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Where the Wild Things Are
Alexander The 'Goat': You're not really a king, are you?
by Where The Wild Things Are
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The Manchurian Candidate
Ben Marco: What about my dreams? Delp: What if all this is your dream and you are ...
by The Manchurian Candidate
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The Whole Ten Yards
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky: Didn't like that shirt either, huh? Jill: Well it came with the pants. Nicholas ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
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Simone: I am the death of real.
by S1m0ne
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Random Acts of Violence
Jonathan: Let me tell you, I'm really proud of my smut peddler Dad.
by Random Acts Of Violence
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Keeping the Faith
Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: What's the story of Sodom and Gomorrah really about? Anyone? Steve Posner. ...
by Keeping The Faith
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Beth: Are you telling me that by Harry going into the Sphere, he now has the ...
by Sphere
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Lars: Wow, did you feel that? Ernie: What? Lars: I got a chill. You should never talk about ...
by Mousehunt
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Last Action Hero
Ripper: Hey, Jack. What kept you? Jack Slater: Are you alright, Danny? Danny Madigan: Yes, sir. Ripper: You know, ...
by Last Action Hero
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FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Batty Koda: Nobody cares about me. Zak: I care about you, bat-man. Batty Koda: Really? Zak: Positive. Batty Koda: Only ...
by FernGully: The Last Rainforest
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Lisker: [after unable to find the Guyver unit] He must have... pulled a switch Fulton Balcus: Brilliant. ...
by Guyver
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Smart People
Vanessa Wetherhold: You should really make your bed. It sets the tone for the day. Chuck ...
by Smart People
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Bill Thompson
We really made an effort to give this a student-centered focus.
by Bill Thompson
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Hollywood Homicide
K.C.: How did you find me? Joe Gavilan: I'm psychic. K.C.: [amazed] Really? Joe Gavilan: No, not really. I'm ...
by Hollywood Homicide
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Vampire Clan
Scott: That's Rod's seat. Heather: I don't seen him setting in it, do you? Scott: Just don't be ...
by Vampire Clan
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Lizzy: He's got a wheelchair and an attitude. He's like a real hellroller, ain't ya crip.
by Hellroller
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Happy Gilmore
[Shooter has just purchased Happy's Grandmothers house] Happy Gilmore: What the hell is the matter with ...
by Happy Gilmore
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D3: The Mighty Ducks
Goldberg: Great, now I have to worry about being nailed off the ice as well. Why ...
by D3: The Mighty Ducks
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D2: The Mighty Ducks
Goldberg: Have no fear, Goldberg is here. Hey man there was nothin' on that. How 'bout ...
by D2: The Mighty Ducks
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The Unborn
[Virginia doesn't realize that her unborn child was sired by an alien] Virginia Marshall: What if ...
by The Unborn
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The Last Sentinel
Angel - Tallis' Rifle: Drone Police propaganda. Do you really think the key to their defeat ...
by The Last Sentinel
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Nick Davis
We really didn`t see anything,
by Nick Davis
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Instructor Jenks: There are several efficient methods for killing a man were you to find yourself ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
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Die Another Day
Zao: Who sent you? Jinx: Yo' mama. And she told me to tell you she's really disappointed ...
by Die Another Day
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Minority Report
John Anderton: I'm not being set up. I really am going to kill this man.
by Minority Report
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The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
Wilma Slaghoople: [sees Betty sitting alone at a table] Hi Betty. [Betty says nothing] Wilma Slaghoople: Did ...
by The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas
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High Art
Syd: That is... a really fucked up thing to say to me.
by High Art
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Good Will Hunting
Morgan: Man, I can't believe you brought Skylar here when we're all fucking bombed and been ...
by Good Will Hunting
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Doctor Dolittle
Dr. John Dolittle: [Trying to keep the Tiger from jumping off a tower] There's been plenty ...
by Doctor Dolittle
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot! Who throws a ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
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A Very Brady Sequel
[stepping out of the refrigerator] Alice: How about that! The light really does go off when ...
by A Very Brady Sequel
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Dunston Checks In
Robert: [sees Dunston out the window; shouts] HOLY SHIT! Mrs. Feldman: [to Mrs. Winthrop] He must really ...
by Dunston Checks In
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Corky: You can't kill me. Caesar: Oh really? Why not? Corky: I could be lying.
by Bound
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The Mask
Maggie: Stanley, you are the nicest guy. Really, you are. Stanley Ipkiss: Yeah? Maggie: Charlie, isn't Stanley the ...
by The Mask
0 votes   276 views  
Once Upon a Forest
Russell: Wait a minute! I know how to get up there. We'll use Cornelius' Flapper-Wing-A-Ma-Thing. Edgar: Russell, ...
by Once Upon A Forest
0 votes   276 views  
Hot Shots!
Lt. Commander Block: Admiral Benson! Admiral Benson: Really? That's my name too.
by Hot Shots!
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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Ben Stein: But will eradicating religion really lead to a modern utopia? Let me try to ...
by Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
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A Perfect Getaway
Cliff: We're not really hunting goats here, are we?
by A Perfect Getaway
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The Happening
Elliot Moore: Can this really be happening?
by The Happening
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Officer Slater: Hey kid, what's your real name? Fogell: Fogell... it's Fogell. Officer Michaels: Fogell? Fuck that, we're ...
by Superbad
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