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Allison Mack
The most powerful way we can live our lives is if we stick within the ...
by Allison Mack
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Adrianne Palicki
I think the character of Kara in Smallville was a little different from the one ...
by Adrianne Palicki
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Bee Movie
Mooseblood: Stand perfectly still! Barry B. Benson: You're not dead? Mooseblood: Do I look like I'm dead! Hey, ...
by Bee Movie
0 votes   388 views  
Beyond the Sea
Sandra Dee: Charlie walked in on me in the shower earlier. Bobby Darin: Oh, really. What did ...
by Beyond The Sea
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Chris Kelvin: Can you tell me what's happening here? Snow: I could tell you what's happening, but ...
by Solaris
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The Truth About Charlie
Joshua Peters: Can I ask you something real quick and make it like ripping off a ...
by The Truth About Charlie
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Jane: Sure, any of us could maybe achieve greatness, but you want to be happy living ...
by Temps
0 votes   388 views  
Center Stage
Eva: What a prick. Jody: But he was really nice about it. Eva: Being nice when you say ...
by Center Stage
0 votes   388 views  
Down to You
Imogen: By the time you realize what the mistake you just made I'll be long gone.
by Down To You
0 votes   388 views  
The Haunting
Dr. David Marrow: Eleanor, none of this is real. Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Yes, it is real. Dr. ...
by The Haunting
0 votes   388 views  
What Dreams May Come
Marie: [looks at a cardboard cutout of Heaven] Is this where we go when we die? ...
by What Dreams May Come
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Young Executive: [Bob pushes elevator button that has already been pushed] Thanks for pushing that, Bob. ...
by Speed
0 votes   388 views  
Holy Matrimony
Ezekiel: [has just caught Havana cheating on him] Next to murder, this is the worst sin ...
by Holy Matrimony
0 votes   388 views  
City Slickers
Phil Berquist: Where are you from? Ben Jessup: Baltimore. We have a dental practice there. Mitch Robbins: Really, ...
by City Slickers
0 votes   388 views  
Stargate: Continuum
Major General Hank Landry: I take it that in your timeline you're not a discredited whackjob ...
by Stargate: Continuum
0 votes   388 views  
My Name Is Bruce
Cheryl: You wanna know the truth about us, Bruce? It wasn't the cheating, or the boozing, ...
by My Name Is Bruce
0 votes   388 views  
Night at the Museum
Erica Daley: Hey, how's it going with that virtual reality driving range you wanted to open? ...
by Night At The Museum
0 votes   388 views  
Max Winters: I must have hit my head really hard. I'm seeing giant turtles!
0 votes   388 views  
Les Claypool
You might have a favorite book or film, but you can only watch or read ...
by Les Claypool
0 votes   387 views  
Joyce Grenfell
I have come to believe that giving and receiving are really the same. Giving and ...
by Joyce Grenfell
0 votes   387 views  
Emmanuelle Vaugier
I like animals, I really do, but some animals are just meant to be eaten.
by Emmanuelle Vaugier
0 votes   387 views  
Conversations with Other Women
Man: Why did you come, really? Woman: Do you want me to say I was hoping I'd ...
by Conversations With Other Women
0 votes   387 views  
Haunted Boat
David: Christina said that you don't truly exist or at least insignificantly exist except in your ...
by Haunted Boat
0 votes   387 views  
Are We Done Yet?
Suzanne Persons: Nick, there's something that we really need to talk about. Honey, I'm pregnant.
by Are We Done Yet?
0 votes   387 views  
Samantha: An American Girl Holiday
Eddie Ryland: I'm really scared, Samantha.
by Samantha: An American Girl Holiday
0 votes   387 views  
The Amityville Horror
George Lutz: So, look, I gotta ask what's the catch? There's always a catch. Realtor: There was ...
by The Amityville Horror
0 votes   387 views  
Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly: [as they prepare to fight] I just want to say, stay away from ...
by Leatherheads
0 votes   387 views  
Without a Paddle
Dennis: [hearing "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" being sung from beneath] The hills have ...
by Without A Paddle
0 votes   387 views  
This Wretched Life
Chris: It will all fall into place. Some people have it much worse. It can only ...
by This Wretched Life
0 votes   387 views  
Looney Tunes: Back in Action
Mother: So, what were we discussing? Is this about those giant ants? Kate Houghton: Giant ants? Mother: Because ...
by Looney Tunes: Back In Action
0 votes   387 views  
Out Cold
Luke: This uniform is really cramping my Olsen Twins. Lance, Can I get a drink for ...
by Out Cold
0 votes   387 views  
In God We Trust
Robert: Honey, I'm going to be going away for a little while. Ashley: [sleepily] Okay. Robert: Well a ...
by In God We Trust
0 votes   387 views  
Wo hu cang long
Li Mu Bai: Real sharpness comes without effort.
by Wo Hu Cang Long
0 votes   387 views  
The Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy: You're a lucky guy, Oz. Oz: Why would you say that? Jimmy: You're about to find out ...
by The Whole Nine Yards
0 votes   387 views  
Liz Sherman: [to Hellboy, when she realizes that she and Myers are trapped with several Sammaels] ...
by Hellboy
0 votes   387 views  
Men in Black II
Zed: You didn't neuralize another one? Agent J: What's that supposed to mean? Okay, you can't count ...
by Men In Black II
0 votes   387 views  
What Dreams May Come
Chris Nielsen: That's when I realized I'm part of the problem. Not because I remind you. ...
by What Dreams May Come
0 votes   387 views  
Scream 2
Mickey: Come on Randy, with all due respect, the killer obvious patterned himself after two serial ...
by Scream 2
0 votes   387 views  
Jay Leno: So it turns out there's life on other planets. Boy, this is really going ...
by Contact
0 votes   387 views  
Surf Ninjas
Adam: I see you leading thousands victoriously into battle. Zatch: Really? Adam: What's this? You're wearing a dress! ...
by Surf Ninjas
0 votes   387 views  
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