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The Sinking of Santa Isabel
Webster: You got a really nice yard, do you fertilize? Beth: No. Webster: Just really good soil then?
by The Sinking Of Santa Isabel
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The Ruins
Jeff: Eric, get your phone out. Eric: There's no signal. Jeff: Really? Because if there was a signal ...
by The Ruins
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The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Skipper: [watching Rico chug eggnog] That boy can really hold down his nog.
by The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper
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The Lazarus Project
Ben Garvey: I did something real bad. Something that I didn't mean to do. Katie Garvey: Like ...
by The Lazarus Project
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Paul Evans
What this tells us is that if you`re building nanostructures, the surface is really important. ...
by Paul Evans
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Mike Massey
The steakhouse downstairs is really good.
by Mike Massey
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Matt Miller
Really, it`s pretty empty,
by Matt Miller
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Greg Biffle
There have been a few exceptions and they got into really good rides, but if ...
by Greg Biffle
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Barbara Stanny
When we were forced to come back on the field really quick, you would see ...
by Barbara Stanny
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Alan Rudolph
You learn real early to make a film and then duck, and basically that`s how ...
by Alan Rudolph
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The Perfect Sleep
[last lines] The Narrator: You see, in our own way she's mine and I am hers. ...
by The Perfect Sleep
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Severus Snape: [Snape has just walked in on Harry and Cormac. Harry attempts to run away] ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
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Running Scared
[Outside a strip club] Nicky Gazelle: Do girls really get naked in there? Joey Gazelle: You'll find ...
by Running Scared
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The Manchurian Candidate
Ben Marco: What about my dreams? Delp: What if all this is your dream and you are ...
by The Manchurian Candidate
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Hollywood Homicide
K.C.: How did you find me? Joe Gavilan: I'm psychic. K.C.: [amazed] Really? Joe Gavilan: No, not really. I'm ...
by Hollywood Homicide
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Daughter from Danang
Royce Hughes: We made a Southerner out of her really quick as far as that goes.
by Daughter From Danang
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The Music Man
Constable Locke: You're quite the clever fellow Prof. Hill, but you made a few mistakes though. ...
by The Music Man
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Love Liza
Denny: So what do you got in there? Wilson Joel: What do I got? Denny: Yeah, Maura said ...
by Love Liza
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Simone: I am the death of real.
by S1m0ne
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You Can Count on Me
Sammy: I don't know what the church's official position is on fornication and adultery these days, ...
by You Can Count On Me
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The Thirteenth Floor
Detective McBain: [after shooting David and realizing the truth] So, is someone gonna unplug me now? ...
by The Thirteenth Floor
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The Last Days of Disco
Des McGrath: Do you really think the neurological effects of coffee are similar to that of ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
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The Green Mile
Melinda Moores: Why do you have so many scars? John Coffey: Don't really remember, ma'am.
by The Green Mile
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The Big Hit
Melvin Smiley: Technically, you can call me a hitman. Keiko Nishi: Really? A hitman? Does that pay ...
by The Big Hit
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Beth: Are you telling me that by Harry going into the Sphere, he now has the ...
by Sphere
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Swimming with Sharks
Buddy: Once you get past the "oops, he caught us" stage and realize we're both fucked, ...
by Swimming With Sharks
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Revenge of the Red Baron
Red Baron: [setting fire to a gas station] The price of gas in this country really ...
by Revenge Of The Red Baron
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Whit: I think she's telling the truth. Walker: Really? Well, I don't pay you to think, do ...
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
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The Muppet Christmas Carol
Gonzo: He was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scr... [noticing the smudged window of Scrooge's ...
by The Muppet Christmas Carol
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I Love You, Beth Cooper
[from trailer] Beth Cooper: [to Denis] You really need to get out more.
by I Love You, Beth Cooper
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Spider-Man 3
Lizard: I will feed what's left of you to my brothers. Spider-Man: That's no good. I'm really... ...
by Spider-Man 3
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Day of the Dead
Sarah Bowman: You don't have to worry. Nothing happens in this town anyway. Bud Crain: Yeah, it ...
by Day Of The Dead
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Peter Sellars
These are not just made-up stories. These were real human beings with real choices ? ...
by Peter Sellars
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James Wan
When we handed in our first cut, the Sundance version, we were essentially told the ...
by James Wan
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Billy Taylor
This is sure to be one of our most demanding schedules, certainly since I`ve been ...
by Billy Taylor
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The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Jimmy Cuervo: Tell me, did the blood wash off or did you have to scrub really ...
by The Crow: Wicked Prayer
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The Whole Ten Yards
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky: Didn't like that shirt either, huh? Jill: Well it came with the pants. Nicholas ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
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Final Destination 2
Rory: The next one is in this car with us, is it really safe to be ...
by Final Destination 2
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Rolling Kansas
Dinkadoo Murphy: You clumsy Silverback, watch my FUCKIN' legs. Dave Murphy: Nice one, foghorn. Why don't you ...
by Rolling Kansas
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Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Left Nut: I was tortured once... I didn't like it. You know what the really fucked ...
by Once Upon A Time In Mexico
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