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Anissa Jones
Shooting is work. I like going to my own school better. I see my friends ...
by Anissa Jones
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The Legend of Zorro
Frey Felipe: Why aren't you in school? Joaquin: But, padre, what if Zorro comes? Frey Felipe: If he ...
by The Legend Of Zorro
0 votes   420 views  
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Steve Zissou: Would you like to join my crew? Ned Plimpton: Would I like to... Steve Zissou: I ...
by The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
0 votes   419 views  
Eastern Promises
Anna: My uncle has gone missing, since I told you about him translating the diary. Nikolai ...
by Eastern Promises
0 votes   419 views  
Monica Keena
I was offered a TV movie during the last two weeks of high school but ...
by Monica Keena
0 votes   418 views  
Andy Brown
When the FBI notified the school board of the teacher in question, Francine took action ...
by Andy Brown
0 votes   418 views  
Must Love Dogs
Vinnie: I thought a great place to meet girls would be night school, you know, where ...
by Must Love Dogs
0 votes   418 views  
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: You remember the one I said that got away, yeah well that one was her. ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0 votes   418 views  
Mystery Men
The Bowler: [to her father's skull, after avenging his death] OK, now I'm going back to ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   418 views  
One Eight Seven
[first lines] school official: Alright, let's go people, let's go. One minute until tardy lock-down... take ...
by One Eight Seven
0 votes   418 views  
Little Black Boot
[Laurie is dancing romantically with Cindy, unaware that she's a girl] Laurie: So, why haven't I ...
by Little Black Boot
0 votes   417 views  
Evil Ambitions
[discovering that Julie, the woman his cult intended to sacrifice, isn't a virgin after all] ...
by Evil Ambitions
0 votes   417 views  
Death Proof
Shanna: Okay, mean girl in a high school movie. You through havin' a tantrum? Jungle Julia: I'm ...
by Death Proof
0 votes   417 views  
Michael Ealy
Teaching. When I was in college I was an English major and my last year ...
by Michael Ealy
0 votes   416 views  
Dodie Smith
I don`t like the sound of all those lists he`s making - it`s like taking ...
by Dodie Smith
0 votes   416 views  
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Zeus: Don't fuckin' move. Simon: [turns around] Oh, the Samaritan. Zeus: Gimme the goddamn code. Simon: Code? [realizing what ...
by Die Hard: With A Vengeance
0 votes   415 views  
Pro-Black Sheep
Rashad: Why are you reading my book Emily? Emily: I know you get all... whatever about your ...
by Pro-Black Sheep
0 votes   415 views  
Jeff Anderson
(How he got the role in Randal from Clerks): I knew Kevin from high school. ...
by Jeff Anderson
0 votes   414 views  
Clifton Collins Jr
I`m a big fan of Gary Oldman - Sid and Nancy (1986), Dracula (1992), Immortal ...
by Clifton Collins Jr
0 votes   414 views  
Purgatory House
Johnny: I just don't wanna see you end up like him. I mean, seriously, is he ...
by Purgatory House
0 votes   414 views  
Corey Sevier
(On being a Child Star) There were the odd bullies and stuff and I was ...
by Corey Sevier
0 votes   413 views  
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Sarah: We gotta do something with your nose. Somebody fucked their slave and you've got the ...
by The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
0 votes   413 views  
Not Another Teen Movie
Jake: Hey Janey. What's up? Janey: Excuse me? Jake: So listen, you ever wondered what it'd be like ...
by Not Another Teen Movie
0 votes   413 views  
Mystery Men
[last lines] [to the news reporters] The Shoveller: Excuse me, could I say something? I think ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   413 views  
Forrest Gump
[Forrest is waiting with Forrest Jr. for the school bus on little Forrest's first day ...
by Forrest Gump
0 votes   413 views  
A Walk to Remember
Jamie: Please don't pretend like you know me, ok? Landon: But I do, I do. We've had ...
by A Walk To Remember
0 votes   412 views  
Aliens in the Attic
Stuart Pearson: I was a mathlete in school. Tom Pearson: I don't want to be like *you*, ...
by Aliens In The Attic
0 votes   412 views  
Kieran Culkin
Until my brother Mac started making major money, our house was really wild. The outside ...
by Kieran Culkin
0 votes   411 views  
Keith Brewer
We`d like to move forward to be above the national average. If you take the ...
by Keith Brewer
0 votes   411 views  
Anne Thomas
The coach at Ninety Six told coach Sharpe she really ought to be recruiting me. ...
by Anne Thomas
0 votes   411 views  
Donna Burke
We`d like to see everyone who works for the town or works in town in ...
by Donna Burke
0 votes   410 views  
Chris Spielman
The exposure the Big Ten gets is national, ... A high school quarterback in California ...
by Chris Spielman
0 votes   410 views  
Al Woods
We`d play at the Ambassador`s house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government ...
by Al Woods
0 votes   410 views  
The Wild
Larry: Oh, oh, I know; he's sulking because he lives in his father's shadow, and he ...
by The Wild
0 votes   410 views  
Hard Rain
Karen: I wonder whose car this is. Tom: Whoever it is, they like Pat Benatar, Eddie Money ...
by Hard Rain
0 votes   410 views  
Jackie Brown
[last lines] Jackie Brown: I'll send you a postcard. Max Cherry: Will you? Jackie Brown: I sure will ...
by Jackie Brown
0 votes   410 views  
Chasing Amy
[about Banky's argument with his grade school religion teacher] Alyssa: How bad could it have been? ...
by Chasing Amy
0 votes   410 views  
Shooting God
Stewart: When we were in high school together... did you like that time in your life? ...
by Shooting God
0 votes   410 views  
Antonio Balbi: Zerbino, are you okay? Gustavo Zerbino: People are hurt, Antonio! I've only been in med ...
by Alive
0 votes   409 views  
The Mighty Ducks
Dave Karp: [after blocking a shot with his head knocks him senseless] I don't want to ...
by The Mighty Ducks
0 votes   409 views  
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