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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Padme: We used to come here for school retreat. We would swim to that island every ...
by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
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Unstrung Heroes
Danny Lidz: [Danny is heckling a rival of his nephew Franz who, in his speech for ...
by Unstrung Heroes
0 votes   216 views  
Major League II
Harry Doyle: Rick Vaughn gets the starting call today. We're told he matured a lot over ...
by Major League II
0 votes   216 views  
The Sandlot
Smalls: [voiceover] We all lived in the neighborhood for a couple of more years-mostly through junior ...
by The Sandlot
0 votes   216 views  
Bowling for Columbine
Michael Moore: It was the morning of April 20th 1999, and it was pretty much like ...
by Bowling For Columbine
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Harry Donovan: I just don't understand why you guys have to sit here and piss on ...
by Incognito
0 votes   215 views  
Luke Wilson
I went back to my high school in Texas about a month ago. I ended ...
by Luke Wilson
0 votes   214 views  
Bee Movie
Barry B. Benson: What in the name of mighty Hercules is this? How did this get ...
by Bee Movie
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[standing at the front door] Coop: It's Coop and Remer. Douglas "Swish" Reemer: We graduated with Britney. ...
by BASEketball
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Billy Madison
Brian Madison: [as he turns around while sitting down] What a mess. First this psycho goes ...
by Billy Madison
0 votes   214 views  
Courtney Love
You`re no one in the rock industry unless you`ve feuded with me or slept with ...
by Courtney Love
0 votes   213 views  
Dixie: [speaking suggestively, fidgeting with Steele's dog tag] *My* girl's away at *boarding* school.
by Balto
0 votes   213 views  
Nadia Vole: You are ze first child to experience ze power... ze vorld domination, of ze ...
by Stormbreaker
0 votes   213 views  
Pretty Persuasion
Gail: [in a schoolgirl outfit] It reminds me of the skirts that the girls wear at ...
by Pretty Persuasion
0 votes   212 views  
Marley Shelton
I feel like some old-school screen diva when I talk about this stuff, but I`ve ...
by Marley Shelton
0 votes   211 views  
Manna from Heaven
Helen: Aren't you two forgetting a little something? Rita: Please, Ma, just keep Ramona for a little ...
by Manna From Heaven
0 votes   210 views  
Fired Up!
Jennifer: Hey, Nick! Nick Brady: [aside to Shawn] Name, name, I need a name. Shawn Colfax: Jennifer. Nick ...
by Fired Up!
0 votes   210 views  
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
[first lines] Paul Stanton: Hey man, let's get out of here. Robin Stanton: School is out. James ...
by The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
1 votes   210 views  
Ultrasound Technician: Well, there you have it. Would you like to know the sex? Leah: Yes! Juno ...
by Juno
0 votes   210 views  
Randy Harrison
It`s difficult for me to imagine Justin as a real person. He`s so thoroughly a ...
by Randy Harrison
-2 votes   209 views  
Mike Piazza
Yes, hard is good. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of ...
by Mike Piazza
0 votes   209 views  
George Gobel
College is a place to keep warm between high school and an early marriage.
by George Gobel
0 votes   209 views  
Frank T.J. Mackey: Respect the cock! And tame the cunt! Tame it! Take it on headfirst ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   209 views  
Ghost World
Melorra: Oh my god, you guys. We actually made it! Enid: [Deadpan] Yeah. We graduated high school. ...
by Ghost World
0 votes   209 views  
The Last Boy Scout
Alley Thug: All right, you want it in the chest, or the head? Joe Hallenbeck: Yeah, that's ...
by The Last Boy Scout
0 votes   209 views  
The Chumscrubber
Mr. Parker: Those kids again, Lee? Lee: We're doing a group project. Mr. Parker: With them, Lee? You ...
by The Chumscrubber
0 votes   208 views  
Inara Serra: I'm fine! I'm... giddy. Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Ya know, for a woman schooled in telling ...
by Serenity
0 votes   208 views  
A Few Good Men
Galloway: You get him on the stand and you get it from him! Kaffee: We get it ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   208 views  
[Gale runs across the school campus to Dewey] Gale: Is there a problem on campus? Deputy ...
by Scream
0 votes   207 views  
Cry-Baby: [singing] High school hell cats. Pepper, Hatchet Face, Milton Hackett, Allison, Wanda: [singing] On our own. ...
by Cry-Baby
0 votes   207 views  
Hudson Hawk
[Kit Kat rappels down next to Hawk and holds an index card in front of ...
by Hudson Hawk
0 votes   206 views  
Anna and the King
Anna Leonowens: I would like to know why... , if science can unravel something as beautiful ...
by Anna And The King
0 votes   205 views  
Bowling for Columbine
[from a Columbine student video] Student #1: What's your views on high school? Student #2: Uh, I ...
by Bowling For Columbine
0 votes   204 views  
The Sixth Sense
Malcolm Crowe: Wanna play a game? It's a mind-reading game. Here's how it works. I read ...
by The Sixth Sense
0 votes   204 views  
Never Been Kissed
Josie Geller: Let me tell you something, I don't care about being your stupid prom queen. ...
by Never Been Kissed
0 votes   204 views  
The Butterfly Effect
Kayleigh: Hurry up, I want a quickie before school!
by The Butterfly Effect
0 votes   203 views  
Selfridge: Look you're supposed to be winning the hearts and minds of the natives. Isn't that ...
by Avatar
0 votes   203 views  
Ice Princess
Tina Harwood: Are you aware you had practice half an hour ago? Gen Harwood: Yes, I am ...
by Ice Princess
0 votes   202 views  
The Matador
Julian Noble: [after flirting with some Mexican schoolgirls] I hate these Catholic countries. It's all blushy-blushy ...
by The Matador
0 votes   202 views  
Minority Report
Agatha: Dr. Hineman once said, "The dead don't die. They look on and help." Remember that, ...
by Minority Report
0 votes   202 views  
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