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Michael Pittman
We have all kinds of weapons. Cadillac started off great the first three games. He ...
by Michael Pittman
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Kevin Kennedy
When you`re approaching 50, you start to examine what you`re doing to further the ministry ...
by Kevin Kennedy
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John Ellis
You could tell they had done a good day`s work, ... I almost started crying. ...
by John Ellis
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Aidan Gillen
On his role as Carcetti in _The Wire (2002)_: We follow Carcetti`s journey as a ...
by Aidan Gillen
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Ice Age: The Meltdown
Start Girl: Sometimes I throw up!
by Ice Age: The Meltdown
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Four Brothers
Bobby: I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever ...
by Four Brothers
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Henry Chinaski: If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don't even start. This ...
by Factotum
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Batman: Dead End
Batman: [after kicking Joker] You're pathetic! The Joker: Oh, that's rich... coming from someone who runs in ...
by Batman: Dead End
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Monty's Mom: So I called your house today, at two. You were still asleep, weren't you? ...
by Waiting...
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Girl Fever
[first lines] Sam: Hello, ladies. This is all kind of funny. Really. Actually this whole thing ...
by Girl Fever
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The Anniversary Party
Sally Nash: We're fine! We're great! We're having a baby and we're moving to London! Sophia ...
by The Anniversary Party
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American Desi
[Watching Hindi Movies] Krishna: This is driving me crazy!... It's been 10 minutes, aren't we due ...
by American Desi
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Minority Report
Dr. Iris Henimen: It's funny how all living organisms are alike... [she starts crushing a mutated ...
by Minority Report
0 votes   186 views  
U.S. Marshals
Catherine Walsh: [seeing Lamb standing up] Don't get up Mr. Lamb. You make a better target ...
by U.S. Marshals
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Ever After
Henry: [as Danielle hurries away] Have we met? Danielle: I-I do not believe so, Your Highness. Henry: I ...
by Ever After
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The Ref
Lloyd: [to the therapist referring to their son] In the ninth grade we said he could ...
by The Ref
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Dave: If you've ever seen the look on somebody's face the day they finally get a ...
by Dave
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Doc Hollywood
Nancy Lee Nicholson: Is that a star? Hank Gordon: No, that's Ted Danson.
by Doc Hollywood
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Back to the Future Part III
Marty McFly: Bartender says 'that's the strongest stuff they got.' [Doc begins to pour alcohol into ...
by Back To The Future Part III
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Death Race
Lists: Travis Colt. Our local superstar. He used to race for Nascar... Gunner: Yeah, he was good ...
by Death Race
1 votes   186 views  
Martha Plimpton
I realized as I got older that I could choose to be an actor to ...
by Martha Plimpton
0 votes   185 views  
Lisa Shaw
Runners kind of like it because it`s one of the last races before school starts, ...
by Lisa Shaw
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Kathy Bates
When I was told Terry Bradshaw would be playing my husband, I was like `The ...
by Kathy Bates
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James Griffin
We wish there were more. But you have to start somewhere.
by James Griffin
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Ed Wood
Yes, but if you take that crap and put a star in it, then you`ve ...
by Ed Wood
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Buster Keaton
Is Hollywood the cruelest city in the world? Well, it can be. New York can ...
by Buster Keaton
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Arliss Howard
When I came to California I thought once they put you in a movie, then ...
by Arliss Howard
0 votes   185 views  
Alex Haley
When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person ...
by Alex Haley
0 votes   185 views  
Velma Von Tussle: [disgusted] Oh! [forces a smile] Velma Von Tussle: Mrs. Turnblad! I'd know whose mother ...
by Hairspray
0 votes   185 views  
Run Leia Run
Darth Vader: Bring me my shuttle. Stormtrooper: Sir, that line's been changed to "Alert the Star Destroyer ...
by Run Leia Run
0 votes   185 views  
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Polly Perkins: A man came to see me today, a scientist. He was terrified. Said someone ...
by Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
0 votes   185 views  
The Whole Ten Yards
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky: Call Mrs. Himelfarb, remind her to floss... cancel my appointments for the rest ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
0 votes   185 views  
[first lines] Charlie Kaufman: [voiceover] Do I have an original thought in my head? My bald ...
by Adaptation.
0 votes   185 views  
The Cell
Carl Stargher: Why are you here... don't lie. Catharine Deane: I came to help you. Carl Stargher: Bitch, ...
by The Cell
0 votes   185 views  
Almost Famous
Polexia Aphrodisia: [to William watching Penny Lane] Act One, in which she pretends she doesn't care ...
by Almost Famous
0 votes   185 views  
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant: I knew it all along. But why? Huh? Why? Holly So Tightly: Why do you ...
by Dirt Merchant
0 votes   185 views  
Kiss the Girls
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Somebody help me. My name is Kate! I'm Kate McTiernan! I'm a doctor ...
by Kiss The Girls
0 votes   185 views  
Fly Away Home
[Startled awake, still remembering a dream] David Alden: They came at me from the frozen food ...
by Fly Away Home
-1 votes   185 views  
Beautiful Girls
Willie Conway: You know how it is, the beginnings? When you first fall in love and ...
by Beautiful Girls
0 votes   185 views  
Lissa: You know, it wasn't until this whole situation that people started turning into swans. You ...
by Swanland
0 votes   185 views  
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