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The Good Son
Henry: Such a sweet little thing... do you really think I'd hurt her? Mark: Yes... Henry: What are ...
by The Good Son
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Hot Rod
Rod Kimble: Hey, I just asked Cathy out. Dave: Really? What'd she say? Rod Kimble: She said yes. ...
by Hot Rod
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Kevin Mcdonald
Do you really think this soup can bring about world peace?
by Kevin Mcdonald
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Billy Taylor
This is sure to be one of our most demanding schedules, certainly since I`ve been ...
by Billy Taylor
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Bob Schieffer
With Vietman, we found ourselves involved there before we really understood what was going on.
by Bob Schieffer
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Alan Rudolph
You learn real early to make a film and then duck, and basically that`s how ...
by Alan Rudolph
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The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Sister Assumpta: Blake. A little advance don't you think? Tim: Not really Sister. It's written simply enough ...
by The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys
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High Art
Syd: That is... a really fucked up thing to say to me.
by High Art
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Happy Gilmore
[Shooter has just purchased Happy's Grandmothers house] Happy Gilmore: What the hell is the matter with ...
by Happy Gilmore
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Corky: You can't kill me. Caesar: Oh really? Why not? Corky: I could be lying.
by Bound
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Street Fighter
Cammy: [to Chung-Li as she arrests her] Darling, basic black's not really you. Prison grey, perhaps? ...
by Street Fighter
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Revenge of the Red Baron
Red Baron: [setting fire to a gas station] The price of gas in this country really ...
by Revenge Of The Red Baron
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D2: The Mighty Ducks
Goldberg: Have no fear, Goldberg is here. Hey man there was nothin' on that. How 'bout ...
by D2: The Mighty Ducks
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Nick Davis
We really didn`t see anything,
by Nick Davis
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Charles Moore
The plastic on your sandwich really doesn`t have to be made to last 50 years.
by Charles Moore
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The Bourne Ultimatum
Jason Bourne: You didn't really think I was coming to Tudor City, did you? Noah Vosen: No. ...
by The Bourne Ultimatum
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Coffee and Cigarettes
Joe: You really are a fuckin' moron, you know that? I'm gonna call up the big ...
by Coffee And Cigarettes
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Instructor Jenks: There are several efficient methods for killing a man were you to find yourself ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
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Best in Show
Dr. Theodore W. Millbank III: And really, I think what we're talking about is standards, basically; ...
by Best In Show
0 votes   356 views  
The Road to El Dorado
Miguel: You don't think... Cortes could have got here before us and... Tulio: And what? Taken all ...
by The Road To El Dorado
0 votes   356 views  
A Very Brady Sequel
[stepping out of the refrigerator] Alice: How about that! The light really does go off when ...
by A Very Brady Sequel
0 votes   356 views  
Delbert: There's a door to the attic in the back hall. Bust it open and grab ...
by Remote
0 votes   356 views  
Once Upon a Forest
Russell: Wait a minute! I know how to get up there. We'll use Cornelius' Flapper-Wing-A-Ma-Thing. Edgar: Russell, ...
by Once Upon A Forest
0 votes   356 views  
Georgia Rule
Simon: I wasn't really going anywhere. Rachel: That's where I'm going. Simon: Where? Rachel: Anywhere. Simon: Well, I was going ...
by Georgia Rule
0 votes   356 views  
I Could Never Be Your Woman
Rosie: Please tell me you're wearing shorts under that. Nathan: Yes. They're just cut really high. Besides, ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
0 votes   356 views  
The Aviary
[to Summer] Kate: You certainly aren't wasting any time, do you? Lucas, Julian... You really ought ...
by The Aviary
0 votes   356 views  
Lauren Hall
My dad, he wasn`t really ... He`s doing other things, enjoying his day off.
by Lauren Hall
0 votes   355 views  
Dick Miller
You can`t really describe it until you see it.
by Dick Miller
0 votes   355 views  
Ahmed Nazif
Yes, I think poker really isn`t gambling.
by Ahmed Nazif
0 votes   355 views  
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Scientist: [subtitled German] You can't do that in here, the place is full of hydrogen gas! ...
by The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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Uptown Girls
Ray: Why are you buttering a plastic scone? Molly Gunn: Why are there plastic scones when we ...
by Uptown Girls
0 votes   355 views  
Natalie: You know what one of the reasons for short term memory loss is? Venereal disease. ...
by Memento
0 votes   355 views  
Forever Fabulous
Corinne Daly: She almost burned my head, mama. Tiffany Dawl: Oh, really! I mean, are you gonna ...
by Forever Fabulous
0 votes   355 views  
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
Wilma Slaghoople: [sees Betty sitting alone at a table] Hi Betty. [Betty says nothing] Wilma Slaghoople: Did ...
by The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas
0 votes   355 views  
Good Will Hunting
Morgan: Man, I can't believe you brought Skylar here when we're all fucking bombed and been ...
by Good Will Hunting
0 votes   355 views  
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Randy: What's symbiotic mean? Evie: It means when you're really, really close to someone. Like, too close. ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
0 votes   355 views  
Beyond the Law
Virgil: You're not dirty enough. You're not crazy enough. Dan Saxon: I'm getting really fucking tired of ...
by Beyond The Law
0 votes   355 views  
A Perfect Getaway
Cliff: We're not really hunting goats here, are we?
by A Perfect Getaway
0 votes   355 views  
The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning
Bo Duke: You can kill a man with your thumb? Uncle Jesse Duke: It's not that hard, ...
by The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning
0 votes   355 views  
The Astronaut Farmer
Judge Miller: [grabs a paddle] Assume the position. Will Beacon: You're not really gonna whack me with ...
by The Astronaut Farmer
0 votes   355 views  
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