Roll Bounce
Junior: [continuing in playing the dozens] Your mouth looks like an explosion in a tin foil ...
by Roll Bounce
0 votes   182 views  
Ray Porter: Mirabelle Buttersfield moved from Vermont hoping to begin her life. And now she is ...
by Shopgirl
0 votes   182 views  
The School of Rock
Dewey Finn: And we're gonna start a revolution ok? And You're gonna be a funny little ...
by The School Of Rock
0 votes   182 views  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Ron: They were starving him, Mum! There were bars on his window! Mrs. Weasley: Well, you'd best ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
0 votes   182 views  
Sweet Home Alabama
Jake: [not recognizing Melanie in her sunglasses] Can I help you? Melanie Carmichael: Well, for starters, you ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
0 votes   182 views  
Bless the Child
[On the top ledge of a building] Eric Stark: If you believe? JUMP! If not, you ...
by Bless The Child
0 votes   182 views  
Free Enterprise
[Young Robert was in a fight with a larger kid while wearing a gold Starfleet ...
by Free Enterprise
0 votes   182 views  
Cruel Intentions
Sebastian: Sounds great... I love you too. Kathryn: [mocking Sebastian] "I love you"? My God. You are ...
by Cruel Intentions
0 votes   182 views  
Treasure Planet
[Doppler wants to start eating his meal, but notices a frog-like girl staring at him] ...
by Treasure Planet
0 votes   182 views  
Saving Private Ryan
Private Reiben: You want to explain the math of this to me? I mean, where's the ...
by Saving Private Ryan
0 votes   182 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Dr. John Dolittle: [John is acting as a marriage counsellor to a couple of pigeons] ... ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   182 views  
Lone Star
Mayor Hollis Pogue: Back in the 1960's, a reporter from a national magazine went to the ...
by Lone Star
0 votes   182 views  
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