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The Hitman
Chris Garret: [police arriving outside, Garret has Del tied into a chair hanging out of the ...
by The Hitman
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Christmas Angel
Ashley Matthews: Occupation? Will Price: Journalist. Modern Business Weekly. Ashley Matthews: Oh. Never heard of it. Will Price: Okay. ...
by Christmas Angel
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Pro-Black Sheep
Rashad: And who you going out with? Tamika: His name is Warren Brothers. He's a colleague of ...
by Pro-Black Sheep
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Islam: What the West Needs to Know
Robert Spencer: The Islamic sources, the Islamic texts starting with the Qur'an, but not limited to ...
by Islam: What The West Needs To Know
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Killer Pad
Craig: I don't know how I'd feel about having some poor bastard work for free. Doug: It's ...
by Killer Pad
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The American Ruling Class
Himself - Folksinger: /singing/ Some say that human kind won't long endure. What makes them feel ...
by The American Ruling Class
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Granny: Ooh, almost forgot. I made you kids some snicker-doodles. [Everyone starts talking at once] 2-Tone: Yo! ...
by Hoodwinked!
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Michael Thomas
You need a lot of overhead clearance for all these technologies. The old building had ...
by Michael Thomas
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Gwen Stefani
I`m really emotional. I don`t fight with people - like, I can barely fight with ...
by Gwen Stefani
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Caroline Munro
As I get older, I`m becoming more experienced and more secure about myself and my ...
by Caroline Munro
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Andrew Shue
You start to think bigger when you see how quickly a TV show can catch ...
by Andrew Shue
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Meet the Robinsons
Wilbur: Wilbur Robinson never fails!... But on the slight chance that I do... Carl: Slight chance, yeah, ...
by Meet The Robinsons
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Cassandra: I always get this really left out feeling at Christmas time Hilary Faye: [to Patrick] Jewish. ...
by Saved!
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Brother Bear
Koda: Oh, that reminds me! Last year at the Salmon Run, my friend Bucky TOTALLY dared ...
by Brother Bear
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Scary Movie
Cindy Campbell: Someone murdered my friends! Cindy's Dad: Yeah! And the sick bastard planted drugs all over ...
by Scary Movie
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Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
Neal Oliver: [voice over] As I said, it all started on my 22nd birthday, specifically here ...
by Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road
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Scream 3
Phone Voice: [spoilers] You're not going anywhere Sidney, it's time you came to terms with me, ...
by Scream 3
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The Last Days of Disco
[Josh describes Lady and the Tramp] Josh Neff: [referring to Lady and the Tramp] There is ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
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The Deep End of the Ocean
Ellen: Remember Cecile Lockhart? Beth Cappadora: You mean, star of STAGE, SCREEN, and now SOAP COMMERICAL, that ...
by The Deep End Of The Ocean
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Out to Sea
[Ellen heard Gil's rant] Ellen Carruthers: You know, Gil. I never believed it but it's true. ...
by Out To Sea
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Nicole: [It's a quiet night and Nicole, drinking something in a cup, is looking Mia lighting ...
by Diabolique
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Poison Ivy II
Gredin: [catching Lily before she leaves] Hi! Lily Leonetti: Hi! I'm really late for work. Gredin: You know ...
by Poison Ivy II
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Radioland Murders
Claudette: Caught me at a bad time, kid. I'm in. Roger: So am I. Claudette: Nobody enters my ...
by Radioland Murders
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Surf Ninjas
Adam: [after leaving the raid at their house] So... when can we go back home? Zatch: Your ...
by Surf Ninjas
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Army of Darkness
[Directors cut ending: Ash emerges from a cave where he's been asleep for 700 years. ...
by Army Of Darkness
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17 Again
Alex O'Donnell: [introducing young mike to his mother for the first time] Hey mom this is ...
by 17 Again
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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road
Larry The Cable Guy: One night, I was looking at the stars through my telescope because ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road
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Press Start
Zack Nimbus, Lin-Ku: [after making it to Count Vile's throne room] HAH! Count Nefarious Vile: I've been ...
by Press Start
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There Will Be Blood
Plainview: Drainage! Drainage, Eli! Drained dry, you boy! If you have a milkshake and I have ...
by There Will Be Blood
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Black Christmas
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: [Searching for Billy's present under the christmas tree] Billy! Billy! Girls, I can't ...
by Black Christmas
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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James: [indicating Frank] My brother and me are hardly on speaking terms these days. Robert ...
by The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
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Kevin Sorbo
(On losing the opportunity to star in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ...
by Kevin Sorbo
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Jim Hutton
[1964]: My one ambition has nothing to do with acting. I hope to establish a ...
by Jim Hutton
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Jean Michel Basquiat
Since I was seventeen I thought I might be a star. I`d think about all ...
by Jean Michel Basquiat
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James Kyson Lee
(on not being cast as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie) When my name ...
by James Kyson Lee
0 votes   197 views  
Drake Bell
I love the instant gratification of playing live...the energy. And rock star parties are better ...
by Drake Bell
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Andrea Smith
When I started at Hurricane, there was already a shortstop there. So, I played third.
by Andrea Smith
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Ben: We want to do a haunted swap tour. Rev. Zombie: I don't do night tours anymore, ...
by Hatchet
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Walk the Line
Ray Cash: Mister big shot, mister pill poppin' rock star. Who are you to judge, you ...
by Walk The Line
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I Heart Huckabees
Brad Stand: Hey, welcome. You like my new office? Bernard Jaffe: Let's start with the method. Brad ...
by I Heart Huckabees
0 votes   197 views  
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