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Escape from L.A.
President: All right, I've heard enough. Would you explain to this foot soldier why he's going ...
by Escape From L.A.
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Dennis the Menace
Dennis: [in an attempt to give Mr. Wilson his 'I'm Sorry' card] I'm kind of busy ...
by Dennis The Menace
0 votes   232 views  
Scent of a Woman
Lt. Col. Frank Slade: Your father pedals car telephones at a 300 percent markup. Your mother ...
by Scent Of A Woman
0 votes   232 views  
Hudson Hawk
[Kit Kat rappels down next to Hawk and holds an index card in front of ...
by Hudson Hawk
0 votes   232 views  
In the Shadow of the Moon
Edgar D. Mitchell: The biggest joy was on the way home. In my cockpit window, every ...
by In The Shadow Of The Moon
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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Borat: [holding gun at gun shop] I feel like American movie star Dirty Harold... Borat: [pointing and ...
by Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
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The Long Shot
Colleen O'Brian: Annie, Annie! Annie Garrett: You're late. Where's Taylor? Colleen O'Brian: She can't get Tolo to come ...
by The Long Shot
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The Wedding Date
Nick Mercer: Well thank you for including me in this timeless feminine ritual. Here's to the ...
by The Wedding Date
0 votes   231 views  
Happy Feet
[first lines] Penguin #1: [singing] Once there was a way to get back homeward. Penguin #2: [singing] ...
by Happy Feet
0 votes   231 views  
Two Weeks Notice
[after Norman read his "Farewell Poem"] Lucy Kelson: That was really a nice speech you just ...
by Two Weeks Notice
0 votes   231 views  
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Splatter: [to Dodge, about Thomas] Hey! Hey! Just watch what happens to that blue puffball... Dodge: When ...
by Thomas And The Magic Railroad
0 votes   231 views  
Yao: [at the waterhole] Hey, Ping. Mulan: Oh, hi, guys. I didn't know you were here. I ...
by Mulan
0 votes   231 views  
Moby Dick
Starbuck: Time and tide flow wide, sir. Moby-Dick has the whole round watery world to swim ...
by Moby Dick
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: [holding Scott hostage] It seems the tables have turned again, Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil: Not ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
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The Silence of the Lambs
Hannibal Lecter: Advancement, of course. Listen carefully. Look deep within yourself, Clarice Starling. Go seek out ...
by The Silence Of The Lambs
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Problem Child 2
Mr. Thorn: [Junior enters his new classroom and the students begin laughing at him, while his ...
by Problem Child 2
0 votes   231 views  
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Mark Kar: Honey, what if your tether broke or we were suddenly bombaded by a meteor ...
by Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century
0 votes   230 views  
[Natalya is trying to find Boris' location while Bond cuts a hole in the floor ...
by GoldenEye
0 votes   230 views  
Ed Wood
Vampira: You're watching our Halloween movie, "White Zombie", starring Bela Lugosi, John Harron, Madge Bellamy, and ...
by Ed Wood
0 votes   230 views  
The King of Kong
Mr. Awesome: [on video, as George C. Scott in "Patton"] I want you to remember that ...
by The King Of Kong
-1 votes   230 views  
James Marsden
(On starting out in L.A. and his fame level now) A little job here, a ...
by James Marsden
0 votes   229 views  
Raising Helen
[Helen starts to read Jenny's letter from Lindsay] Helen Harris: Dear Jenny, If you're reading this, ...
by Raising Helen
0 votes   229 views  
Ali G Indahouse
David Carlton: Tell me, Ali, do you have a job? Ali G: Unfortunately, I iz recently gone ...
by Ali G Indahouse
0 votes   229 views  
The Mothman Prophecies
Connie: There've been weird lights, strange phone calls, you. Seeing a UFO is one thing. What ...
by The Mothman Prophecies
0 votes   229 views  
Lake Placid
Hector Cyr: [after being startled by Hank and his revolver] Jesus fucking Christ! Sheriff Hank Keough: What ...
by Lake Placid
-1 votes   229 views  
Father of the Bride Part II
Mr Habeeb: Commence to start!
by Father Of The Bride Part II
0 votes   229 views  
Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Orange: This is a very weird situation. 'Cause I don't know if you remember back ...
by Reservoir Dogs
0 votes   229 views  
Waking Life
Man on the Train: Hey, are you a dreamer? Wiley: Yeah. Man on the Train: I haven't seen ...
by Waking Life
0 votes   228 views  
Bless the Child
Woman on Bus: [Haitian accent] Did ya see it yet, darlin'? Maggie O'Connor: Excuse me? Woman on ...
by Bless The Child
0 votes   228 views  
The Iron Giant
Annie Hughes: [to other waitress in background] So, he wants us to hold the mustard and ...
by The Iron Giant
0 votes   228 views  
Shang: [as Yao starts to climb the pole to retrieve Shang's arrow] One moment. You seem ...
by Mulan
0 votes   228 views  
Waiting to Exhale
Bernadine: [Arguing about money at John's office] Who do you think started this damn company, huh? ...
by Waiting To Exhale
0 votes   228 views  
Ed Wood
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Boy, Mr. Lugosi, you must lead such an exciting life! When is ...
by Ed Wood
0 votes   228 views  
Another Cinderella Story
Joey Parker: One of the reasons I came back was to remember why I started dancing ...
by Another Cinderella Story
0 votes   228 views  
The Book of Eli
Claudia: [brought in to Carnegie's office] Where's Solara? Carnegie: Out there... her choice. I tried to... bring ...
by The Book Of Eli
0 votes   228 views  
Peter Weir
[on Mel Gibson] Mel is the new Australian. He is going to be a very ...
by Peter Weir
0 votes   227 views  
Christopher Meloni
(On whether or not he`s sick of talking about his Oz (1997) co-star, Lee Tergesen): ...
by Christopher Meloni
0 votes   227 views  
Bowling for Columbine
[from a Columbine student video] Student #1: What's your views on high school? Student #2: Uh, I ...
by Bowling For Columbine
0 votes   227 views  
The Basketball Diaries
Jim: Just my own naked self and the stars breathing down, it's beautiful.
by The Basketball Diaries
0 votes   227 views  
If Looks Could Kill
[Blade crashes through the window, surprising Steranko and Ilsa] Blade: Steranko. Augustus Steranko: Mr. Blade, I suggest ...
by If Looks Could Kill
0 votes   227 views  
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