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The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
Punch Epstein: Remember when you said you never really get over people? FYI, I'm totally over ...
by The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green
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Lara: It's a really good cloak.
by Crash
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Fahrenheit 9/11
Narrator: [referring to homeland security] Okay, let me see if I've got this straight. Old guys ...
by Fahrenheit 9/11
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Jackass: The Movie
[in opening of "Butt-x-ray"] Steve-O: So, is there any, like, *real* reason, why would someone stick ...
by Jackass: The Movie
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Evil Deeds
Jason: I didn't realize you were so successful? Rico: Kid, I'm the best, partners may come and ...
by Evil Deeds
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The Cable Guy
Steven Kovacs: [using Cable Guy's advice to Robin] I don't listen to you. I pretend to ...
by The Cable Guy
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Elijah C. Skuggs: [the EES board has turned into a giant shoe; imitating Ed Sullivan] That's ...
by Freaked
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So I Married an Axe Murderer
Charlie Mackenzie: No, not really. Usually I follow the Judao-Christian ethic of "Thou shalt not kill". ...
by So I Married An Axe Murderer
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Delta Farce
Carlos Santana: I'm the real Carlos Santana! Man of courage, honor. The leader of men! That ...
by Delta Farce
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John Cage
There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.
by John Cage
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The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D
Lavagirl: When you dreamt up these giant cookies, who did you expect to be able to ...
by The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D
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Of All the Luck
Samantha: I really like this car, where'd you get it? Stolen Car Date: I just picked it ...
by Of All The Luck
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Searching for Debra Winger
Samantha Mathis: And the one little part out there that comes along once a year that ...
by Searching For Debra Winger
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The Rules of Attraction
Sean Bateman: I really did try to kill myself... right before I faked it.
by The Rules Of Attraction
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Bend It Like Beckham
Paula: [at Jess's place, after Jess's dad sees Jess and Joe kissing] How are you? Jess: I'm ...
by Bend It Like Beckham
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Miss Congeniality
Frank Tobin: Mom, you're a genius. Kathy Morningside: No, just really pissed off.
by Miss Congeniality
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My First Mister
Randall ("R"): [on his deathbead] I want you to go to college. It's really important, okay? ...
by My First Mister
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Small Time Crooks
Frenchy: Well I wanna be the real thing! and you better wise up coz if grow ...
by Small Time Crooks
0 votes   342 views  
The Limey
Excited Guy: [speaking to Valentine] That first Christopher Cross album? Wow, that record really changed my ...
by The Limey
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George of the Jungle
Narrator: Every story's gets to have a really big coincidence and here's ours:
by George Of The Jungle
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Escape from L.A.
Snake Plissken: Your rules are really beginning to annoy me.
by Escape From L.A.
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Tank Girl
Tank Girl: It's... really... hard for me... to play with myself in this thing.
by Tank Girl
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The Baby-Sitters Club
Dawn Schafer: [Referring to Cokie] That girl is developing some really bad karma.
by The Baby-Sitters Club
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Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Danny: The only reason I'm here is Mom didn't want me at her wedding. John: Wrong! The ...
by Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
0 votes   342 views  
Harvey: I really don't like it when you tease the dogs. Vernon: What are you, some kind ...
by Beethoven
0 votes   342 views  
The Last Boy Scout
Jimmy Dix: It ain't right. Joe Hallenbeck: No, it ain't right. [sighs] Joe Hallenbeck: This ain't no game, ...
by The Last Boy Scout
0 votes   342 views  
My Name Is Bruce
Bruce Campbell: Well, it's good to know that tofu really is good for your health.
by My Name Is Bruce
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Richard Foreman
Which implies that the real issue in art is the audience`s response. Now I claim ...
by Richard Foreman
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Katie Melua
You really need to be drunk for this,
by Katie Melua
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Jimmy Kimmel
There`s an air of mystery around the Masons, but the reality is that they`re mostly ...
by Jimmy Kimmel
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Jerry Douglas
John expects his son and his daughter and his wife to speak for him, but ...
by Jerry Douglas
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Jennifer Ward
What is shocking these days? ... We are surrounded by appalling, shocking things; we are ...
by Jennifer Ward
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Just Like Heaven
David Abbott: Ok, I'm sorry, maybe you're not dead - maybe you're just really light
by Just Like Heaven
0 votes   341 views  
Land of the Dead
Kaufman: [talking about Cholo] You're dead. You really are *dead*!
by Land Of The Dead
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Ellen Kishmore: Drew, it was real, and it was great, and it was really great.
by Elizabethtown
0 votes   341 views  
Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane: You know, chicks dig scars. Matt Farrell: [looks at Lucy] Really? John McClane: Not that one.
by Live Free Or Die Hard
0 votes   341 views  
The Bourne Identity
Ward Abbott: Can you really bring him in? Conklin: I think we're past that, don't you? What, ...
by The Bourne Identity
0 votes   341 views  
Uncle Martin Gascoigne: Your father is running the business. Alex Montel: No, I retired him. Uncle Martin ...
by S.W.A.T.
0 votes   341 views  
The Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy: You know this whole... sneaking into the house thing, to try to kill me? You ...
by The Whole Nine Yards
0 votes   341 views  
Muppets from Space
Ed Singer: [puts on glove] May I? Rizzo: I think before you answer that question you'd better ...
by Muppets From Space
0 votes   341 views  
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