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Mariner: What are the markings on her back? Helen: Some say it's the way to dry land. ...
by Waterworld
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My Girl 2
[first lines] Vada Sultenfuss: [narration to audience] I remember before I was born, wounded up like ...
by My Girl 2
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The Sinking of Santa Isabel
Webster: You got a really nice yard, do you fertilize? Beth: No. Webster: Just really good soil then?
by The Sinking Of Santa Isabel
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The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Skipper: [watching Rico chug eggnog] That boy can really hold down his nog.
by The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper
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Paul Green
They really emerged as top-notch musicians.
by Paul Green
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Jenny Lewis
We`re pretty thrown off by it in a way, but really excited. We`re used to ...
by Jenny Lewis
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Citizen Cope
There`s new young bands out there that just have incredible, really great songs,
by Citizen Cope
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Stay Alive
Hutch O'Neill: They don't really know what happened. All they know is that he was murdered. ...
by Stay Alive
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The Brothers Grimm
Jacob Grimm: It's not beans! It's real.
by The Brothers Grimm
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Over the Hedge
Ozzie: I really thought you were dead! Heather: I learned from the best.
by Over The Hedge
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Behind the Red Door
Roy: Have you ever seen it snow on the ocean? Natalie: I don't think so. Roy: It's the ...
by Behind The Red Door
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Random Acts of Violence
Jonathan: Let me tell you, I'm really proud of my smut peddler Dad.
by Random Acts Of Violence
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The Thirteenth Floor
Detective McBain: [after shooting David and realizing the truth] So, is someone gonna unplug me now? ...
by The Thirteenth Floor
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Bill Maher: Okay, we have Ray Pekurny on the panel today. His book is called My ...
by Edtv
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Revenge of the Red Baron
Red Baron: [setting fire to a gas station] The price of gas in this country really ...
by Revenge Of The Red Baron
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Carrie Laughlin: Did you happen to know that he was in jail? Brian Kessler: Yeah, for stealing ...
by Kalifornia
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Falling Down
Detective: We're really sorry, Prendergast. We tried and tried but could not fit your fucking name ...
by Falling Down
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One Hour Fantasy Girl
Man on street #1 (voice over): I've told you the baddest shit I know; hey man, ...
by One Hour Fantasy Girl
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The Ruins
Jeff: Eric, get your phone out. Eric: There's no signal. Jeff: Really? Because if there was a signal ...
by The Ruins
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Smart People
Vanessa Wetherhold: You should really make your bed. It sets the tone for the day. Chuck ...
by Smart People
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Bill Thompson
We really made an effort to give this a student-centered focus.
by Bill Thompson
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The Perfect Sleep
[last lines] The Narrator: You see, in our own way she's mine and I am hers. ...
by The Perfect Sleep
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Match Point
Christopher "Chris" Wilton: [standing on the ledge on his new flat] Did I tell you, I'm ...
by Match Point
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The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Jimmy Cuervo: Tell me, did the blood wash off or did you have to scrub really ...
by The Crow: Wicked Prayer
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Rolling Kansas
Dinkadoo Murphy: You clumsy Silverback, watch my FUCKIN' legs. Dave Murphy: Nice one, foghorn. Why don't you ...
by Rolling Kansas
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Love Liza
Denny: So what do you got in there? Wilson Joel: What do I got? Denny: Yeah, Maura said ...
by Love Liza
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The Last Castle
Winter: Tell me, how does a man like you get into West Point? Yates: My father won ...
by The Last Castle
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Simone: I am the death of real.
by S1m0ne
0 votes   290 views  
You Can Count on Me
Sammy: I don't know what the church's official position is on fornication and adultery these days, ...
by You Can Count On Me
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Keeping the Faith
Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: What's the story of Sodom and Gomorrah really about? Anyone? Steve Posner. ...
by Keeping The Faith
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The Big Hit
Melvin Smiley: Technically, you can call me a hitman. Keiko Nishi: Really? A hitman? Does that pay ...
by The Big Hit
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Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
Chance: Jamie? Is that you? Wait, what am I talking about? Of course, it's you! It's ...
by Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco
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Swimming with Sharks
Buddy: Once you get past the "oops, he caught us" stage and realize we're both fucked, ...
by Swimming With Sharks
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Strange Days
Lenny Nero: [while immersed in a virtual reality session] [smiles] Lenny Nero: Oooh... a little B&E action.
by Strange Days
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The Baby-Sitters Club
Margarite 'Cokie' Mason: [flirting] Logan, I meant to call you. Logan Bruno: Oh, yeah? Kristy Thomas: [Arrives with ...
by The Baby-Sitters Club
0 votes   290 views  
True Lies
Faisil: It's a scale really, with a perfect mission at one end and a total pooch ...
by True Lies
0 votes   290 views  
Last Action Hero
Ripper: Hey, Jack. What kept you? Jack Slater: Are you alright, Danny? Danny Madigan: Yes, sir. Ripper: You know, ...
by Last Action Hero
0 votes   290 views  
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Gonzo: He was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scr... [noticing the smudged window of Scrooge's ...
by The Muppet Christmas Carol
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Lisker: [after unable to find the Guyver unit] He must have... pulled a switch Fulton Balcus: Brilliant. ...
by Guyver
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I Love You, Beth Cooper
[from trailer] Beth Cooper: [to Denis] You really need to get out more.
by I Love You, Beth Cooper
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