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Lance Phelps: There's no way that you did it. Frank: Yeah, I didn't. Lance Phelps: Yeah, of course ...
by Novocaine
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Thomas and the Magic Railroad
[the conductors finally get their supply of magic gold dust] Thomas: Lady, you're a really helpful ...
by Thomas And The Magic Railroad
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The Whole Nine Yards
[at the bank, Jill proposes double-crossing Jimmy, splitting the money, and running] Jill St. Claire: What ...
by The Whole Nine Yards
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White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf
Jack's mom: [Watching Pam and her family coming] You're daughter better watch out, my son's a ...
by White Wolves III: Cry Of The White Wolf
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Grosse Pointe Blank
Mr. Newberry: Did I have you figured wrong? Marty: I don't know - I mean, I hope ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
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Kazaam: Who dare to wake me? Ain't gonna mame this a mystery. Don't wanna do time ...
by Kazaam
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Man of the House
Ben Archer: [as the bad guys are trying to figure out the best way to kill ...
by Man Of The House
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Die Hard: With a Vengeance
John McClane: She told me to stay on the line. [laughs] Simon: [laughs] Oh, God, I love ...
by Die Hard: With A Vengeance
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The American President
Susan Sloan: I just want to go on record and apologize for my attitude towards you ...
by The American President
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The Shawshank Redemption
Heywood: Red? You saying Andy's innocent? I mean *for real* innocent? Red: Yeah, it looks that way. ...
by The Shawshank Redemption
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Demolition Man
Chief George Earle: We can just wait for another code to go red. And when Phoenix ...
by Demolition Man
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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Stanley: Nine's really late. We're really early.
by Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
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Back to the Future Part III
Doc: [consulting a map of the train line] This spur runs off the main line three ...
by Back To The Future Part III
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In the Electric Mist
Dave Robicheaux: Mr. Sykes. You've been drivin' drunk and you come to a cop's house to ...
by In The Electric Mist
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Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj
Taj: Simon? Simon: I have... I have a problem. Taj: [to the other guys] Oh, my God, he's ...
by Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj
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Molly Shannon
My dad was a real fun guy and, despite his personal problems, he was a ...
by Molly Shannon
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Michael Landon
I felt my father`s presence with me, enlightening my memories, helping me to commit to ...
by Michael Landon
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John Hawkes
[On being an actor]: You never really forget who you are. If you did, you`d ...
by John Hawkes
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Floyd Abrams
When I began we did not really have a lot of First Amendment law. It ...
by Floyd Abrams
0 votes   258 views  
Elliott Smith
They don`t put any pressure on me to do anything in particular and Dreamworks didn`t ...
by Elliott Smith
0 votes   258 views  
Doug Smith
What a week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoff Fickling, Ian ...
by Doug Smith
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Dario Franchitti
There is a misconception that I left the Indy Car Series because there was something ...
by Dario Franchitti
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Barbara Roberts
We cannot really think in one way and act in another...
by Barbara Roberts
0 votes   258 views  
Anne Thomas
The coach at Ninety Six told coach Sharpe she really ought to be recruiting me. ...
by Anne Thomas
0 votes   258 views  
The Aristocrats
Sue Kolinsky: Once for Hannukah he gave me a box of slim Tampax, and he says, ...
by The Aristocrats
0 votes   258 views  
Just Like Heaven
Brett Rushton: Did you know your sister's opinion on artificially prolonging life? Abby Brody: No Brett Rushton: She ...
by Just Like Heaven
0 votes   258 views  
Running Scared
Joey Gazelle: [holding her at gunpoint while she holds her baby] Now you listen to me, ...
by Running Scared
0 votes   258 views  
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Jimmy Harper: I can't wait to read the ending! Mary Lane: I can't either! But I bet ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
0 votes   258 views  
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Father Moore: Are you a Catholic? Erin Bruner: No. I'm an Agnostic, I guess. I'm not really ...
by The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
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Emily: [over the phone] I screwed up real bad, you know. Brendan Frye: Screwed up how? Emily: Look, ...
by Brick
0 votes   258 views  
Love Comes to the Executioner
Chick Prigusivac: You're a killer, I'm a killer. Hell even your unborn baby's a future killer ...
by Love Comes To The Executioner
0 votes   258 views  
Happy Feet
Néstor: Amigo, that is a good thing you do. Ramón: She is going to be so much ...
by Happy Feet
0 votes   258 views  
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Steve Zissou: It's a documentary! It's all really happening!
by The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
0 votes   258 views  
Chasing Liberty
Anna Foster: Ben. Can you ever just say what you really feel? Ben Calder: Okay, all right! ...
by Chasing Liberty
0 votes   258 views  
American Splendor
Toby Radloff: How long are you going to be in Delaware? Because I'd really like to ...
by American Splendor
0 votes   258 views  
The Royal Tenenbaums
Royal: I've always been considered an asshole for about as long as I can remember. That's ...
by The Royal Tenenbaums
0 votes   258 views  
Big Trouble
Henry Desalvo: I got a great New York Strip over there that cost me $27 in ...
by Big Trouble
0 votes   258 views  
The Matrix Revolutions
[war has ended] Morpheus: I have imagined this moment for a long time. Is it real?
by The Matrix Revolutions
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Road Trip
Corky the Dog: Hey, Old man... I got the fuckin' munchies real bad... what about you?
by Road Trip
0 votes   258 views  
Derek: [taking pictures of "devastation" and nature] Wow! It's like a page right out of history. ...
by Feeders
0 votes   258 views  
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